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Atinka TV to screen football documentary “UNTOLD GOAT” on May 6

An intriguing documentary of one of Ghana’s Greatest Footballers of All Time, titled, the Untold GOAT is set to be screened by Atinka Media Village on Monday 6th May 2019.

The 27-minute film details the riveting journey of how a young boy born to a farmer in a small community in Ghana’s middle turned out to be one of the most illustrious football stars the continent has ever seen.

The Documentary, produced and directed by award-winning sports journalist Saddick Adams, reviews the childhood life through to the tragic career of a Ghana football legend.

Saddick says the film was inspired by the lack of documentary history of Ghana’s past heroes.

The title of the Documentary “Untold GOAT” illustrates the untold greatness of a legendary athlete who still continues to occupy a respectable spot in Ghana’s sporting history.

“I’ve spent the last five months travelling over 2,500 kilometres with my decrepit camera, collecting pieces of information, memorabilia and anecdotes of this man whose name is still popular on the lips of millions of Ghanaian soccer fans and yet, very little known of him”,

“Very little has been seen of him, very little to read of him. Out of the over 30 million people in Ghana today, less than a hundred of them I think, were privileged to have seen him play and most of them are in a state of health that makes it difficult for them to remember any memories of him”.

“Fortunately, the very few who had some to share, did a great service to the current and next generations”.

The documentary will reveal, perhaps the first known coloured picture of this legend.

Some of Ghana’s legendary footballers and legendary sports journalists such as Joe Lartey, who featured prominently in the documentary, claim the footballer’s tragic death, perhaps robbed Ghana a player with the potential to have won the coveted FIFA Ballon d’Or award in its early years.

It’s an intriguing story of a young footballer whose transfer instigated one of the most intense political rivalries ever witnessed in the country.

A footballer whose history has been distorted and original birthplace corrupted.

A footballer – who at age 18 – had become the most popular teenager in Ghana at some point.

“UNTOLD GOAT” is a story of striking football moments, golden memories, bitterness, flamboyance, loyalty and tragedy that will honour and mark a landmark anniversary of this legendary son of the land.

“It is very unfortunate that not much data and history has been documented of our sporting heroes and this will be the first of many films to be produced to honour these heroes and also as a reference point for the current generation”, Saddick added.

The film will show across Atinka Media Village’s platforms Atinka TV, Atinka FM and all its social media handles


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