A Six year old boy has been drowned in a river while crossing to school
The incident happened at a Farming Community at Torgodo in the Yilo krobo municipality Eastern in the Eastern Region

The body of Tetteh Osmond is yet to be Retrieved despite a search by a Joint Team’s of Nadomo and Local Diverse
The Residents of Torgodo including school children and pregnant woman Risk Lives every day to walk through the River Porpor,whenever it Over flows.
The Recent heavy downpour has Led to the Overflow of the river but residents Forced to Cross with Their Waits While Carrying Foodstuffs to the Nkurakan Market Center While pupils Swim to Attended school in a Nearby Community Azza and Nyamebekye school in the Yilo krobo municipality Eastern Region

Nigeria has taught Ghana how to defy ECOWAS protocols – GUTA

Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, Foreign Affairs Minister

Since late August 2019, Nigeria has closed three of her borders -Seme-Krake, Igolo and Idiroko. According to President Buhari, the move is to curb smuggling of rice into the country through its neighbouring countries.

The country further tightened the screws by banning trade across all land borders to force its neighbours, especially Benin and Niger, to halt food smuggling into the country.

But the closure of the border can be traced to President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy of curbing imports to boost local production and conserve foreign exchange reserves when he took office in 2015.

However, the policies, instead of making Nigeria self-sufficient in rice production rather kept prices high and led to the smuggling of rice and other goods from Benin into Nigeria.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has it that Benin has become the world’s No. 2 exporter of rice to Nigeria, therefore, with the closure of the border, Benin suffers the most.

But while Benin experiences the direct effect of the border closure, other West African countries, including Ghana, have decried the decision, as it is having unintended side effects on their economies as well.

Dr Joseph Obeng, President of the Ghana National Traders Union, told The Chronicle in an interview yesterday that Nigeria’s decision did not only have adverse effect on food items, but a clear violation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) protocols on movement of people and trade among member countries.

According to him, Nigerians see the protocols as sacrosanct, hence their decision to nullify it without prior notice to ECOWAS, and urged Ghanaians to follow suit.

“What they have done is a breach of the ECOWAS protocol itself. They have breached the fundamental principle of the protocol on free movement of goods and services.

“They have flouted the laws with impunity without any sanction from the ECOWAS Commission,” he told The Chronicle.

Dr Obeng indicated that if Nigeria has taken such a decision and yet, no punitive measures had been meted out to her, then Ghana should not worry itself over not respecting the protocols.

“What we are saying is that [the] Ghana government, having seen that the option Nigeria chose has nullified the ECOWAS protocol, should also have the teeth to bite and do what they could not do under the guise of the protocol.

“The protocol is not cast in iron that we cannot get ourselves out of it. We should not even use it as a reference point. I am jealous of what the Nigerians have done. We should take a cue from it,” he said.

Though Ghana’s Foreign Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, on October 15 gave the assurance that the government would exhaust all diplomatic avenues to get Nigeria to re-open its western borders for the free flow of goods from Ghana to the sub-region, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, says Nigeria did not err in closing its western land borders to countries in the ECOWAS sub-region.

The Minister said the only way to get Nigeria open the border is through diplomacy, because there is no law forbidding Nigeria from closing its borders.

Though unilateral border closures go against all commercial and freedom of movement treaties signed under ECOWAS, Mr Ahenkorah told Onua FM on Wednesday that “Nigeria has not violated any laws.”

He explained that the ECOWAS treaty says factories in the sub-region can produce and export to other ECOWAS countries, “but we did not inculcate how to resolve disputes and grievances in the law, so if it happens that way, we use diplomatic means to resolve the issue.”

The Comptroller-General (C-G) of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Col. Hameed Ali, has also insisted that despite the rights for movement of persons among ECOWAS states, there must also be primacy of security over such rights.

Responding to critics who accused the Nigeria government of breaching the ECOWAS protocol on free movement of people and goods, the NCS boss said: “When it comes to security, all laws take back seat.”

He explained further: “We want to make sure that our people are protected. You must be alive and well for you to begin to ask for your rights. Your rights count when you are well and alive.

“Go and ask the people in Maiduguri that when Boko Haram was harassing them, the only question was survival, there was no question of right. This time, Nigeria must survive first before we begin to ask for our rights.”

Renowned Pastor impregnates married woman; begs husband to accept responsibility

A renowned Pastor of one of the popular churches (name withheld) whose amorous relationship with a married woman was a top gossip topic in the community has resulted in a pregnancy.

The pastor despite committing the adulterous act, is asking the woman at the centre of the entire controversy to convince her legally married husband to accept responsibility indicating that abortion is a greater sin.

A twitter user only identified as Miss Peters shared the story on her twitter page which has left social media buzzing over what could have led both to engage in such an act.

Snippets of information gathered indicate that the woman always leaves her matrimonial home under the guise of going for an all-night service but later ends up at a different location with the pastor.

Though the conduct of the woman was reported to the man said to be currently distraught, he brushed aside those claims indicating that the woman was only prayerful making those snitching her jealous before being greeted with the current situation.

Meanwhile, Miss Peters who gave a rundown of the whole scandal said “
Our family friend’s wife is 5 months preg not by the HUSBAND but by her PASTOR who she always go to 4 prayers. The husband has been crying that he has not touched her for 5 months, she actually refused him sex cuz of the pastor. Now she’s begging her husband to take the pregnancy.”

Alcohol is more harmful than ‘wee’ — Former NACOB Boss

Former Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Akrasi Sarpong, has revealed that even though marijuana (wee) is illegal for the harm it can pose to users, alcohol which is legal, is much more harmful than marijuana, arguing that jailing users of marijuana does not address the issue of “harm” caused by the substance.

“If it is about harm, alcohol is more harmful than marijuana. Tobacco is more harmful than marijuana. It’s is about harm, let’s schedule the harm…and tackle the harm. If you’re going to deal with the harm related to the substance, then you shouldn’t be taking them (marijuana users) to prison. You should be sending them to the hospital,” he told Frema Adunyame in a documentary titled, “Cannabis: a goldmine or a nation wrecker.”

Ghana’s laws (PNDC Law 236) criminalize marijuana use, import, export and its possession mainly because of its link to mental disorders and diseases. But laws make alcohol legal and it is widely available and consumed.

According to reports by the World Health Organization, worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol, this represents 5.3 % of all deaths in the world.

But many individuals and groups, notably the Rastafari Council, have called for its legalisation for both medical and recreational use, consistently making the point that alcohol and tobacco that are much more injurious to humans are legal while marijuana remains illegal. Their call has been ignored by successive governments.

In the opinion of Mr Sarpong, our laws must stress the welfare and health of citizens as espoused by various UN Conventions, noting that the laws on Marijuana punishes insignificant end users while the kingpins of the trade who benefit the most are let off the hook.

To better fight the marijuana canker in the country, he suggested that the drug lords be arrested and put away from society: “Our challenge in this country is that in the continuum of law enforcement, we touch the small fries and leave the big guys. Our strategy need to be non-violent small fries. We need to be sending them to public health. Education. Prevention. The big guys! We need to arrest them. And put them away for twenty years. So they can’t control anything. That for me is what is called ‘smart Law enforcement delivery.”

Several countries have legalised marijuana for various uses such as export or medical purposes with reported returns of huge revenues.

“I will close down my church If Kurt Okraku doesn’t win GFA elections – Rev. Otabil

Leader and founder of the Christ True Word of God Ministry Rev. Kwaku Mensah Otabil has predicted the upcoming Ghana Football Association presidential elections will be won be the executive chairman of Dream Football Club Kurt E.S Okraku.

This he confirms was revealed to him by God in the spiritual realm with the tough talking George Afriyie coming a distant second.

“In the spiritual realm,God has revealed to me that Kurt Edwin Simon Okraku will win the GFA Presidential elections on 25th October,2019”

“George Afriyie was second with the other Aspirants following him”he told Ashh Fm in Kumasi.

The prophet has given further credence to his revelation by saying he will quit mounting the pulpit and doing the work of God should his prophesy fall short.

“I will quit doing the work of God if Kurt Edwin Simon Okraku doesn’t win the GFA Presidential elections”

He further stressed that all other aspirants making a lot of noise and talking tough will weep on the day of the elections.

“Those talking will weep after the elections because as it stands now,Kurt Okraku is leading the race in the spiritual realm and it will come to reality”

“I know George Afriyie personally but I don’t know Kurt Okraku or any other candidate vying for the GFA Presidential seat but that is what God has revealed to me”

“I will feel very disappointed and betrayed by God and will close down my church if this revelations fails” he vowed.

CAS demands swift response from GFA-NC to Palmer’s injunction

The Court of Arbitration for Sports is demanding a swift response from the Normalization Committee of the Ghana Football Association to claims by disqualified presidential candidate for the association’s elections – Wilfred Osei Kwaku.

The Ghana FA Normalization Committee has been given up to two days to table to their response to the claims of the Tema Youth President.

Palmer, as he is affectionaly called prayed to the world sports arbitration body to place an injunction on the upcoming elections of the Ghana FA following his disqualification.

Palmer believes he was handed a raw deal by the Normalization Committee of the Ghana FA hence running to CAS to seek redress.

The disqualified Ghana Football Association (GFA) Presidential aspirant, Wilfred Osei Kwaku Palmer, filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to overturn the Normalisation Committee’s (NC) decision to disqualify him from the 2019 GFA Presidential race.

Osei through his legal representative was seeking for four reliefs:

1. A declaration that Respondent’s Elections Committee’s decision contained in its letter dated the 4th day of October 2019 is null, void and of no effect.

2. A declaration that upon a true and proper construction of the eligibility criteria set forth in the Respondent’s letter of 4th October 2019 for disqualifying Claimant from contesting the presidency of the Respondent’s Executive Council are not justifiable.

3. An order nullifying any election conducted by Respondent pending the final determination of the instant proceedings.

4. An order directed at Respondent to conduct fresh elections, giving each candidate a fair chance of contesting same based on Respondent’s rules.

‘Sex for Grades’ expose: Our undercover operatives were at risk – BBC

The BBC Africa Eye team has revealed to GhanaWeb that probing further to establish a criminal intent by the two lecturers of the University of Ghana implicated in ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary would amount to risking the lives of their undercover operatives.

According to the BBC, the safety of their investigative journalists is a priority and would not be jeopardized.

“Undercover filming requires striking a balance between evidence gathering and the safety of your operatives…continuing to film our interactions with the lecturers further could have risked putting our undercover operatives in harm’s way.”

After the BBC Africa Eye ‘Sex for Grades’ exposé which rocked the country, many victims of sexual harassment began to voice out their experiences.

While some sang songs of praises to the BBC Africa Eye, others were of the view that the documentary lacked concrete evidence to find Prof Gyampo guilty.

However, the BBC in their response to www.ghanaweb.com’s follow up questions indicated that the evidence gathered against Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor were enough to conclude they breached the University of Ghana’s Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy.

“We believe we captured ample evidence to show that both Dr Butakor and Prof Gyampo have engaged in behaviour in breach of the University of Ghana’s Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy.”

Professor Gyampo and Dr Butakor have been suspended by the university and investigations have begun to determine whether they have breached the school’s code of ethics.


The two lecturers at the University of Ghana, Dr Paul Kwame Butakor and Prof Ransford Gyampo, were implicated in a BBC ‘Sex for Grade’ expose.

The documentary showed the two lecturers in compromising situations with undercover journalists who had posed as students of the University of Ghana.

Dr Butakor, a lecturer at the College of Education was seen in the video allegedly having inappropriate conversations with the “student” by asking to be her “side boy”.

Prof Gyampo, also the Head of European Studies at the university, according to the BBC report allegedly proposed marriage to the “student” who was seeking academic favours.

Mensa Otabil, 47 others put before court

A financial consultant and a former lecturer at the Ghana Banking College, Dr. Richmond Attuahene has disclosed that 47 more Directors of the collapsed financial institutions would be put before court.

According to him, apart from the four (4) that have been put before the court and granted bail, others are in line to also appear before the court to face charges of various financial malpractices.

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ program, he explained those other Directors which include; Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom and Pastor Mensa Otabil are all expected to appear before the court.

“The government has assured us of putting all the Directors before the court to be able to retrieve customers’ funds and also be able to safeguard funds of government that were wrongly invested by these Directors, so we are waiting for the appropriate action to be taken,” he said.

He also charged the government to arrest Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom if acts of money laundering is found in his line of business.

William Ato Essien, Founder of the defunct Capital Bank, and three others whose roles allegedly led to the collapse of the bank have been admitted to bail by the Commercial Court (High Court Division).

Ato Essien, who is also a Majority Shareholder of Capital Bank Limited; Tetteh Nettey, Managing Director of MC Management Services, a company established by Essien, and Fitzgerald Odonkor, a former Managing Director of Capital Bank, were admitted to bail in the sum of 200-million cedis each while Kate Quartey Papafio, a businesswoman and Chief Executive officer of Reroy Cables Company Limited, was admitted to bail in the sum of 75 million cedis.

The four accused persons are to provide four sureties each of who are of good character and are of substance.

The Court presided over by Mr. Justice Eric Kyei Baffour, further ordered them to deposit their passports to the Registry.

It further directed the prosecution to furnish all the accused persons with the necessary documents, audios or video recordings that they intend to rely on during the trial.

According to the Court, the State is to comply with the orders by November 13 and adjourned the case to November 20.

Ato Essien is facing 26 counts of conspiracy, stealing and money laundering.

Breaking: Sad news !!!!!

Two(2) kids with the age range between 4 and 2 years has been found murdered in an uncompleted building at Apemso near Appiadu in Oforikrom District of the Ashanti region..

According to the source the corpse has been left for about a week and now has found.

Call Nana Kwasi Agyen Boafo a.k.a Heaven Somafo as an eye witness on 0546368087

Big Kroasang residents share stream with animals.

ill health is looming at Big Kroasang in Suhum municipality in the Eastern region as residents share stream water with some domestic animals.

The situation is not pleasant and thus the odikro Nana Amo Okanta of the town is at the beg and call of the government to fix a borehole for the people to forestall any health problems.

He laments the people are finding it difficult to find potable water to drink.
The odikro is afraid his folks may get sick as they share water with animals.

Accra Fm news reporter Kofi Michel engaged with Nana Amo Okanta

Some residents appealed to government, NGO’S, MP for Suhum constituency, Frederick Opare Ansah and Suhum municipal chief executive officer Margaret Darko to step in to provide potable water to Big Kroasang community.

Credit: Kwahu Online Radio. Mpraeso – Kwahu.

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