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Vicky Zugah finally free after a woman cursed her that she will never get married

Actress Vicky Zugah has taken to her Instagram page to confirm that she was cursed by a woman 10 years ago for snatching her husband after several warnings.

In a video, which is fast circulating on social media, the actress was seen kneeling down in front of the woman to beg her to lift the curse.

The issue of the curse came to light after she visited one Prophet Prince Elisha in his church. The man of God disclosed that Vicky Zugah had been cursed not to ever get married even if her fiancé is serious to tie the knot with her until death comes for her. Prophet Elisha helped Vicky Zugah to locate the woman where she apologised and reconciled with her before the curse was broken. Vicky took to her Instagram page to confirm the reports, saying, “redemption has come.”


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