3 notorious and confidence robbers nabbed by Bibiani citizen vigilantes and handed to the police.

Three robbers Kwadjo Kwarteng 25,(driver),Akwasi Achampong 35,(steal bender) and Kofi Agyemang 39 ( unemployed) believed to have come from Goaso with a Nissan taxi cub with registration number AW 4952- 12 have been arrested by some good Samaritans around the roundabout for stealing GH¢ 10.000 Hundred Million old cedies belonging to one Naomi Boateng from Tano Odumasi in the Atwima Mponua district of Ashanti region.

Speaking to media, the victim Naomi Boateng explained that she sold her car to settle the admission fee of her son who has gained admission to Tarkwah School of mines and have decided to enter into a business venture with the remaining GH¢ 10,000 Hundred Million only to be attacked and nearly made away with the money after she withdrew it from her account at Atwima Mponua Rural Bank in Bibiani.

We are joyful over the good performance of BECE candidates: Corsah Students.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has begun the processes for placement of students that passed their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) into Senior High School(SHS). GES made the announcement in a statement signed by its public Relations Officer, Cassandra Twum Ampofo.The announcement follows the release of 2019 BECE results by the West African Examinations Council(WAEC) on August 29, 2019.

About 173 candidates had their examination cancelled for alleged malpractices with over 2,000 and others having their results withheld by the council pending further investigations into alleged of malpractices.

According to students of Corsah and Partners Boarding School at Sefwi Bekwai in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality of Western North could not hide their joy but rather expressed their profound gratitude to the headmaster and teachers in the school for the tremendous hard work done for their past seniors and encouraged themselves to follow the same trend.

They told Kwame Kontor Boateng that since the school was established in 1984 has been describe best in the region and has won presidential awards in succession. The students also did not base only on academics but also praised the teachers,the disciplinary aspect and other activities performed in the school.Our last grade this time was 10, and we hope in the near future, we can rise above and set a record.

Teachers and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) share their secret about the success that has resulted the good performance was due to obedience and numerous activities performed in the school.


The Bono East Regional immigration service department has arrested about 25 Nigerian girls suspected to be engaging in prostitution.

In an interview with the Regional commander for immigration service department in Bono East Region, Chief supretendent Enoch Annor Abrokwa he explained that after the tour of Bono East Regional Minister Hon. Kofi Amoakohene, the immigration service decided to do a clean up exercise within the region which they started from Nkoranza south and kintampo south.
During this exercise, they arrested Nigerian girls engaging in such unlawful acts.

Chief superintendent Enoch added that,these Nigerian girls do not have any form of identification cards such as voters ID card, passport ect. So the immigration service is putting things together to send them back to Nigeria


He finally sent a strong warning to foreigners in Bono East Region who do not have appropriate documents to start thinking of packing themselves out because the immigration service will soon come after them.

Call Chief Superintendent Annor for more details.



A 50 year old Mad Akosua Bour met her current unfortunate state in 2000 when she was on her usual routine as a yam seller. She was travelling from Subaam in the Sekyere Afram Plains in the Ashanti region, when the cargo car heavily packed with yams stopped and the driver asked her to come down from the top of the car so he can park well and unload the items, due to the slippery nature of the road in the heavy rain, she slipped and fell. Unknown to the driver, he moved the vehicle and it passed on her while she was still on the ground. 19years after the accident, Mad Akosua has become dependent on others as life has become unbearable for her. She has no place to lay her head and she wait for others to finish eating before they pass her the left overs. She husband whom she has three kids with abandon her and the kids after the accident.
She sometimes feel like committing suicide by poisoned herself because she feels she is the cause of her children unhappiness as her elder daughter lost her marriage due to the fact that she want her mum to stay with her and the husband didn’t want it that way. She couldn’t choose her husband over her mum and thus the divorce. Therefore she is pleading with the general public to come to her aid and assist her.

Ghana ranked Africa’s second biggest exporter of footballers in 2019

Ghana is Africa’s second-biggest exporter of footballers in 2019 according to a survey by CIES Football Observatory monthly report.

Brazil is clearly at the summit of the rankings for countries exporting footballers.

According to CIES report, the South American giants have a total of 1,330 players playing in 147 leagues across the globe.

Brazilians are present in 85 associations out of 98. This reflects the unique role played by Brazil in supplying professional footballers worldwide.

With over 800 expatriates, France and Argentina also stand out from the crowd as exporting nations. Overall, almost a quarter of expatriates are from Brazil, France or Argentina (22.5%).

The principle exporters from other continents are Nigeria for Africa (10th place, 361 expatriates), with Ghana occupying the 12th spot with 286 expatriates.

It represents a 20% increment in the number of talents from Ghana plying their trade outside the country as compared to 2018.


Asante Akyem Akyem wenchi is a town near Bompata where four people has been shocked with electric wire leading two dead and others in serious condition.
The incident happened that , there is a funeral ceremony at wenchi presby so due to the crowd over they were trying to fine more canopies for sympathizers ,so they take the canopy from presby church to durbar ground, unfortunately it hits the electric wire leading two dead and two in serious condition

Witness::::::: Call Password for more details 0548095198
Credit::::::Kwahu online radio (Mpraeso kwahu)

You can’t deposit or withdraw money without these three items – Bank of Ghana warns

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has directed banks and other specialised deposit-taking institutions to ensure that people who deposit money into and/or withdraw same from accounts that are not theirs provide their “full personal details” to the transacting institution.

In a notice published in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Graphic, the central bank said such persons must provide their “name and address, a verifiable identification card and a telephone number to the requisite bank or specialized deposit-taking institution.”

It said the directive was in compliance with the section 23 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2008 (Act 749), as amended.

The Act seeks to shine transparency on persons engaging in financial transactions in a bid to stem money laundering.

The notice was signed by the Secretary of BoG, Frances Van-Hein Sackey.

It said “in accordance with section 23(7) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2008, (Act 749) as amended, all banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions shall require the full personal details of a person who makes a deposit into or withdrawal from an account on behalf of another person.

“Banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions and the general public are to take note and be guided accordingly,” it said.

Graphic Online understands that some of the banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions were complying with the directive prior to the September 4 notice.

Huawei launches first IP club in Ghana

Huawei Ghana launched its inaugural IP Club in Accra, bringing together private and public sector IT experts for exchange of ideas and development of IP industry in the country.

The platform is the first of its kind in Ghana signifying another step forward towards transforming the country into an information-rich and knowledge-based society and economy.

Announcing the launch at Huawei Ghana’s first IP GALA in Accra, Chen Zhijun, Vice President of Huawei Southern Africa Region stated, digital transformation is sweeping across the world and Huawei is firmly committed to innovation and local talent fostering by creating an open, healthy and sustainable ecosystem where every stakeholder can contribute and benefit from.”

He added Chen Zhijun added that in the coming days more technology and resources will be allocated to the Ghana market to facilitate new technologies adoption and increase supply of advanced intelligent IP network solutions and differentiated innovative products.

He asserted that it will strengthen the cultivation of talents and upskilling of ICT practitioners in the IP Club.

The event with its theme: “RETHINK IP FOR A DIGITAL ECONOMY”, was attended by Deputy Minister of Communications of Ghana, Hon. George Andah and over 200 representatives from Mobile Network Operators (Telcos) and IT enterprise for in-depth exchange of ideas over topics including challenges in digital transformation, industry standards formulation and public-private sector collaboration.

In his welcome address, the Deputy Minister of Communications said: “the IP Club is timely intervention which will help ICT professionals in Ghana compete on the global stage.” He noted that the initiative is in line with the digitization strategies of many countries including Ghana as it helps cultivate a pool of ICT professionals that are crucial to industry development, thus boosting ICT industry growth, driving the development of different sectors, and contributing to lower unemployment rates over the long term.”

As one of the core leaders in the IP network field, Huawei aims to meet customers’ requirements for digital transformation and intelligent networks. In the mainstream scenarios such as enterprise campus, data center, WAN, WLAN, and network security, Huawei launches the four-engine brand strategies of CloudEngineer switches, NetEngine routers, and AirEngineer WiFi 6 AP, HiSecEngine security gateways, while leading in key technologies and business processes, it also makes outstanding contributions to the industry.

Huawei is a global leader in technology and IP. The company has contributed to the development of the frontiers of technology on the global level. It sits on more than 40 technology working groups.

Additionally, Huawei contributes to more than 12 industry standards and open source organisations. It participates in about 80% of SRv6 standards formulation. Huawei drafts more than 240 technical proposals on WiFi 6, making it the highest ranking company in the industry.

Huawei builds interactive end-to-end products and its Huawei AirEngine, the industry’s first commercial Wi-Fi 6 product won the 2019 Gold Media Award at the InterOp Tokyo Exhibition in Japan. Huawei combined efficiency with non-existent innovation to produce an ultra-large bandwith, ultra-high capacity and ultra-low latency product. The product is also an Internet-of-Things (IoT) flexible.

In Ghana, more than 300 people from over 15 local companies has benefited from technological upskilling in ICT training center in Accra established by HUAWEI Ghana in December 2018.

Tonnes of Maize rot away as no buyers exist

Several metric tonnes of maize are going waste in Maame-Krobo in the Afram Plains South District of the Eastern Region due to inadequate buyers.

Maame Krobo is known for the large production of maize, however, Maize farmers in the farming community are struggling to get buyers for tonnes of maize harvested this year.

According to the farmers, whereas government approved farm gate price for a 50kg sack of maize is Ghc60, few traders who buy from them pay a paltry Ghc90 for a large sack of maize which weighs about 130kg. In spite of the variation in prices, the buyers are not forthcoming creating anxiety among farmers.

“Ploughing an acre of land cost Gh140, planting of maize cost Ghc70, spraying around Ghc80 for twice a before harvesting.Then cropping, Ghc140, then the labourers so you will spend close to Ghc700 cedis per acre of maize farm so it is expensive but the Price the buyers are given us is not helpful” Godwin Mensah, a farmer lamented to Starr News Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah.

According to the farmers bad market price and inadequate buyers for their produce is discouraging the youth adding that they are unable to pay their creditors.

“The government says we the youth should go into agric yet we don’t have good prices for our produce. After suffering to farm they come here to cheat as but because we also need money to pay our creditors we sell it cheaply even with that we are not getting buyers the maize are rotting. Now we have erected cages that we are using as storage facilities but these cages are not able store more maize”.

The farmers are appealing to government to come to their aid to buy the maize in the area.

“We want the government to come and buy the maize from us to the warehouse because they are spoiling here. There are two warehouse in Forifori and Maame Krobo junction but are not operational we don’t know why”.

The farmers want the intervention of the National Food Buffer Stock Company institution mandated to ensure the stability of food grain supply and price which is of continuous concern to the government.

According to 2009 data by SRID, the total domestic production of maize amounted to 1,619,600 MT with a demand of 1,197,000 MT, thus, showing a surplus of 422,600 MT which needs to be stored which go waste.

NAFCO provide minimum guaranteed price and ready market, mop up excess produce from all farmers in order to reduce post harvest losses resulting from spoilage due to poor storage, thereby protecting farm incomes but maize farmers in Maame Krobo are not benefiting from the services of the company.

A former Member of Parliament for the area, Joseph Appiah, now the Parliamentary candidate believe it is important to market produce in the area to attract lore buyers.

“Our major problem in this area is high post harvest losses due to multiple factors of bad roads and inadequate buyers so I believe we need to fix these challenges, advertise to attract more buyers “.

Further delay in government interventions will worsen the situation at Maame Krobo as tonnes of Maize continue to go waste.

Poor BOG supervision caused banking crisis – Mahama confesses

Former President and NDC Flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has been very vociferous about how the Akufo-Addo administration has handled the banking sector reforms but a Parliamentary record has exposed his inconveniencies.

According to him, the current government should have concentrated on injecting more cash into the struggling banks in order to keep them afloat, instead of collapsing and consolidating them.

In his many declarations, Mr Mahama has postulated that the methodology used to sanitize the banking sector leaves a lot to be desired and that it has led to job losses of what he describes as innocent employees in the banking sector.

This accusation of the supposed collapse of the banking sector by the Akufo-Addo government is being heavily propagated by members of the opposition party’s communicators.

Available documents, however, indicate that former President John Mahama admitted to the very same banking sector he accuses Akufo-Addo for supervising.

In the 2016 State of the Nation’s Address delivered in Parliament by the former president, the NDC flagbearer made these admissions;

“Mr Speaker, over the past five years, there has been a proliferation of microfinance companies. These companies come under the direct supervision of the Bank of Ghana. Unfortunately, lack of effective supervision has resulted in many cases in which microfinance companies licensed by Bank of Ghana have breached the rules and created supposed pyramid schemes that have eventually come crashing down”

The former President, by this statement in the 2016 version of the State of the Nation’s Address, confessed to the banking sector crumbling down under his tutelage.

This admission as captured in the former president’s own speech makes nonsense of his accusation that the Presidency of Akufo-Addo is to blame for the crisis we have witnessed in the banking sector.

Though he has chosen to be dishonest in his commentaries on the banking sector reforms, his own words have come back to haunt him.

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