There was a leadership vacuum at the Black Stars hotel – Fred Pappoe

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There was a leadership vacuum at the Black Stars hotel – Fred Pappoe

Former vice President of the Ghana Football Association Mr Fred Pappoe
has blamed the lack of leadership as a probable cause of the poor
showing of the Black Stars at the ongoing nations cup.

Ghana suffered the ignominy of been eliminated at the round of 16 stage 5-4 on penalties by Tunisia.

A lot of factors has since been blamed for the team’s poor showing and Fred Pappoe has added his voice.

In an interview with Accra based Happy Fm, the Great Olympics board
member posits there was an apparent lack of control on visitors to the
Black Stars camp this he blames on the leader of delegation for the

“There was apparent lack of control of visitors into the Stars camp and
reports of players not resting enough and staying up into the early
hours of the morning braiding hair and other banal stuff.

The question is who was the leader of delegation during the tournament?
It can’t be Dr KK Sarpong because he wasn’t there throughout.

There was the need for an ever present and effective and visible
leadership with the team. These are some of the lapses in the team that
could contribute to our poor showing” he said

The experienced football administrator who once served as the management
committee chairman of the team stressed that players respond to a
command chain in place.

Mr Pappoe also pointed accusing fingers at the team’s management committee for their lapse in maintaining discipline in camp.

“Footballers will respond to what they see and feel. If there was a
command chain, these issues won’t pop out. Some will misbehave if they
noticed nobody was watching them .

If Dr KK Sarpong was busy and couldn’t be around, someone or officials firm enough should have been around.

If the report we are hearing is true, with all due respect to the
management committee they didn’t do well. Things were better in Dubai
but they lost control in Egypt” he added

The Black Stars of Ghana touched down at the Kotoka International airport 3 am this morning 11 July, 2019.

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