I’m not depressed – Sista Afia

kwahuonlineradio April 30, 2019 0

Francesca Duncan Williams known in showbiz circles as Sista Afia has
said her inconsistency in the music industry is as a result of limited
resources and not depression.

She told ZionFelix in an interview that her inability to release more
songs in the shortest possible time is due to the fact that she has no
financier giving her external support of any kind and not because of any
medical issues.

“There is nothing wrong with me. If I had investors, you guys would have been seeing songs from me every day,” she said

Sista Afia stated that she is single-handedly sponsoring her career and
thus she has to focus on what her pocket is capable of achieving a day
at a time.

She added that she is forced to stay low sometimes until she has enough finance to bring out a new song.

“It’s only me. I have been doing this since 2016 till now. All the songs
you see out there is my own sweat, my family’s sweat. Little by little:
the few people who also help me sometimes.

“It’s not easy at all, but people see it to be very easy. When it comes
to promotions and other stuff like that, I’m still the only one who does
all these things because I am the one who decided to do music.” Sista
Afia added

According to her, she is very positive in what the future holds but will continue to support herself for the time being.

“For now I am doing the best I can. Whatever happens, I am not God. I
don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future. You never know,
anything can happen. We live in the world without knowing when we are
going to die. We just have to continue praying.” She said

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