Ghana ranked Africa’s second biggest exporter of footballers in 2019

Ghana is Africa’s second-biggest exporter of footballers in 2019 according to a survey by CIES Football Observatory monthly report.

Brazil is clearly at the summit of the rankings for countries exporting footballers.

According to CIES report, the South American giants have a total of 1,330 players playing in 147 leagues across the globe.

Brazilians are present in 85 associations out of 98. This reflects the unique role played by Brazil in supplying professional footballers worldwide.

With over 800 expatriates, France and Argentina also stand out from the crowd as exporting nations. Overall, almost a quarter of expatriates are from Brazil, France or Argentina (22.5%).

The principle exporters from other continents are Nigeria for Africa (10th place, 361 expatriates), with Ghana occupying the 12th spot with 286 expatriates.

It represents a 20% increment in the number of talents from Ghana plying their trade outside the country as compared to 2018.

Breaking News: Ex-Ghana star Junior Agogo dies at age 40.

Ex-Ghana striker and 2008 Africa Cup of Nations poster boy Junior Agogo is reported dead at age 40, can exclusively report.

The leading football website can confirm that the former Zamalek player passed in London on Thursday morning.

Agogo was hospitalized in 2015 after suffering stroke which debilitated him.

He was remembered for his eye-catching performances for the Black Stars during the 2008 Nations Cup on home soil.

NPP petitions New York Times over Kevin Taylors’ ‘slanderous’ video broadcasts

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has filed a formal complaint with the New York Times, over an attempt by one of its employees Marisa Schwartz Taylor and her husband, to damage the reputation of President Akufo-Addo.

A letter addressed to the Africa Editor of the New York Times, Laurie Goodstein, accused Mrs Taylor a female photojournalist working with the paper, and her Ghanaian husband, Kevin Taylor, of producing a series of video documentaries to peddle falsehood against the President and members of his government.

Kevin Taylor, through his productions company, ‘Loud Silence’, has been releasing weekly video documentaries dubbed ‘With All Due Respect’ on controversial issues which are then circulated on social media platforms.

But the governing party in its letter signed by Communications Director, Yaw Buaben Asamoah, wants the New York Times to formally and publicly dissociate itself from the work of Loud Silence Media.

The letter was emphatic this is the first in a series of measures the NPP will undertake to ensure the reputation of the President, government and the country is not undermined.

Read the letter below:

26th July, 2019




Dear Madam,


RE: Productions of Marisa Schwartz Taylor\Loud Silence

On behalf of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana, I am officially lodging a complaint against Mrs. Marisa Schwartz Taylor, the Washington Bureau Photo Editor of your reputable newspaper, The New York Times.

Over the last 12 months, Mrs. Taylor and her husband Kelvin Taylor, both domiciled in the United States of America, have through their highly partisan and provocative production company, Loud Silence Media, persistently vilified, maligned and slandered the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, key members of his government and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Under the guise of what they claim to be investigative journalism, Mrs. Taylor and her husband have, on a weekly basis, through video documentaries broadcast across the world via internet, deliberately, recklessly and repeatedly peddled false and unsubstantiated allegations aimed at damaging the reputation of our President, his government and Ghana.

Without prejudice to any potential defamatory action against the two persons, the NPP had decided not to respond directly to the output to avoid lending credibility to the reckless and libellous enterprise. We are, nevertheless, dismayed, to gather that Mrs. Taylor, a co-founder, manager and director of photography of Loud Silence Media, holds such an important position with your esteemed newspaper, which cloaks her with the inherent reputation of the paper. As Photo Editor at the New York Times, there is minimum expectation that her work, any work she is associated with, would be thorough, factual and balanced.

Consequently, we are asking the New York Times to formally and publicly dissociate itself from the work of Loud Silence Media. This we believe, will not only clear up the confusion in Ghana about the wrongful association of the New York Times with Loud Silence Media, but most importantly, protect the integrity of highly valued and independent reporting the New York Times is known for.

Below are links to some of the output from Loud Silence Media, the production house that is the subject of this complaint.

Kindly treat this letter as the first step of a series of measures we will undertake to ensure the reputation of our President, government and the good people of Ghana is not undermined.

Yours Sincerely

Yaw Buaben Asamoa,

Director of Communications, NPP

Cc. Dionne Searcey

Ghanaian women explain why they cheat on their partners

A group of women on Twitter have revealed anonymously why they cheat on their partners.

A Twitter user with handle @zubaidah_x did a poll where she wanted to find out from the ladies if they were cheating on their partners.

40% of the women said no, 11% said yes with someone known to their partners, 13% said yes but unknown to their partners whiles 32% said nosy boys.

From the responses, one could clearly understand that most of these ladies even though claim love their partners clearly enjoy cheating on them.

Akufo-Addo’s policies are difficult to implement – Prof Adei

Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, Professor Stephen Adei has said that the policies made by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo are difficult to implement, ABC News can report.

Though Professor Stephen Adei lauds the several policies introduced by the NPP government, he maintains that the difficulty with the implementation of some of these policies make it difficult for people to derive its full benefits.

“The policies of Akufo-Addo are the best policies for Ghana but its implementation has been quite difficult. For example, his vision and programmes for agriculture for the cocoa industry are unparalleled but implementation have been difficult.”

According to the National Development Planning Commission chairman, resource constraints remain a major cause for ineffective implementation of most government policies.

“Implementation has been difficult for one major reason and that it is resource constraints. Resource constraints have been tighter than it has ever been since 2001 when we became HIPC.”

“The resource constraint has been greater because there had been in the past an abuse of taking loans and squandering them and now you have a situation whereby if we had not re based the currency about 70 to 72 percent of our GDP was the level of national debt at the time they took over with very little to show. What that means is that you have a serious debt service problem and much of the loan that have been taken have been used to refinance the old debts so that you can spread its payment for our children to suffer.”

Professor Adei further called for a restructure in the leadership structure of the National Development Planning Commission.

“If we really meant what NDPC should do for the country, there should be about nine(9) full time commissioners.”

NAM 1 has shamed Kennedy Agyapong – Maurice Ampaw

The return of Nana Appiah Mensah alias NAM 1 back into the country has shamed the likes of Kennedy Agyapong who castigated him and called him names while he was away, private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has said.

On Kumasi-based Otec Fm monitored by, he disclosed that NAM 1 contrary to claims he was engaged fraudulent business activities prior to his arrest and detention in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a genuine businessman.

“NAM 1 is a genuine businessman who has very good intentions for the country and his clients. The likes of Kennedy Agyapong and other government appointees insulted him and claimed he was engaged in a Ponzi scheme. I can tell you that NAM one is without blemish and he has shamed him”, he revealed.

Kennedy Agyapong had revealed that most of his colleague MPs and other big men who invested in Menzgold and have their cash locked up did not do so consciously, but rather they were “convinced” by beautiful slay queens recruited by NAM1 for that purpose.

Revealing the modus operandi of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah to woo some of the big clients, Kennedy Agyapong said some Members of Parliament became victims of the fraud because they fell for the Menzgold beautiful slay Queens.

According to the outspoken lawmaker, NAM 1 as popularly known, used beautiful girls otherwise known as Slay Queens from God-knows-where to entice the “vulnerable” big men.

He said the country’s lawmakers and other respectable persons in the country were successfully seduced and he got them into his list as clients, learnt.

He described NAM1 as a criminal and a “naturally-born bad person” who knew what he was all about

Strika’s handler hands over ¢40,000 to actor

The child actor in the ‘Beast Of No Nation’ movie, Emmanuel Adom Quaye, has received an amount of ¢40,000 from his handler, Kofi Robert.

The handler had been accused by the actor of duping him of the 1% entitlement he got after starring in the Netflix production.

After a revealing interview with Joy News’ MzGee, Strika, as he is popularly called, last week lodged a formal complaint with the Central Police Station in Accra.

Kofi Robert was invited afterward and ordered to hand over the account and its transactions to date.

On Tuesday, the handler closed the account he held in trust for ‘Strika’ and handed over an amount of ¢40,093.22 to ‘Strika’ in the presence of his family at the Accra Region Police Command.

Reacting to the development, Robert said he was shocked by the claims and actions of Strika against him. 

According to him, he feels relieved after handing over the account explaining he had no intention of squandering Strika’s money. 

“I was alerted by friends that Emma had been on air making certain statements and I was surprised. My understanding was that he needed money and whenever he needs money, he always calls me, we meet at the Osu Barclays bank and I withdraw the money for him,” he explained.

He debunked claims by Strika that he couldn’t reach him for months, saying the last transaction he made on behalf of Strika was two months ago. 

Mr Robert stated that he withdrew ¢1,000 for Strika on May 20, hoping it would last him a while.

“For me to hear he needed money again last week was surprising,” he added.

Though Robert admits he reneged on his promise to hand over Strika’s account to him when he turned 18, he said the action was without malice. 

He explained that he only wanted to test the young actor’s ability to manage such an amount at 18 and was keeping the money for him until he is 21.


The New Patriotic Party (N.P.P) China branch to hold their annual conference under the Chairmanship of Mr. Owusu Achiaw (China Chairman. other dignitaries include national branch Chairman Mr Freddy Blay, National Organizer Sammy Awuku, Mr John Boadu (General secretary ) and many others. the event will take place at grand skylight hotel Boaen Shenzhen from 26th to 28th July 2019 8:00am to 5:00pm each day.

According to the communication affair for N.P.P china branch Mr Micheal Amponsah wishes to invite all N.P.P members around China to come and support them for successful conference.

Photo: Princess Shyngle’s tiny waist causes confusion on social media

Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle has got many fans in awe over her latest post on social media.

The actress, famous for her curvy waist, got people more worried when she put on a waist trainer to advertise to fans.

She posted: “waist trainer is on point, and flat tummy with a tiny waistline, every classic lady should have one in her possession. Have you gotten yours yet?” But, some of the people, who reacted to her post, said they were worried about her because her waist was becoming too small.

One of the users, who goes by the name 9jaonpoint, told her, “Lol😂 Don’t kill yourself dear. We’ll all die one day. Eat well and drink water.”

Another Instagram user, kay_large_111 also commented: “Why are you just killing yourself in the name of fashion my Sister…”

Wisdombangs0147 also thought Princess Shyngle might have difficulty getting pregnant.

Check some of the comments below:

Medikal slams M.anifest for featuring on Strongman’s song

AMG rapper Medikal seems not to be satisfied with his beef with Strongman and wanting to take it a bigger rapper and thereby he has taken it to M.anifest.

Medikal and Strongman have been releasing diss songs against each other for some days now and yesterday evening Strongman released another song with God MC M.anifest titled Ups and Down to counter Medikal’s ‘Drip’ also released earlier.

In the song, Manifest took a swipe at Medikal when it was time for him to do his verse.

In one of the lines, Manifest said, “W’ani nkum a wosi )mo ada. Asem aba“. It is well known that Omo Ada is a tagline of Medikal and that line from M.anifest was a direct shot.

“Shw3 panyin toto nonso, 2 galamsey hitless rappers,your abochi wey never get one million views sef on youtube too wan talk some,fella ein ‘my body is doing me something’alone sef blow pass am. Drip drip drip drip, let’s make some money joooo “ he tweeted.×280

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