Ghanaian President, Chiefs and big men propose love to me – Salma Mumin

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Ghanaian President, Chiefs and big men propose love to me – Salma Mumin

Sexy Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin claims that she has received proposals
from top dignitaries including a Ghanaian President, revered chiefs,
Nollywood and Ghallywood, footballers and many ‘big’ men.

Speaking in an interview with Attractive Mustapha on Attractive TV
monitored by about her life and career prospects,
Salma Mumin said that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in
the creative arts industry which makes her attract powerful men in top
positions both within and outside the entertainment industry.

“I am not an ugly girl, I am a fine girl, I can never say that no man
has proposed to me before even though I am very single now”.

When asked if producers attempt to take advantage of her quest to go
higher as an actress and ‘sleep’ with her for movie roles, she explained
that it is not only in the movie industry that ‘sex for favors’ happens
as a way for people to get specific opportunities so she normally does
not see such issues as anything relevant.

Talking about her experience with producers, Salma said none has come
directly to tell her to engage in a sexual act for roles but she has
received proposals from producers and actors in Ghana and Nigeria not
necessarily for roles.

Her views about sex for roles is that , it is not a good thing but it
is an individual decision for actors and actresses to make or struggle
to make it to the peak of their career.

“I thank God that I never did any of those things, that is why it might have kept long for me to see stardom“.

She concluded that it is obvious she would have been more famous if she
involved herself in the sex for role practice but because she has
refused ‘influential’ people in the movie industry the opportunity to
‘make feast’ of her body that is why she struggled to reach where she is

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