Big Kroasang residents share stream with animals.

ill health is looming at Big Kroasang in Suhum municipality in the Eastern region as residents share stream water with some domestic animals.

The situation is not pleasant and thus the odikro Nana Amo Okanta of the town is at the beg and call of the government to fix a borehole for the people to forestall any health problems.

He laments the people are finding it difficult to find potable water to drink.
The odikro is afraid his folks may get sick as they share water with animals.

Accra Fm news reporter Kofi Michel engaged with Nana Amo Okanta

Some residents appealed to government, NGO’S, MP for Suhum constituency, Frederick Opare Ansah and Suhum municipal chief executive officer Margaret Darko to step in to provide potable water to Big Kroasang community.

Credit: Kwahu Online Radio. Mpraeso – Kwahu.

3 notorious and confidence robbers nabbed by Bibiani citizen vigilantes and handed to the police.

Three robbers Kwadjo Kwarteng 25,(driver),Akwasi Achampong 35,(steal bender) and Kofi Agyemang 39 ( unemployed) believed to have come from Goaso with a Nissan taxi cub with registration number AW 4952- 12 have been arrested by some good Samaritans around the roundabout for stealing GH¢ 10.000 Hundred Million old cedies belonging to one Naomi Boateng from Tano Odumasi in the Atwima Mponua district of Ashanti region.

Speaking to media, the victim Naomi Boateng explained that she sold her car to settle the admission fee of her son who has gained admission to Tarkwah School of mines and have decided to enter into a business venture with the remaining GH¢ 10,000 Hundred Million only to be attacked and nearly made away with the money after she withdrew it from her account at Atwima Mponua Rural Bank in Bibiani.

We are joyful over the good performance of BECE candidates: Corsah Students.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has begun the processes for placement of students that passed their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) into Senior High School(SHS). GES made the announcement in a statement signed by its public Relations Officer, Cassandra Twum Ampofo.The announcement follows the release of 2019 BECE results by the West African Examinations Council(WAEC) on August 29, 2019.

About 173 candidates had their examination cancelled for alleged malpractices with over 2,000 and others having their results withheld by the council pending further investigations into alleged of malpractices.

According to students of Corsah and Partners Boarding School at Sefwi Bekwai in the Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai Municipality of Western North could not hide their joy but rather expressed their profound gratitude to the headmaster and teachers in the school for the tremendous hard work done for their past seniors and encouraged themselves to follow the same trend.

They told Kwame Kontor Boateng that since the school was established in 1984 has been describe best in the region and has won presidential awards in succession. The students also did not base only on academics but also praised the teachers,the disciplinary aspect and other activities performed in the school.Our last grade this time was 10, and we hope in the near future, we can rise above and set a record.

Teachers and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) share their secret about the success that has resulted the good performance was due to obedience and numerous activities performed in the school.


The Bono East Regional immigration service department has arrested about 25 Nigerian girls suspected to be engaging in prostitution.

In an interview with the Regional commander for immigration service department in Bono East Region, Chief supretendent Enoch Annor Abrokwa he explained that after the tour of Bono East Regional Minister Hon. Kofi Amoakohene, the immigration service decided to do a clean up exercise within the region which they started from Nkoranza south and kintampo south.
During this exercise, they arrested Nigerian girls engaging in such unlawful acts.

Chief superintendent Enoch added that,these Nigerian girls do not have any form of identification cards such as voters ID card, passport ect. So the immigration service is putting things together to send them back to Nigeria


He finally sent a strong warning to foreigners in Bono East Region who do not have appropriate documents to start thinking of packing themselves out because the immigration service will soon come after them.

Call Chief Superintendent Annor for more details.



A 50 year old Mad Akosua Bour met her current unfortunate state in 2000 when she was on her usual routine as a yam seller. She was travelling from Subaam in the Sekyere Afram Plains in the Ashanti region, when the cargo car heavily packed with yams stopped and the driver asked her to come down from the top of the car so he can park well and unload the items, due to the slippery nature of the road in the heavy rain, she slipped and fell. Unknown to the driver, he moved the vehicle and it passed on her while she was still on the ground. 19years after the accident, Mad Akosua has become dependent on others as life has become unbearable for her. She has no place to lay her head and she wait for others to finish eating before they pass her the left overs. She husband whom she has three kids with abandon her and the kids after the accident.
She sometimes feel like committing suicide by poisoned herself because she feels she is the cause of her children unhappiness as her elder daughter lost her marriage due to the fact that she want her mum to stay with her and the husband didn’t want it that way. She couldn’t choose her husband over her mum and thus the divorce. Therefore she is pleading with the general public to come to her aid and assist her.

Ghana ranked Africa’s second biggest exporter of footballers in 2019

Ghana is Africa’s second-biggest exporter of footballers in 2019 according to a survey by CIES Football Observatory monthly report.

Brazil is clearly at the summit of the rankings for countries exporting footballers.

According to CIES report, the South American giants have a total of 1,330 players playing in 147 leagues across the globe.

Brazilians are present in 85 associations out of 98. This reflects the unique role played by Brazil in supplying professional footballers worldwide.

With over 800 expatriates, France and Argentina also stand out from the crowd as exporting nations. Overall, almost a quarter of expatriates are from Brazil, France or Argentina (22.5%).

The principle exporters from other continents are Nigeria for Africa (10th place, 361 expatriates), with Ghana occupying the 12th spot with 286 expatriates.

It represents a 20% increment in the number of talents from Ghana plying their trade outside the country as compared to 2018.


Asante Akyem Akyem wenchi is a town near Bompata where four people has been shocked with electric wire leading two dead and others in serious condition.
The incident happened that , there is a funeral ceremony at wenchi presby so due to the crowd over they were trying to fine more canopies for sympathizers ,so they take the canopy from presby church to durbar ground, unfortunately it hits the electric wire leading two dead and two in serious condition

Witness::::::: Call Password for more details 0548095198
Credit::::::Kwahu online radio (Mpraeso kwahu)

You can’t deposit or withdraw money without these three items – Bank of Ghana warns

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has directed banks and other specialised deposit-taking institutions to ensure that people who deposit money into and/or withdraw same from accounts that are not theirs provide their “full personal details” to the transacting institution.

In a notice published in the Wednesday edition of the Daily Graphic, the central bank said such persons must provide their “name and address, a verifiable identification card and a telephone number to the requisite bank or specialized deposit-taking institution.”

It said the directive was in compliance with the section 23 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2008 (Act 749), as amended.

The Act seeks to shine transparency on persons engaging in financial transactions in a bid to stem money laundering.

The notice was signed by the Secretary of BoG, Frances Van-Hein Sackey.

It said “in accordance with section 23(7) of the Anti-Money Laundering Act 2008, (Act 749) as amended, all banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions shall require the full personal details of a person who makes a deposit into or withdrawal from an account on behalf of another person.

“Banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions and the general public are to take note and be guided accordingly,” it said.

Graphic Online understands that some of the banks and specialised deposit-taking institutions were complying with the directive prior to the September 4 notice.

Huawei launches first IP club in Ghana

Huawei Ghana launched its inaugural IP Club in Accra, bringing together private and public sector IT experts for exchange of ideas and development of IP industry in the country.

The platform is the first of its kind in Ghana signifying another step forward towards transforming the country into an information-rich and knowledge-based society and economy.

Announcing the launch at Huawei Ghana’s first IP GALA in Accra, Chen Zhijun, Vice President of Huawei Southern Africa Region stated, digital transformation is sweeping across the world and Huawei is firmly committed to innovation and local talent fostering by creating an open, healthy and sustainable ecosystem where every stakeholder can contribute and benefit from.”

He added Chen Zhijun added that in the coming days more technology and resources will be allocated to the Ghana market to facilitate new technologies adoption and increase supply of advanced intelligent IP network solutions and differentiated innovative products.

He asserted that it will strengthen the cultivation of talents and upskilling of ICT practitioners in the IP Club.

The event with its theme: “RETHINK IP FOR A DIGITAL ECONOMY”, was attended by Deputy Minister of Communications of Ghana, Hon. George Andah and over 200 representatives from Mobile Network Operators (Telcos) and IT enterprise for in-depth exchange of ideas over topics including challenges in digital transformation, industry standards formulation and public-private sector collaboration.

In his welcome address, the Deputy Minister of Communications said: “the IP Club is timely intervention which will help ICT professionals in Ghana compete on the global stage.” He noted that the initiative is in line with the digitization strategies of many countries including Ghana as it helps cultivate a pool of ICT professionals that are crucial to industry development, thus boosting ICT industry growth, driving the development of different sectors, and contributing to lower unemployment rates over the long term.”

As one of the core leaders in the IP network field, Huawei aims to meet customers’ requirements for digital transformation and intelligent networks. In the mainstream scenarios such as enterprise campus, data center, WAN, WLAN, and network security, Huawei launches the four-engine brand strategies of CloudEngineer switches, NetEngine routers, and AirEngineer WiFi 6 AP, HiSecEngine security gateways, while leading in key technologies and business processes, it also makes outstanding contributions to the industry.

Huawei is a global leader in technology and IP. The company has contributed to the development of the frontiers of technology on the global level. It sits on more than 40 technology working groups.

Additionally, Huawei contributes to more than 12 industry standards and open source organisations. It participates in about 80% of SRv6 standards formulation. Huawei drafts more than 240 technical proposals on WiFi 6, making it the highest ranking company in the industry.

Huawei builds interactive end-to-end products and its Huawei AirEngine, the industry’s first commercial Wi-Fi 6 product won the 2019 Gold Media Award at the InterOp Tokyo Exhibition in Japan. Huawei combined efficiency with non-existent innovation to produce an ultra-large bandwith, ultra-high capacity and ultra-low latency product. The product is also an Internet-of-Things (IoT) flexible.

In Ghana, more than 300 people from over 15 local companies has benefited from technological upskilling in ICT training center in Accra established by HUAWEI Ghana in December 2018.

Tonnes of Maize rot away as no buyers exist

Several metric tonnes of maize are going waste in Maame-Krobo in the Afram Plains South District of the Eastern Region due to inadequate buyers.

Maame Krobo is known for the large production of maize, however, Maize farmers in the farming community are struggling to get buyers for tonnes of maize harvested this year.

According to the farmers, whereas government approved farm gate price for a 50kg sack of maize is Ghc60, few traders who buy from them pay a paltry Ghc90 for a large sack of maize which weighs about 130kg. In spite of the variation in prices, the buyers are not forthcoming creating anxiety among farmers.

“Ploughing an acre of land cost Gh140, planting of maize cost Ghc70, spraying around Ghc80 for twice a before harvesting.Then cropping, Ghc140, then the labourers so you will spend close to Ghc700 cedis per acre of maize farm so it is expensive but the Price the buyers are given us is not helpful” Godwin Mensah, a farmer lamented to Starr News Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah.

According to the farmers bad market price and inadequate buyers for their produce is discouraging the youth adding that they are unable to pay their creditors.

“The government says we the youth should go into agric yet we don’t have good prices for our produce. After suffering to farm they come here to cheat as but because we also need money to pay our creditors we sell it cheaply even with that we are not getting buyers the maize are rotting. Now we have erected cages that we are using as storage facilities but these cages are not able store more maize”.

The farmers are appealing to government to come to their aid to buy the maize in the area.

“We want the government to come and buy the maize from us to the warehouse because they are spoiling here. There are two warehouse in Forifori and Maame Krobo junction but are not operational we don’t know why”.

The farmers want the intervention of the National Food Buffer Stock Company institution mandated to ensure the stability of food grain supply and price which is of continuous concern to the government.

According to 2009 data by SRID, the total domestic production of maize amounted to 1,619,600 MT with a demand of 1,197,000 MT, thus, showing a surplus of 422,600 MT which needs to be stored which go waste.

NAFCO provide minimum guaranteed price and ready market, mop up excess produce from all farmers in order to reduce post harvest losses resulting from spoilage due to poor storage, thereby protecting farm incomes but maize farmers in Maame Krobo are not benefiting from the services of the company.

A former Member of Parliament for the area, Joseph Appiah, now the Parliamentary candidate believe it is important to market produce in the area to attract lore buyers.

“Our major problem in this area is high post harvest losses due to multiple factors of bad roads and inadequate buyers so I believe we need to fix these challenges, advertise to attract more buyers “.

Further delay in government interventions will worsen the situation at Maame Krobo as tonnes of Maize continue to go waste.

Poor BOG supervision caused banking crisis – Mahama confesses

Former President and NDC Flagbearer John Dramani Mahama has been very vociferous about how the Akufo-Addo administration has handled the banking sector reforms but a Parliamentary record has exposed his inconveniencies.

According to him, the current government should have concentrated on injecting more cash into the struggling banks in order to keep them afloat, instead of collapsing and consolidating them.

In his many declarations, Mr Mahama has postulated that the methodology used to sanitize the banking sector leaves a lot to be desired and that it has led to job losses of what he describes as innocent employees in the banking sector.

This accusation of the supposed collapse of the banking sector by the Akufo-Addo government is being heavily propagated by members of the opposition party’s communicators.

Available documents, however, indicate that former President John Mahama admitted to the very same banking sector he accuses Akufo-Addo for supervising.

In the 2016 State of the Nation’s Address delivered in Parliament by the former president, the NDC flagbearer made these admissions;

“Mr Speaker, over the past five years, there has been a proliferation of microfinance companies. These companies come under the direct supervision of the Bank of Ghana. Unfortunately, lack of effective supervision has resulted in many cases in which microfinance companies licensed by Bank of Ghana have breached the rules and created supposed pyramid schemes that have eventually come crashing down”

The former President, by this statement in the 2016 version of the State of the Nation’s Address, confessed to the banking sector crumbling down under his tutelage.

This admission as captured in the former president’s own speech makes nonsense of his accusation that the Presidency of Akufo-Addo is to blame for the crisis we have witnessed in the banking sector.

Though he has chosen to be dishonest in his commentaries on the banking sector reforms, his own words have come back to haunt him.

Mexico is very interested in a partnership with Ghana for economic development – Mexican ambassador

The Ambassador of Mexico to Ghana Her Excellency Maria de Los Angeles Arriola Aguirre, has called on the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority as part of her nation’s initiative to enhance economic relations with Ghana.

The Mexican ambassador, who was speaking to Management of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, stated that although her country has little presence in Africa, Mexico identifies Ghana as a strategic point of African development, hence chose to re-establish its embassy here.

She described her country’s reinvigorated relationship with Ghana as essential, because Ghana is playing a key role in the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area and would be key for Mexico to do business with Ghana.

“Today, Ghana will head the African Free Trade Area Secretariat. That means a lot. It means Ghana has gained reputation inside Africa and Ghana will be the Gateway for Mexico to come and do more business with Africa”, she stated.

She revealed that with political dialogues between Ghana and Mexico having taken place recently, Ghana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured to reopen its embassy in Mexico to take advantage of Mexico’s interest in Ghana.

She said her country takes significant interest in the widening of the Ghana’s ports which would open up new opportunities for Ghana’s economic partners like Mexico.
“We are interested in the opportunities for this Port which is widening to become the most important port in West Africa”, she added.

The Director General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Michael Luguje said, the Ports Authority is taking ambitious strides to provide the needed supply chain logistics to support Ghana’s current attractiveness to the trading world.

“All the ambitious projects that we have in place, including the port expansions in both Tema and Takoradi. We are even building a new port in Keta. All that is to make sure we are a step ahead of the demand of trade”, he revealed.

He said his outfit would seek to rally stakeholders to investigate possibilities of collaboration between Ghana’s ports and Mexico.

“Mexico is a significant economy in Latin America, and we certainly would be encouraging our trading community to find what the competitive advantages are in trade with Mexico”, he asserted.

Some members of Ghana’s trade industry, who were present at the meeting, expressed some enthusiasm, to see Ghana break boundaries in trade with other countries for economic development.

“We have always been looking for ways of registering our products outside the boundaries of Ghana. We want to go global, so when there is an opportunity like this, we take it”, Elvis Blankson, Marketing Manager of GIHOC Distilleries expressed.

Accept new statuses or forget about elections – FIFA tells Ghanaian clubs

The Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association has proposed a reduction of the number of delegates for Congress from 124 to 120.

This figure signifies an amendment from the earlier proposal of 98 which was met by a lot of objections by the clubs before today’s meeting.

So the new proposal is 120. This is, however, awaiting approval or disapproval.

The proposal which is article 26 of the GFA revised Statutes, allocated 2 slots for each Premier League club, making it a total of 32 votes for the top division clubs, 8 for elite Women’s League Competition, “5 of which should be women” and 48 delegates restored for Division One League Clubs.

Christian Atsu pays admission fee of University student

The dream of 17-year-old Abdul Hamid Ibrahim to become a mining engineer has come alive after Black Stars and Newcastle midfielder, Christian Atsu paid his university admission fees.

Hamid, from the mining town of Obuasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana had 7A’s in his West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination,WASSCE, but because his mother, Hajaratu Osman invested her savings with one of Ghana’s ailing banks, there was no way the young man could have achieved his dreams, as all efforts by the mother to retrieve her money had proven futile.

After hearing of the CCF Educational Support Scholarship which has Christian Atsu as a sponsor, Abdul Hamid and his mother rushed to Accra to access the scholarship.

The young man was full of joy as he received the scholarship and money to return to Obuasi to prepare for school. “I am highly grateful to Christian Atsu for his support. Without him, I was going to stay at home”, the teary young man told crimecheckghana

His mother was full of joy, “may God bless Christian Atsu and give him more football playing years. He has brought hope to my son”

The CCF Educational Support Scholarship targets brilliant but needy students in Ghana who cannot make it to the university because of financial difficulties.

35-year-old Ghanaian arrested in $2.1m romance fraud in USA

A 35-year-old Ghanaian Rubbin Sarpong, 35 has been arrested for his involvement in $2.1m Romance fraud in the United States of America (USA).

The suspect who faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted is reported to have in concert with others scammed over 30 victims identified so far as 27 sent more than $823,000 to him mainly by wiring money to his bank accounts. He transferred more than $454,000 to co-conspirators in Ghana.

One of his victims is reported to have committed suicide after sending more than $93,000, according to investigators.

Sarpong who flaunts dollar bills at the least opportunity was on Wednesday charged with a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and will have a first court appearance on Wednesday afternoon.

Sarpong and his co-conspirators, several of whom live in Ghana, ran the scheme starting in January 2016 until this week.

They set up phony profiles on various online dating sites posing as U.S. military personnel and would pretend to forge romantic relationships with their victims, authorities said.

In one of the scenarios, the scammers would then ask for money to ship gold bars they had recovered while stationed in Syria back to the United States, authorities said.

There were no gold bars and the scammers kept the money, authorities said.

The victims, who met the scammers via sites including Plenty of Fish, and, communicated with the scammers via phone and email.

The criminal complaint references a victim who committed suicide after wiring $93,710.

The scammer in this case told her he was a soldier serving in Syria and that he was awarded a box of gold bars worth more than $12 million. What followed was an elaborate story about how she could help get the gold to the U.S. by paying various fees and taxes. She was told her money would be returned once the gold arrived.

Chief Justice caught in drama over collapsed banks

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, on Monday surprised many people following the uniCredit Savings and Loans Company case against the Bank of Ghana (BoG) over the recent revocation of its license, when she changed the High Court Judge sitting on the case filed by a shareholder of the company, leaving the courtroom with lots of unprintable speculations.

The case was placed before the Human Rights Court presided over by Justice Nicholas Abodakpi, who started hearing on August 26, 2019, and adjoined it to September 2, to enable BoG respond to the writ, having pleaded late service.

However, lawyers for Kwame Ohene Boakye, the plaintiff, were shocked to discover that the case had been taken away from Justice Abodakpi by the Chief Justice and handed over to another High Court Judge; Justice George Kingsley Koomson, to start afresh.

Ahead of this sudden change, The Herald is privy to phone calls, secret meetings by officials of BoG, a National Security invitations with Minister of State at National Security, Brian Acheampong, the Director of Operations at National Security, Colonel Michael Kwadwo Opoku, the National Security Coordinator, Joshua Kyeremeh and Charles Nii TeikoTagoe, a Presidential Staffer at Jubilee House present all in an attempts to have the case dropped.

The plaintiff, who is also a lawyer by profession, has confirmed the interesting developments to The Herald, since he filed the writ.

The Herald’s checks at the court, has also revealed that the Justice Abodakpui, has since been sent packing to Ho, the Volta Region regional capital.

Kwame Boakye, is asking the High Court Human Right division to quash the Central Bank’s August 15, 2019, decision declaring Unicredit Ghana Limited insolvent and revoking its license to operate as a specialized deposit institution,

Multiple court officials familiar with the matter told The Herald that lawyer of BoG led by Accra-based lawyer, Frank Davies, had last week filed an application challenging the Human Right Court’s jurisdiction to hear the matter, but instead of allowing Justice Abodakpui to rule on the matter of jurisdiction, he was written to late last week, to hand over all cases before him and leave for Ho.

What makes this more bizarre is that ahead of the trial, court clerks were not prepared to receive and process the writ submitted to them on August 19, saying they had been warned not to accept any writ against BoG, especially coming Dr. Kwabena Duffour, owner of Unicredit and Unibank.

The Herald is informed that there were back and forth between officials of the High Court Registry and a clerk from Mr Ohene Boakye’s lawyers, until one of the lawyers stormed the Court Complex in Accra, with a threat to go to the media over the matter.

With the documents filed, serving officials of BoG equally became a challenge with security men and receptionists, saying they had been warned not to allow bailiffs to serve writs on the Central bank.

This led to the bailiff waiting and dropping the court documents in the car of an officer of BoG, who eventually agreed to sign as the necessary papers as proof of service.

With writ served on BoG, some seniors officers, including Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari, and Elsie Addo Awadzi, the First and Second Deputy Governors, put out a scheme to have Mr Ohene Boakye drop the case. As telephone calls could not yield any result, a meetings was scheduled at Kwabenya in the home of another officer of the BoG, who is related to the plaintiff.

With the Kwabenya secret meeting also failing to yield any result, Mr Ohene Boakye, was summoned to the National Security with Brian Acheampong, Col. Opoku, Mr. Kyeremeh with the surprise personality there Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe present.

The Herald was told Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe’s attempted to interrogate Mr Boakye, but was rebuffed by the plaintiff and the meeting ended inconclusively, because Ohene Boakye, according to The Herald’s National Security sources, decided to be uncooperative.

In court on Monday, Justice Koomson, adjourned the case to September 19, 2019 as a result of the inability of the BoG to serve lawyers of uniCredit with a motion they filed relating to the case.The new Presiding Judge, requested that both parties serve each other with all the processes in other to expedite the hearing.

The shareholders of uniCredit, Hoda Holdings and CDH, sued the Bank of Ghana and its governor, Dr. Ernest Addison, after the central bank revoked the license of the company.They want the court to quash the BoG’s revocation of their license which declared uniCredit as insolvent, thus compelling the company to cease operations.

Lawyer Emmanuel Darkwa and Frank Davies are the lawyers for BoG, while Lawyer Kwasi Adu-Mante is lawyer for Kwame Ohene Boakye. Aside asking the revocation quashed, Kwame Ohene Boakye also a shareholder, wants the court to refer the matter to arbitration.

The writ sighted by The Herald, said that the company cannot be described as insolvent, because it had an estimated GHc54 Million with Unibank, which had been taken over by BoG as part of the Consolidated Bank, and the majority shareholder of Unibank is in court with the same BoG fighting to have Unibank, back.

It explained that on March 20, 2018, the BoG, had appointed an administrator under Act 930 to take over and streamline the activities of Unibank.

The said appointment placed restriction on HODA Holdings, which gravely affected the company’s financial situation, but attempt are under way to retrieve the company’s investment with the Consolidated Bank.

Aside, a GHC54 million, Unicredit’s investment totaling an estimated GHC 164 million is also held by Unisecurities Ghana Limited, however, the said investment with Unisecurity, were impaired with the capital adequacy ratio contrary to the regulatory standards set by the BoG as a result of the takeover of Unibank.

The lawyers insisted that, BoG is aware of the situation Unicredit finds itself, as a result of BoG’s restrictions on the company to access its own funds through the receiver appointed to oversee the transaction occasioned by the revocation of Unibank license, yet went ahead to revoke the license of Unicredit.

The writ said that BoG, had acted beyond it powers under Act 930 by unduly interfering in the affairs of the Unicredit by revoking its license, adding the central bank’s inexplicable attitude, points directly to a premeditated agenda to cause it a grave economic hardship.

The writ insisted that as at August 16, 2019, Unicredit, was solvent in terms of Act 930.Ohene Boakye, described the decision by the BoG, as arbitrary, malicious and capricious, because it contravene the Constitution of Ghana.

Unicredit, further insisted that at no point in time, did BoG indicate to them that the company, had become insolvent to warrant a revocation of its license based on empirical facts, adding BoG’s action is purely on deductions informed by deliberate creation of an extreme difficult financial situation to induce the company and its shareholders to give away Unicredit.

The writ said Ohene Boakye, stands to lose gravely if the decision of the BoG is not quash by the High Court, adding that unless the Supreme Court restrains BoG, it agents, assigns will go ahead and take control and interfere with the operations of the company, to his detriment and the detriment of depositors of the company.

In announcing the revocation of the license of uniCredit last month, the Bank of Ghana said the savings and loans company’s adjusted net worth was negative GH¢221.32 million as of the end of May 2019 and revealed that its paid-up capital was impaired in violation of Section 28(1) Act 930.

The BoG report also said uniCredit’s adjusted capital adequacy ratio of negative 97.83percent as of the end of May 2019 was in violation of Section 29(2) of Act 930.

“This was mainly due to the non-performing related party exposures of GH¢160.10 million to uniSecurities which is far in excess of its negative net worth.”

“The institution has been breaching the statutory cash reserve ratio requirement since April 2018 while also it was unable to meet the deposit withdrawals of customers due to its severe liquidity challenges. The BoG received many complaints from the institution’s customers about their inability to access their funds. And the institution had a high percentage of non-performing loans,” BoG’s report remarked.

But in its affidavit, challenging the Central Bank’s decision in court, Hoda Holdings, said its funds of over GHC54 million were locked up with Unibank before it was forced to cease operations by the Bank of Ghana in 2018 and it has since been trying to retrieve it.

More to come!

Nigerians attack Sonnie Badu over xenophobic comments

Nigerians have descended heavily on UK-based Ghanaian gospel artist Sonnie Badu for xenophobic comments he shared on social media against the people of Nigeria.

Sonnie Badu in a Facebook post claimed Nigerians have attacked and robbed some Chinese and whites all in the name of retaliation.

He stated that Nigerians are attacking their fellow Nigerians and believes that such an act will not solve the attacks in South Africa in any way.

However, some Nigerians who felt offended about Sonnie Badu comments criticized him for spreading lies about their country.

They rained insults on him and asked him to verify his fact before spreading false stories;

See the comments below;

Kingsley Iserhienrhien had this to say; “Sonnie am not surprised ? you sharing what you heard without facts. You Ghanaians do maltreat Nigerians in your own country, you guys are not different from SA. Am talking out of experience but you, you heard. Ghanaians are nursing such hatred towards Nigerians in your neighborhood”.

Uchechukwu Okoronkwo also wrote; “Badu has acted irresponsibly. You don’t share what you hear…you confirm it first. FYI no foreigner has been attacked in Nigeria”.

Rosemond Idun commented; “Where was Sonnie Badu when The South Africans were attacking the Nigerians. Sometimes I don’t want to understand some of these hypocrites”.

Otunba Dotun also added; “Sonnie Badu you need to stop spreading fake news about Nigeria. Otherwise, God will deal with you”.

Breaking News: Ex-Ghana star Junior Agogo dies at age 40.

Ex-Ghana striker and 2008 Africa Cup of Nations poster boy Junior Agogo is reported dead at age 40, can exclusively report.

The leading football website can confirm that the former Zamalek player passed in London on Thursday morning.

Agogo was hospitalized in 2015 after suffering stroke which debilitated him.

He was remembered for his eye-catching performances for the Black Stars during the 2008 Nations Cup on home soil.

Hockey: Africa Road to Tokyo 2020 qualifier: Ghana meet South Africa in must-win clash

Ghana’s male hockey team returns to action today after a day’s rest to face a tough encounter against hosts South Africa as they chase a qualification ticket for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Today’s clash at the hockey stadium of the Stellenbosch University in South Africa pits two sides with a perfect run in the competition, but for Ghana, it is a chance to claim maximum points and also end their opponent’s dominance over them at major international competitions.

Must-win affair

After victories over Kenya and Namibia, the Ghanaian side are geared up for their toughest test yet against a free-scoring South African side who were on rampage with a 9-0 drubbing of Zimbabwe on Tuesday, August 13 having earlier beaten Namibia 3-1 a day before in their opening fixture of the African 2020 Olympic Games qualifying competition.

The last time the two sides clashed at the 2017 Africa Nations Hockey Cup in the Egyptian city of Ismailia, South Africa ran away with the maximum points with a 3-2 victory and went ahead to win the continental competition.

Incidentally, all the players who scored in that match -South Africa’s Taine Paton and Ntuli Nqobile, Ghana’s Michael Baiden and Ernest Opoku – are expected to feature in today’s must-win clash.

With just one slot up for grabs, today’s game is a win-or-bust affair for either side, especially as group leaders Egypt are also in a good position to qualify for next year’s summer Olympics.

Ghana coach confident

Ghana’s Head Coach, Ebenezer Frimpong, told Graphic Sports Online via telephone from their Stellenbosch base that his players were confident they would turn the tables against their highly-rated opponents no matter the resistance they may pose.

Coach Frimpong’s side have been dealt a big blow going into today’s clash after losing two key players through injuries, while two others are also in a race to recover from knocks they sustained in the competition.

“We lost one of our best players, Emmanuel Ankomah, through an ankle injury during one of our training sessions in South Africa and another quality player, Christopher Dobge also sustained a head injury and ruled out of the tournament.

“Christopher was replaced by Sylvester Apronti, while Francis Tettey replaced Emmanuel Ankomah, but in our opening match against Kenya, Francis was carried off the pitch after he was hit by a stick, while Michael Baiden was also carried off for thigh injury,” bemoaned the Ghana coach.

“The team is well settled now and getting used to the bouncy turf, and against South Africa, we will not only control our balls, but also carry the game to them and manage each quarter as it comes.”

In the other matches, Kenya and Zimbabwe will be eyeing their first win of the competition when they clash, with table-topping Egypt tipped to put fourth-placed Namibia to the sword.

Karela United duo Keyekeh, Taylor arrive in Hungary

Ghana Premier League side Karela United midfielder Emmanuel Keyekeh and striker Diawise Taylor have touched down in Hungary to begin trials with Hungarian first Division side Nemzet Bajnoksag Footballmadeinghana can exclusively confirm.

The duo left the shores of Ghana to Hungary on Tuesday and touched down on Wednesday.

Keyeke and Taylor were explosive figures in the Karela United set up in the NC Special Competition.

They finished second in the competition after they suffered defeat in the hands of Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

The players were left out from Karela United preseason squad preparing for the upcoming Ghana Premier League.

Kelvin Ofori scores a brace in Fortuna Dusseldorf heavy win over TSV Bockum

Ghanaian foward Kelvin Ofori continued his fine form for Bundesliga side Fortuna Dusselddorf as they walloped TSV Krefeld-Bockum 7-0 in their final pre season game ahead of the start of the German Bundesliga.

The former Right to Dream Academy Player scored twice in the game as the Bundesliga side cruised to victory.

Ofori netted his first in the 6th minute before adding his second in the 68th minute.

He has now scored three goals for the club since joining the side in the summer transfer window.

Ghanaian defender Kassim Nuhu Adams who joined the club last week also made his debut in that game, with Bernard Tekpetey also featuring in the game.

Injured Nana Ampomah was missing in action as he continue to work his way back to full fitness.

Fortuna Dusseldorf will open their Bundesliga season on Sarturday away at Werder Bremen.

Andre Ayew touched by special love from Swansea City fans

Andre Ayew says his full focus is on performing well for Swansea City after his match-winning brace against Northampton.

The Ghanaian made his first Swans appearance in 15 months when he was summoned from the bench in the Carabao Cup clash with the Cobblers.

The 29-year-old did not take long to make an impact as his two headers – his first Swansea goals in over three years – helped Steve Cooper’s men turn around the first-round tie and set-up a home assignment against Cambridge United in the next round.

Ayew recently returned to training after being on African Cup of Nations duty during the summer, and head coach Cooper has acknowledged the forward could yet leave the club with a number of transfer markets still open.

But, as long as he remains a Swansea player, Ayew has vowed to do as much as he can to help Cooper and co build on their unbeaten start to the season

“I’m a Swansea player and I am working hard for the games that are coming up. The gaffer has been clear and honest with me and I want to thank him for that,” he said.

“He’s given me a lot of confidence and trust in the way that he speaks to me. I really feel like I’m welcome and that’s a good feeling.

“A lot of things have been said but, for me, what’s important is to work hard, try to get to full fitness and, if I’m here, go for it.”

Ayew also thanked the Swans fans for the reception he received on Tuesday night, with his name ringing round the Liberty after his goals.

“The fans gave me an unbelievable welcome. I’m so happy and touched and that sort of thing makes you want to work hard,” he said.

“They have always been great with me and supporting me. That’s why, so long as I’m in a Swansea shirt, I try to give everything I have for the club. I just want to do my best on the field for everyone.”

‘I am in a good condition’ – Agyemang Badu confirms

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu has revealed that he is in a good condition after being rushed to hospital on Wednesday night in Italy.

The former Asante Kotoko midfielder was diagnosed with a pulmonary microembolism.

Serie A side Hellas Verona announced that the player was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a pulmonary microembolism – a blood clot in the lungs.

Hellas Verona released a statement saying the player has been hospitalized following the incident and will remain under observation for some days.

“The player’s conditions are good and he will remain under observation for a few days.”

“This is a small blood clot in the lung, which can be extremely serious, even fatal, if not treated.”

However, the former Asante Kotoko star on Thursday revealed that he is the best of condition despite being rushed to the hospital.
He took to his whatsapp status on Thursday morning to assure his friends that he was in good condition.
He wrote, “Good morning and thank you all for your well wishes. I am in good condition.”

Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu joined Hellas Verona from Udinese on loan with an option to buy.

Coach Kwesi Appiah to get 2-year contract extension – Reports

Despite many pleas amidst anger that the Black Stars coach should be sacked, Coach Kwesi Appiah is set to be given a new contract which will see him stay with the team until after the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Ghanacrusader sources have confirmed.

According to our trusted sources, a recent meeting between President Akufo-Addo and coach James Kwesi Appiah proved productive.

The President of Ghana will direct the Ghana Football Association’s Normalisation Committee to maintain Kwesi Appiah, our sources said.

Our Jubilee House sources revealed that the discussion the Coach had with the President on July 30, 2019 was centred on the coach’s long-term future with the national team following the country’s calamitous campaign in Egypt. And the coach will be given a new contract before his contract runs out in December 2019.

In the midst of intense bashing on his technical abilities, Kwesi Appiah has received some backing from some football handlers and pundits who have called for him to be maintained.

Deputy Minister for Transport, Nii Kwartei Titus Glove believes coach Kwesi Appiah after failing to win the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations should be given another chance for him to put measures in place to end Ghana’s trophy drought spanning over three decades.

Kofi Asamoah spoke the truth, whites have sense than blacks – Moesha Boduong

Actress Moesha Bodoung has expressed her support for movie producer Kofi Asamoah’s very controversial comment about black mentality.

Kofi Asamoah in an Instagram video said whites were wiser and sensible than blacks and that is why their countries are developed and Africans continue to live in poverty.

This sparked public outcry with many people including actor Van Vicker calling him out.

Commenting on an Instagram post by zionfelix about the video, Moesha admitted that what Kofi said wasn’t far from the truth and queried why people would attack the Kofas Media boss for saying the obvious truth.

The bootylicious actress branded people condemning Kofi as hypocrites who hide and make the same utterances.

Nana Ama McBrown turns 42, gives praises to God and her husband

Talented Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown celebrates her 42nd birthday today, 15th August 2019.

The versatile actress who couldn’t hide her joy took to Instagram to give praises to the Almighty God for blessing her with a child after struggling for 20 years to conceive.

Nana Ama McBrown who was in tears also expressed appreciation to her husband, Maxwell Mawu Mensah who has encouraged and supported her all these years despite the struggles they encountered.

“Today as I celebrate my 42nd birthday, I give thanks to God. It is said that ‘Life begins at 40’ but as for me, God has completed my life at age 42.

I also thank God for the life of my husband because, without him, I doubt if I would have given birth. My husband has been very patient with me all these years and has been my greatest pillar of strength and support.

I want to use this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to my husband. Maxwell, God bless you”, Nana Ama McBrown stated.

The actress who was full of praises to God explained how she has struggled since 1999 to have a child.

According to the mother of one, she has never undergone an abortion and also went through all clinical procedures to conceive but all proved futile.

Thankfully, Nana Ama McBrown welcomed her first child, Maxin Mawushi Mensah with her husband in March 2019 in Canada.

The beautiful and talented actress and husband, Maxwell Mensah got married in a private plush ceremony in 2016.

I don’t repeat what I wear – Fella Makafui brags

Ghanaian actress and philanthropist, Fella Makafui has revealed a huge portion of her earnings goes into what she wears.

In a video obtained by, Fella boasted of she not repeating what she wears.

She disclosed that she mostly gives them out and buy different dresses often.

The YOLO actress admitted that her actions are influenced by what the public would say.

She is afraid of being mocked for repeating clothes due to her popularity.

Fella Makafui gave a hint of how difficult it is to be a public figure—because of public pressure.

Fella added that she always put a limit to her movement due to the popularity she has amassed for herself.

Berla Mundi quits EIB Network, pens emotional message to Bola Ray

Popular radio and TV personality, Berla Mundi has revealed that she’s leaving Bola Ray’s Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network in a lengthy post on Instagram.

People are speculating that she is heading to Media General Group, operators of TV3 but we cannot be certain at this point.

She thanked Bola Ray for realizing and harnessing her full potential, after which she bestowed God’s blessings on him for all the good things he has done for her.

Her message reads:

Dear @Bolarayofficial and EIB, thank you; thank you for helping me discover my true self, harness my strengths and work on my weaknesses; thank you for providing the most convivial atmosphere to create lasting memories, glue-tight bonds, endless, pure and genuine laughter; thank you for allowing me to share my God-given talent with millions of people across the world.

Our journey together consisted of many good moments and I would forever be grateful because you taught me to always view the cup as half-full rather than half empty.

Just like every chapter, ours has come to an end much sooner than I would have wanted, but I would forever cherish the family you were to me.

I take along with me all the lessons learnt as I begin a new journey with my new family and I hope that with your blessings, I can share the light and positivity with Media General who have by the way, welcomed me with open arms. I do look forward to creating more lasting memories here.

To my viewers and those that supported me, continue to pray for me as I promise you an all new experience at my new destination. I leave you with this piece, ‘Everything will make sense someday, so for now, laugh at your mistakes, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything really does happen for a reason’.

Like the Pink Carnation, I’ll never forget your impact in my life…..Thank you Bola Ray and EIB. Our paths will cross again. Until then, I wish you God’s blessings.
PS// I still have a few more episodes on #TheLateAfternoonShowbefore I leave

Iceberg Slim is proud of me – Juliet Ibrahim speaks on featuring ex in book

Actress Juliet Ibrahim says her ex-lover, Iceberg Slim, is proud of her feat.

Juliet revealed she featured her failed relationship with the ‘Oluwa’ singer in her maiden memoir dubbed ‘A Toast To Life’.

Quizzed by JoyNews’ MzGee on ‘The Gist’ about the likelihood of Iceberg Slim becoming distraught about her write up on their intimacy, the actress disclosed that she and the Nigerian musician were on good terms.

“He doesn’t have a problem. We talk, we are cool, we are colleagues,” she said.

She added that Iceberg Slim, born Olusegun Olowokere, who was born in New York to Nigerian parents, was proud of her achievement as an author.

“He is very proud of me actually for doing what I have done because he knows I have always wanted to tell my story and I am sure that when he gets to read or whoever gets to read the book, they will understand; I also gave my very best in all my relationships,” the actress noted.

Juliet also noted that she was not without blame. She indicated that she had penned down her flaws with regard to every failed relationship of hers.

“I also spoke about where I messed up and my flaws and everything in certain situations and it is a lesson for everyone because it is when you come out of a relationship that you see what you could have done better,” Juliet Ibrahim noted.

The actress’ book launch in Accra was graced by the French Ambassador to Ghana, Mrs Anne Sophie AVÉ; Samia Nkrumah, Daughter of Dr Kwame Nkrumah and businessman, Oscar Yao Doe.

Former French international footballer, Marcel Desailly; colleagues from the showbiz fraternity including Joselyn Dumas, Sandra Ankobiah, Prince David Osei, Zynnell Lydia Zuh, Irene Logan and James Gardiner were also there to lend their support.

On-air personalities KOD, Nana Aba Anamoah, joined Juliet Ibrahim and sister Sonia Ibrahim in reading excerpts of the book to guests.

The Gist with MzGee, shows on JoyNews on MultiTV, DStv 421 on Saturdays and Sundays at 8.30pm

Presby Church rejected my National Service posting because of my hair – KiDi

Singer Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly known as KiDi, has disclosed that the Presbyterian Church refused him the opportunity to do his National Service at its Headquarters in Accra, after he was posted there.

Graduates from tertiary institutions in Ghana are obliged to carry out a compulsory 12-month National Service supervised by the National Service Secretariat.

In an interview with Franky 5 on ‘This Is Gospel’ on Hitz FM, KiDi revealed that staff at the Church’s Headquarters turned him away when he went to complete his registration.

‘‘It was the Presbyterian Headquarters…I didn’t choose it…That was my first posting. I remember that day walking into that building and those guys rejected me. They were like, ‘no you don’t look like you were supposed to work here. Are you sure they posted you here? Go back’,” he recounted.

According to KiDi, the Church refused to allow him to work in the organisation because of his hairstyle.

“I was wearing a nice shirt. I dressed like I was going to somebody’s job. They said my hair. They just looked at me and judged me that I cannot work there,” he said.

The ‘Gal Dem Sugar’ singer added that he went to the National Service Secretariat for reposting after the bitter rejection.

“The second posting is where I got, NSS Headquarters. I felt really bad. It was really sad for me. Why would you just look at somebody and judge them,” KiDi quizzed.

He was, however, happy that his National Service posting to the Presbyterian Headquarters was unsuccessful because he could not have worked with people who were very judgmental.

KiDi is also disturbed that Christians preach love but easily drive away people from the Church with their actions.

Moesha Boduong causes stir; shows off her huge ‘tundra’ in new video

Ghanaian actress and Instagram model, Moesha Boduong has caused a stir on social media with her latest activity on social media.

Moesha has shared a raunchy video in which she flaunted her huge and smooth backside.

In the video sighted by, Moesha was seen at the beach wearing a bikini.

With how the bikini was designed, one can clearly see Moesha’s huge backside.

The actress wasn’t feeling shy as she turned her backside, posing beautifully for the camera jamming to Shatta Wale’s Melissa.

Captioning the video, the curvaceous actress wrote, “So for all these years you were admiring and trolling me who was the jealous person here ??lol …i inspire you. Song @shattawalenima Mellisa.”

The video which has taken over the internet has attracted massive comments from social media users.

@moyolawalofficial commented: “Haa this ur bumbum has increase oooh.”

@didiekanem also wrote: “Sis can you walk with those.” @amahdennis not impressed: “Too much of bumbum dnt look fine anymore??? @moeshaboduong.”

@miz_debbie: “Kill dem with beauty my darling @moeshaboduong.” @just_coated: “Thanks for always being yourself, the fake ones are coming out.” Read more: previously reported how Moesha displayed her sense of fashion. Moesha dazzled social media users after storming the 2019 BET Awards in grand style. At the event staged in California. sighted photos of Moesha in which she promoted the Ghanaian culture on the international stage.

In photos from the event, Moesha was spotted in a beautiful kente cloth with a see-through black dress.

Stonebwoy and manager spotted hanging out with Jamaican singer, Chronixx

Celebrated Dancehall Star has recently been giving us hints of international collaborations as he has been sighted with notable reggae/Dancehall acts from the Carribeans, they include Buju Banton.

Recent act to be spotted hanging with Stonebwoy and his formidable manager is Jamaican musician, Chronixx.

The duo met Chronixx in London for his Boomtown Festival which is part of his Shuga Europe Tour.

Chronixx whose real name is Jamar McNaughton, is a Jamaican reggae artist. His new stage name Chronixx replaced the name “Little Chronicle” a given because of his father, the singer “Chronicle”.

Fans of Stonebwoy are anticipating a collaboration from the duo. They expect the product of their collaboration to be a sure global banger as the duo are very talented.

I’m too young to sign any artiste – Kuami Eugene

Highlife musician, Kuami Eugene has said that he is too young to sign on and manage another artiste.

According to him, he has not reached the level where he can take on the responsibility of managing someone else as he himself is still being trained.

Kuami Eugene’s comments come after his fans asked him to sign a young boy who sings just like him. In a video which went viral, the boy is seen singing Kuami Eugene’s latest song, Ohemaa featuring his Lynx Entertainment label mate, KiDi.

The Angela hitmaker himself was surprised at how well the boy could sing but said he cannot sign him on explaining that he was still learning.

“This guy is talented and I must say I was very surprised at the energy he displayed singing my song Ohemaa but I disagree with people when they say he sings like me. He sounds like himself and that is what I admire about him.

“I had people contacting me, especially my fans asking me to sign the guy. I feel I am too young to sign or train any artiste because I am also being trained by my record label Lynx Entertainment so how can I train another person?

“That is not possible. I have a long road ahead of me and there are lots of things I still need to learn in the music industry,” he told Showbiz recently.

Kuami Eugene said the best he could do for the boy was collaborate with him on a song.

“The farthest I can go for him is teach him one or two things I have learnt as an artiste and feature him, that is if only the song is good. This can give him the necessary foundation that he needs to do music.

“There are young talented musicians out there who need a little motivation to get to the top. They should be determined and not let the struggles of life bring them down because one day they going to make it,” he stated.

Known for songs such as Wish Me Well, Confusion, Fadama Boy and Walaahi, the Highlife Artiste of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards this year, said he was currently working on his new single with one of the top notch musicians in the country.

Sex and sexuality in our jails: A tale of the predator and the prey

Sex plays an important role in our social lives. Apart from procreation, it brings to the participating individuals emotional and physical fulfilment required to keep them hale and hearty. A good sex life is believed to bring to the individual benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, enhanced immune function, general fitness among others.

Sexuality, the way people express themselves sexually, is a subject which arouses diverse opinions in Ghana. This is because, the Ghanaian, traditionally, recognizes heterosexual relationships as the accepted form of sexuality. Homosexual relationships, though abhorred by the greater populace, is creeping into the Ghanaian society. Regardless the sexual orientation of an individual, sexual satisfaction remains the ultimate goal.

Prisons in Ghana house only adults, making it easy to assert that most incarcerated persons are sexually active. Among the many deprivations prisoners in Ghana endure is sex, as prison rules disallow all forms of sexual acts. Additionally, prison regulations make no provision for conjugal visits which permit spouses of incarcerated persons to spend intimate moments with their partners. Some prisoners, in the circumstance, resort to same-sex relationships to feed their sexual cravings.

How effective is the ‘no sex’ regulation?

Ghana, like other jurisdictions, house male and female prisoners in different facilities preventing any contact between the two sexes.

To alleviate the pains of imprisonment, some prisoners risk the consequences and engage in sexual acts as asserted in Erving Goffman’s 1969 work, ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’. He posited that, inmates may have to adjust their sexual practices while incarcerated by engaging in illegal methods in order to obtain certain forms of satisfaction.

The issue of same-sex relationships in our prisons is gradually becoming topical as prisons mirror the wider society. There have even been claims by some ex-convicts to the effect that same-sex relationships and rape exist in our facilities. Though most of these claims are blown out of proportion, there are certain levels of truth in them. An incident at the Ankaful Maximum Security Prison in June 2016 where a male prisoner slashed the penis of another prisoner who attempted to rape him paints a picture of how the act is viewed by a majority of prisoners. The practice, nicknamed ‘Kpee’, is treated as a taboo throughout Ghana’s prisons. That notwithstanding, there are few instances where prisoners report attempted rape by fellow prisoners to prison staff. These reports are swiftly investigated and appropriate sanctions handed to sex predators.

Who is at risk of being preyed on?

A number of inmates who have suffered sexual harassment in our jails are from poor homes and or receive little or no family support during their jail terms. Prison ration, which mostly is insufficient, becomes their only means of survival.

The overcrowding rate in our facilities stand at 52.87% with 15,203 prisoners struggling for 9,945 spaces. This gives little room for prison administrators to do a proper classification of inmates to either prevent contamination or limit the exposure of low risk prisoners to hardened ones. First offenders who find themselves in same cells as powerful recidivists are sometimes coerced to trade their bodies for sleeping spaces.

Challenges faced in the area of feeding still exist. The feeding rate of GH 1.80 per prisoner daily has stagnated for close to a decade making it almost impossible to provide three wholesome meals. The quest to keep body and soul together in some circumstances result in poor prisoners kowtowing to the pressures of their rich colleagues. Affluent prisoners in search of sexual gratification sometimes resort to these weaklings as the provision of food and other necessities, sometimes, is more than enough to lure them into same-sex relationships.

Prison staff mostly have difficulty in detecting these relationships since most sex offenders employ coercive and non-violent tactics to win over partners. Additionally, prisoners often underreport overtures for fear of being labeled as informants or becoming subjects of physical abuse.

Are conjugal visits the way to go?

In looking for a solution to the emerging scourge of sexual relationships behind bars, conjugal visits come to mind. The system, which runs in some prisons around the world, permits prisoners to host their spouses in specially built quarters for specific periods. The key to these special quarters, in most cases, is good conduct. Apart from the emotional and physical need of sex that the system presents, prison authorities use it as a bait to enforce prisoner discipline.

Ghana’s prison system in my estimation, is still some miles away from being ripe for such an intervention.

Deficiencies as regards feeding, overcrowding, inadequate reformation and rehabilitation modules and others that the Service currently endures need to be given needed attention as they together possess, though indirectly, an antidote to fighting sex predators.

The fact is, if prisons are not resourced to correct the offending behaviours of prisoners, they are sure to return to haunt society. This confirms the saying of Marquis de Sade, a French author, that “any punishment that does not correct is a piece of gratuitous infamy which makes those who impose it more guilty in the eyes of humanity, a hundred times more guilty than the victim on whom the punishment is inflicted.”


Disabilities in kwahu south District capital Mpraeso and it’s environs receives items from the government, some of the items are: freezers, fridges, ice chest, sowing machines, stabilizers, sachets of water, money to help them in their daily living.

DCE of Kwahu south, Hon Emmanuel Attah Fori speaks on behalf of prez Nana Addo. says it’s their dream to help people with disability for them to be happy in their lives

Cc:Kwahu online radio Mpraeso

Akufo-Addo declares Monday, August 5, public holiday

A statement signed by Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, on Wednesday said in view of the day falling on a Sunday, the President, has by Executive Instrument (EI), declared Monday, August 5, as a public holiday “to be observed as such throughout the country.”

The Founders’ Day was instituted by the President by Executive Instrument to commemorate the contributions to the liberation of Ghana from imperialism and colonialism.

It replaced September 21, the birthday of Ghana’s founding president, Kwame Nkrumah, which used to be observed as the commemorative day for Ghana’s liberation and independence fighters.

However, September 21 will be observed as ‘Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day’.

August 4

On that day, in 1897, the Aborigines Rights Protection Society (ARPS) was formed in Cape Coast.

The Society did a great job to mobilise the chiefs and people to ward off the greedy hands of British imperialism to ensure that control of Ghanaian lands remained in Ghanaian hands.

It represented the first monumental step towards the making of modern Ghana, enabling us to avoid the quagmire of land inheritance that our brothers and sisters in Southern and Eastern Africa continue to suffer, from the seizures of their lands by white minorities

It is, therefore, fitting that we honour them, as those who contributed to the founding of our nation, a statement issued by the Presidency on September 18, 2018, indicated.

The statement signed by Communications Director, Eugene Arhin noted: “The most appropriate way to honour them is to commemorate the day on which the two most significant events in our colonial political history, that led us to independence, occurred – 4th August.”

I only took a break to pray for NAM1’s freedom; I have not left Zylofon Media – Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing, the gospel musician signed unto Nana Appiah Mensah’s Zylofon Media has opened up on her current relationship with the record label and the CEO.

According to Joyce Blessing, it is never true that she abandoned Nana Appiah Mensah during his trials as has been speculated in the media and among some workers of the company; she never ended her contract with Zylofon Media.

Instead, she took a break from Zylofon Media to access the problems the CEO was embroiled in. It also offered her the opportunity to pray and fast for Nana Appiah Mensah’s freedom.

Speaking to Sandra Akakpo of Adom TV/FM, Joyce Blessing revealed that she is not the type of person who just jumps on social media to rant with no solutions.

Since she couldn’t provide solutions on her own, she had to go to God who is the master of all problems to beseech him to intercede on her boss’ behalf.

“I have not left Zylofon; If you are working and something happens you have to pause it and make sure some issues are cleared before you continue with the deal. I am still there, it was 4 years contract,” she told Adom TV’s Sister Sandy in an interview.

“I am happy about his bail. you won’t see me writing a lot of things on social media. I channel my energy in praying for NAM1 to be freed. People said a lot of things about me due to my association with him. Some people even threatened me and I am happy that he is back. if he is a fraudster, he wouldn’t have returned,” Joyce Blessing added.

My love life with Kwesi Arthur is nobody’s business – Efia Odo

Actress and TV personality, Efia Odo has advised critics to mind their business and stop talking about her love life.

Talking about the relationship between her and Kwesi Arthur on the ‘Uncut Show’ with Zion Felix, Efia retorted it is not anybody’s business if she is dating the rapper.

According to her, it is her choice to let the public know who she is dating or not.

She, however, explained that she never dated Kwesi Arthur nor had any sexual relationship with him,and they just worked by shooting the ‘Nobody’ music video.

Efia revealed her love for rap and how she can relate to songs churned out by Kwesi Arthur. She described Kwesi Arthur as a great lyricist and a prolific rapper. She further stated that having a crush on someone doesn’t mean you want to sleep with them.

Efia Odo cautioned people not to assume if she has not declared Kwesi Arthur as his boyfriend publicly. She disclosed her readiness to let the public know who she is dating if her partner won’t have any problem with such a decision.

The Kwese TV presenter was livid on how a section of Ghanaians conclude that she is having a romantic affair with any male that she gets close to.

Countryman Songo Ordained As A Pastor

Adom TV’s Fire 4 Fire presenter, Patrick Osei Agyemang, popularly known as Countryman Songo has been ordained as a pastor.

The outspoken and straight forward sports journalist could be seen in a viral video sighted by Celebrities Buzz being given the nod to go out and preach to the world.

Countryman Songo ordained as a pastor
He was ordained in one of the branches of ‘God’s Favoured Church’.

We are told he is ready to quit sports for a full time ministry.

During his ordination, the Man of God stated; ‘a rejected stone like Songo, has become the corner stone.’

His style of bashing out sport personalities make him to be tagged as a ‘wee-smoking’ man.

He will soon open a church.

Sista Afia and Fella Makafui have nothing better to offer me – Efia Odo

Actress cum television personality Efia Odo has spoken publicly about her relationship with her fellow celebrities musician Sista Afia and Fella Makafui after she had a fight with them some few months ago.

According to Efia Odo speaking with Zionfelix on his show Zionfelix Uncut, she disclosed that the two ladies have nothing better to offer her and therefore doesn’t see the need for them to be talking on a daily basis.

The slay queen presenter added that her comment doesn’t mean that she has issues with them but would talk to them when it has to do with business.

Citing an example of she(Efia Odo) not having issues with both female celebs she stated that she listens to Sista Afia featuring Quamina MP—and also Medikal and Fella Makafui’s ‘Omo Ada’, defending that she wouldn’t have listened or played the songs at work if she has a problem with them.

She was asked if she would agree to feature in a music video for Sista Afia and a movie role from Fella Makafui she said she would feature in a movie for Fella Makafui if it has a good storyline.

But on Sista Afia, she made it clear that she was not going to feature in any music video because she decides on how many music videos she features in within the year.

Efia Odo recounted rendering an apology to Fella but she never reacted to her apology.

Ghana Drunkards Association sacks youth organizer for not drinking responsibly.

As part of our objectives in maintaining good conduct of our members, we the drunkards association would like to notice the general public on the immediate dismissal of our central regional youth organizer Peter Kwao Lartey popularly known as Original Shana for his misconduct on stage by removing panties during performances where he was suppose to educate our members on responsible drinking.

His dismissal goes along with an immediate ban on him drinking alcohol in any bar. Our members across the nation are to use his sanctions as lesson to desist from all form of indecency during public gatherings.

Moses Dry Bone

Stacy Amoateng is not my friend – Mzbel

Ghanaian musician, Belinda Akua Amoah, widely known as Mzbel has revealed the relationship between her and Stacy Amoateng.

Mzbel in a conversation with Zion Felix on Radio Univers explained why Stacy is not her friend.

According to her, not talking to Stacy doesn’t mean they are at loggerheads.

She indicated that they don’t talk anymore because they don’t see each other—and the host of ‘Restoration’ is no longer her neighbour.

Mzbel said she doesn’t hold any grudges with her and she will not insult or beat her whenever they meet.

The ’16 years’ singer averred she will talk to her if she has to.

“I wasn’t comfortable with the way she heaped me out there and I spoke about it, end of story…and years later…she came to say she has forgiving for nothing I have done and then I responded that she is forgiving me for what?” she queried.

“I don’t hold any grudges with her. if someone creates a wrong impression about me and I have to explain things, I will clear that,” Mzbel added.

I’m not sleeping with Shatta Wale – Wendy Shay

Songstress, Wendy Shay says she’s neither dating nor warming the bed of Ghanaian self-acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale as some persons have sought to suggest.

There were rumours that Shatta Wale was dating Wendy Shay after he fell off with his baby mama, Shatta Michy who has vowed never to return into the life of the musician

The rumour was given life when she and Shatta Wale were seen cruising in Shatta Wale supposed Ferrari.

But in an interview on Accra-based Zylofon FM, Wendy denied the rumours and indicated that Shatta Wale is her godfather.Comments:

Nothing wrong with Medikal bragging he saved Ghana’s rap – Sarkodie

Rapper Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie, says he sees nothing wrong with fellow rapper Medikal claiming he saved Ghana’s rap four years ago.

According to him, every rapper can boast to be the best, hence it’s not a big deal for Medikal to say so.

Sarkodie said Medikal didn’t mean to disrespect anyone like many industry players perceived it to be.

“He genuinely feels that and he has to be able to say what he feels. He expressed it. He wasn’t disrespecting anyone. When I am rapping and I say I am the best, I don’t think about Obrafour even though [he is champion.]

“I don’t think he’s trying to go at anyone but as a rapper you are supposed to feel like that,” Sarkodie said on 4 Syte TV, monitored by

Medikal generated a fuss in the media space when he proclaimed himself as messiah of Ghana’s rap.

Rapper Strongman, who had exited from Sarkodie’s Sarkcess record label, descended on Medikal, which resulted in a rap feud between the two.

Most Ghanaians have been initiated into occultism by their Pastors – Papa Shee

Popular Highlife artiste now Evangelist, Papa Shee says most Ghanaians have been initiated into occultism by Pastors.

According to him, most Pastors in Ghana currently are occults and with the way they are been celebrated by their followers, they initiate them into occult groups without their knowledge.

He mentioned that Ghanaians lack the knowledge and that has always been the reason why Pastors take advantage of them to enrich themselves.

Quoting a Scripture from Matthew, Papa Shee mentioned that no one should refer to a man as his/her spiritual father because the word speaks against it.

He indicated that he has come back to Ghana to open the eyes of ignorant Ghanaians so that they see the light.

Yaw Sarpong has been marked for death – Badu Kobi

Controversial prophet, Emmanuel Badu Kobi has revealed that veteran musician, Yaw Sarpong has been marked for death in 2020.

He made this revelation when the musician and his group (Asomafo) joined his congregation for a prayer meeting.

Yaw Sarpong who ministered at the event expressed his appreciation to the prophet for what he did for him when he fell sick some years ago, adding that he would have been in a better position after 42 years in the music industry if he had met people like Prophet Badu Kobi earlier.

After the musician and his team had left, Badu Kobi asked one of his members to tell Yaw Sarpong to come and minister again the following day so he can deliver him from the clutches of death.

He said “when he was standing on the stage singing, you saw him singing but I saw a coffin. I saw him go through this year but as we entered 2020, he began to grow lean and he was rushed to the hospital but Ghanaians heard the news of his demise but I won’t allow it happen”.

The Founder and Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International added that he saw Yaw Sarpong turn into skeleton whilst he was singing, explaining that “if you see someone turn into a skeleton in the spiritual realm it means the person is about to die”.

Prophet Badu Kobi told his congregation that the musician’s time for death is not yet up.

PDS fiasco: Finance Minister fingered!

Energy expert Kojo Opoku says the blame for the failure of due diligence to be done over the concession agreement between government and Power Distribution Services (PDS) Ghana Limited must be laid at the doorstep of the Minister of Finance and not any other.

He says it took a Qatari company to alert government of the fraudulent documents tendered in by PDS to win the bid.

No due diligence was done, he stressed on 3FM‘s Hot Edition on Wednesday.

Government in a statement on Tuesday suspended the whole agreement after it said further due diligence was conducted.

Fundamental and material breaches were detected with the demand guarantees that enabled PDS to manage the assets of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Already, Energy Minister John Peter-Amewu has confirmed the suspension of the official behind the “fraudulent documents”.

Official behind PDS’ ‘fraudulent documents’ suspended – Energy Minister confirms

But speaking on the issue on Hot Edition, Mr Opoku said no official other than the Minister of Finance should lose his or her job.

He argued that what PDS presented were insurance bonds and not payment securities or demand guarantees, as it should be, and this could have been easily detected by an efficient Finance Minister.

“They have to stop this bickering and lies to Ghanaians,” he said about the government’s position on the latest outcome.

“It was a company in Qatar that came to inform Ghana that it was fraud.

“If anybody should lose their job, it should be the Finance Minister.”

Ghana is set to lose $190 million as a result of the latest development.

Government says “full inquiry” has already been launched into the deal to “inform the next course of action”.

Mr Opoku says there should be criminal investigations into the whole deal.

How Ghanaian Actress Kumiwaa was arrested wrongly for drug trafficking in U.S

It’s really been long since we saw veteran Kumawood actress Kumiwaa, aka ‘Sapofo’, on our screens.

But Kumiwaa has finally surfaced to tell her behind the scene story and it’s very heartbreaking.

Naomi Kumiwaa Banafo was on Nana Ama Mcbrown‘s show to reveal how she’s been humiliated and arrested of drug trafficking in the U.S when she knew completely nothing about it.

She noted some men contacted her to shoot a movie with them in the United States, but they ended up depositing cocaine in her luggage.

According to her, she had no knowledge of what those men did until she was busted at the airport for drug trafficking.

Kumiwaa noted she was jailed over a year where she showed up in court once in every month until she was proven innocent and finally deported to Ghana.

” I was in shock when it dawned on me that the guys had used me for their dubious ways. I was placed in jail and made to report in court once every month. After one year and a month, I reported to court and I was told that investigations conducted revealed that I was actually innocent and will be sent to Ghana after a week. I cried my heart out like a baby,” the veteran actress recounted.

McBrown’s husband is a bad kisser – Mzbel makes shocking revelations

Ghanaian songstress Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has disclosed that Maxwell Mensah who is the husband of renowned actress Nana Ama Mcbrown wanted to marry her but she denied his proposal.

According to Mzbel in an interview with MzGee on Joy News monitored by, Nana Ama Mcbrown’s husband sucks when it comes to kissing.

“There’s nothing wrong with me saying he is a bad kisser because when he kissed me I didn’t like it”, she said.

When asked by MzGee why she said earlier in an interview that Maxwell wanted to marry her, knowing that he is now happily married, Mzbel replied “I can’t hide certain things, suppose they ask me about it and I reply no comment, they might think I’m hiding something, so it’s better I say the truth”.

In an earlier she had maintained that Maxwell wanted to marry her but she’s the type who does not want marriage and as a result, the latter got someone he wanted to marry which turned out to be Nana Ama Mcbrown observing the couple are very happy.

Shatta Wale advises Ghanaian women to be content

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has told Ghanaian ladies to be content with what their men have for them.

According to him, they should not follow their friends because that can cause them to lose whatever they have toiled for with their men.

He made this known while speaking on Kumasi-based Abusua FM.

Shatta Wale said “I will advise women to be content with their boyfriends if he’s working and able to provide for you.

Don’t follow friends because they might be envious with what you have”.

Shatta Wale also mentioned that although some great Men of God have worked towards bringing Michy back, she insists she’s no longer interested in Shatta Wale.

Zylofon songstress Efe Keyz caught ‘fighting’ over unpaid dress

Ghanaian songstress Efe Gyapong popularly known as Efe Keyz during the week found herself at the wrong side of life at the Rehab beach resort at South-La Estate.

The sensational musician was spotted by some people who had also gone to the beach to catch some fan exchanging words with a young lady.

The young lady was heard saying “I am not a Forex bureau” during the squabble.

The exchange continued for a while and Efe was seen taking out some Dollars from her purse which she gave to the lady in question.

The spectators thought that would end the conversation but the argument and insults did not cease. reporter who had gone to enjoy the natural breeze from the sea at the time of the incidence then approached the two beautiful ladies to enquire what the issue was about in an attempt to settle the issue.

The lady in an angry tone explained that Efe ordered for a dress but when she got to her house at Tema met her absence only for Efe to ask that she brought the dress to the beach after she called her.

“Efe doesn’t want to pay for transportation. She said she has no cedis on her so she will pay the Dollar equivalent and want her change in cedis”, the lady lamented.

Eventually, the “peacemaker” took the Dollar notes and after verifying its authenticity then gave Efe cedi equivalent which she eventually used to pay the lady.

Efe was later seen at Osu popping happily at the birthday bash of Choir Master of Praye fame

Eazzy talks about her music journey on the BBC

Ghanaian female top-notch singer Eazzy is born Mildred Ashong known for producing back to back hits such as Wengeze, Power, Forever, Odo, Away and more got a big chance to speak on the BBC.

The music star, talking about her music journey revealed when she officially came into the music industry which was in the year 2009 as she was part of the artists to get unto Lynx Entertainment.

Eazzy had her first her hit Bo Wonsem Ma Me there which was so amazing and later had a remix version of it with Donaeo.

In 2012, she parted ways with the label based on mutual understandings but the went on to have her biggest hit “Forever”.

Speaking with the host, she revealed the challenges female artist face its tough for a female artist to stay on top and be so relevant but then she keeps pushing each day.

Eazzy has worked with big names in the industry such as Shatta Wale, Mr Eazi, Stonebwoy, Medikal and more.

She also revealed her most embarrassing moment on stage she advised every lady to choose sneakers over heels when going on stage

Bisa Kdei never ‘chopped’ me – eShun

Songstress eShun has debunked claims that she slept with Bisa Kdei.

According to her, she just did a song with the highlife artiste and they were professional about that.

She indicated that she’s never given Bisa Kdei a perk not to talk of kissing him.

She said “It’s not true and he’s not my ex, I haven’t even given him a perk before. We’ve met and we’ve hugged before because I had to greet him, we did a song together, so I have a song with him, but that was it, we just worked together, nothing more”.

However, to her, she believes people in the entertainment industry should look within the industry when looking for spouses because they are in the right position to understand issues surrounding their jobs better.

Why government suspended PDS

Government of Ghana in the late hours of Tuesday, July 30 announced the abrogation of the contract with Power Distribution Services barely six months after the company took over from the Electricity Company of Ghana.

In a statement signed by Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, it disclosed that “the decision follows the detection of fundamental and material breaches of PDS obligation in the provision of Payment Securities (Demand Guarantees) for the transaction which have been discovered upon further diligence. The Demand Guarantees were key prerequisites for the lease of assets on 1st March 2019 to secure the assets that were transferred to the concessionaire.

It further indicated that steps were underway to unveil the details that went into it as government is conducting a full enquiry into the matter.

Checks by Ghanaweb have also revealed that following the transfer of ECG’s assets and operations to PDS on the 1st of March, 2019, ECG, acting as the beneficiary of the Demand Guarantees, has subjected the Guarantees submitted by PDS to further due diligence tests.

ECG received a letter from Al Koot, dated 16 July 2019 that claims, among other things, that the officer who executed the Guarantees from Al Koot was not authorized and that the Guarantees are null and void. The letter also stated that the officer had committed fraud.

Insider information further revealed that the alarming development resulted in meetings with officials of Ministry of Finance and ECG as well as with President Akufo-Addo.

After the meetings Government decided to crosscheck the information contained in the Disclaimer Letter by sending a Delegation of Stakeholders to Doha, Qatar, on Wednesday, 31st July 2019 to meet with officials from Al Koot.

‘Antichrist’ Archbishop Dag Heward Mills must be arrested – Maurice Ampaw

Private Legal Practitioner and founder of the Legal Advocacy Foundation, Dr Maurice Ampaw has called for the arrest of Archbishop Dag Heward Mills, the founder of Lighthouse Chapel International for the latter’s endorsement of oral sex, reports.

According to the lawyer, the popular preacher is “abnormal, perverted and not a right-thinking member of society” and so must be “delivered and arrested” for endorsing criminality.

In 2015, the Archbishop Dag Heward-Mills told his congregation in a sermon that, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with oral sex because there is no red flag on any part of the body. Which law [states] that this place is not good; you can kiss here, but you cannot lick here because kissing is licking”, reported.

Bishop Heward-Mills, who was addressing church members, could not fathom why couples restrict areas they touch during foreplay when in fact other places can also contribute to making the sex more enjoyable.

“Why can’t you kiss your wives vulva and why can’t your wife also kiss your penis; why can’t she hold it? It’s nice” he stressed.

It is against this backdrop that Dr Ampaw argues that the famed miracle-working pastor must be confined behind bars.

Speaking in an interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM monitored by, Dr Ampaw said, “every pastor that promotes oral sex is abnormal, antichrist, is not a right-thinking member of society, is a perverted minister of God, and so he should be delivered and then arrested, because he’s against God’s own principle of sexual intercourse”.

Maurice Ampaw has in recent days begun an advocacy against oral sex, condemning the practice and shedding light on its legal implications in Ghana.

He has branded people who put their mouth on the genitalia of their significant others as “foolish” and has encouraged people to report any such “obscene” practices to the police to effect arrest when they come across any.

Though Bishop Heward-Mills said oral sex is a “holy and good thing”, Maurice Ampaw believes the preacher must have been “swallowed by promiscuity” to have such thoughts.

He has challenged the Archbishop to meet him in court if he is offended by his opinion of him.

“It is a legal opinion I have expressed and it’s biblical; quote me and tell him I said this and if he thinks that I have spoken in a way that he’s unhappy with, he should take me on”, but “he even fears to do that because I will disgrace him and he might quit the priesthood”, Maurice Ampaw told Kwame Tanko, host of Angel In The Morning last Friday.

NPP petitions New York Times over Kevin Taylors’ ‘slanderous’ video broadcasts

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has filed a formal complaint with the New York Times, over an attempt by one of its employees Marisa Schwartz Taylor and her husband, to damage the reputation of President Akufo-Addo.

A letter addressed to the Africa Editor of the New York Times, Laurie Goodstein, accused Mrs Taylor a female photojournalist working with the paper, and her Ghanaian husband, Kevin Taylor, of producing a series of video documentaries to peddle falsehood against the President and members of his government.

Kevin Taylor, through his productions company, ‘Loud Silence’, has been releasing weekly video documentaries dubbed ‘With All Due Respect’ on controversial issues which are then circulated on social media platforms.

But the governing party in its letter signed by Communications Director, Yaw Buaben Asamoah, wants the New York Times to formally and publicly dissociate itself from the work of Loud Silence Media.

The letter was emphatic this is the first in a series of measures the NPP will undertake to ensure the reputation of the President, government and the country is not undermined.

Read the letter below:

26th July, 2019




Dear Madam,


RE: Productions of Marisa Schwartz Taylor\Loud Silence

On behalf of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana, I am officially lodging a complaint against Mrs. Marisa Schwartz Taylor, the Washington Bureau Photo Editor of your reputable newspaper, The New York Times.

Over the last 12 months, Mrs. Taylor and her husband Kelvin Taylor, both domiciled in the United States of America, have through their highly partisan and provocative production company, Loud Silence Media, persistently vilified, maligned and slandered the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, key members of his government and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Under the guise of what they claim to be investigative journalism, Mrs. Taylor and her husband have, on a weekly basis, through video documentaries broadcast across the world via internet, deliberately, recklessly and repeatedly peddled false and unsubstantiated allegations aimed at damaging the reputation of our President, his government and Ghana.

Without prejudice to any potential defamatory action against the two persons, the NPP had decided not to respond directly to the output to avoid lending credibility to the reckless and libellous enterprise. We are, nevertheless, dismayed, to gather that Mrs. Taylor, a co-founder, manager and director of photography of Loud Silence Media, holds such an important position with your esteemed newspaper, which cloaks her with the inherent reputation of the paper. As Photo Editor at the New York Times, there is minimum expectation that her work, any work she is associated with, would be thorough, factual and balanced.

Consequently, we are asking the New York Times to formally and publicly dissociate itself from the work of Loud Silence Media. This we believe, will not only clear up the confusion in Ghana about the wrongful association of the New York Times with Loud Silence Media, but most importantly, protect the integrity of highly valued and independent reporting the New York Times is known for.

Below are links to some of the output from Loud Silence Media, the production house that is the subject of this complaint.

Kindly treat this letter as the first step of a series of measures we will undertake to ensure the reputation of our President, government and the good people of Ghana is not undermined.

Yours Sincerely

Yaw Buaben Asamoa,

Director of Communications, NPP

Cc. Dionne Searcey

Revealing: Fraudster secured ECG deal for PDS has gathered that government suspended the concession agreement with Power Distribution Services (PDS) after discovering that the person it had been dealing with was a fraudster.

It is now emerging that the officer who executed the Demand Guarantees (Lease Payment Security and BSA Payment Security) submitted by PDS was not authorized.

PDS was supposed to manage the operations of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for 20 years starting from Friday, March 1, 2019.

But government was forced to suspend the agreement with immediate effect as a precautionary measure, understands, having realized the element of fraud in the transfer of ECG’s assets and management to PDS.

When authenticated, it could lead to the nullification of the entire ECG concession agreement.

Sources close to the deal told this major development came to light following a series of due diligence tests the guarantees were subjected to by the ECG.

In the course of ECG investigations, a commercial insurer and reinsurer, Al Koot, which is based in Qatar wrote a letter to ECG dated 16th July, 2019 claiming among other things, that the officer who executed the Guarantees from Al Koot was not authorized and that the guarantees are null and void.

The letter also accused the officer of committing fraud.

A number of meetings were subsequently held between government and stakeholders on July 28 culminating into the suspension of the concession agreement on July 30.

Meanwhile, a government delegation is expected to travel to Qatar on Wednesday July 31, 2019 to meet with officials from Al Koot in order to verify the information specifically on the fraud aspect.

Government has also assured that it is taking steps to ensure the development does not affect distribution, billing and payment services.

#WAI: Health Minister stopped, driver arrested for road traffic violation

The Driver of the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu has been arrested and processed for the City Campus Court for using a strobe light to drive against oncoming traffic.

Mr. Agyeman Manu was in the Nissan Patrol with a police officer when his driver was arrested.

Ministers of state can drive against oncoming traffic only when they are accompanied by a dispatch rider, which they are entitled to.

But it is still an offence for a Minister of State or his driver to use strobe lights.

Regulation 74 of the Road Traffic Regulations 2012, (LI 2180) limits the use of sirens and special warning devices to a few categories but some motorists have still fitted them on their vehicles to manoeuvre around heavy traffic.

Only government vehicle used for official purposes by the Head of State, police vehicles, Fire Service vehicles, ambulances, bullion vehicles or motor vehicle used by other recognized government security agencies can be fitted with strobe lights.

The War Against Indiscipline was started by Citi TV in May 2019 and since the police stepped in to partner the station, the campaign has been able to name, shame and punish persons who break road traffic regulations.

Offenders have been found driving on the shoulder of roads, driving against traffic, recklessly overtaking among others.

High profile arrests have seen the Tarkwa Nsuaem MP, George Mireku Duker and the Kade MP, Kwabena Ohemeng Tinyaase were caught in vehicles that broke road traffic regulations.

As of July 17, Citi TV‘s collaboration with the Ghana Police Service had accumulated GH¢258,000 in fines for the state.

Military dressed armed robbers kill police woman in Tamale; bolt with weapon

Lance Corporal Agartha Nana Nabin at the Northern Regional Police Headquarters in Tamale was on Tuesday evening shot to death by military dressed armed robbers at a police checkpoint on the Kumbungu road.

According to sources, the incident occurred at about 10:45 pm near Star Oil Filing Station when ash coloured saloon car was signalled to stop on approaching the checkpoint.

Four occupants, all armed men dressed in military camouflage’, wearing face masks and dessert boots suddenly got down and shot at the deceased killing her instantly.

The other policewoman in her attempt to take cover stumbled and fell and her weapon together with that of the deceased were taken by the robbers.

The third officer who had then taken cover, fired at the robbers but the robbers managed to escape with the two weapons.

The Regional Commander accompanied by other officers visited the scene and found deceased in a pool of blood.

The body of the deceased has since been deposited at the Tamale Teaching Hospital mortuary while the injured cop is responding to treatment at the same facility.

Robbers attack police at checkpoint, kill one and steal their weapons in Northern region

A female police officer has been shot dead by suspected armed robbers at a checkpoint in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region.

She was among three officers stationed at a checkpoint close to fuel filling station.

The three police officers at the checkpoint, a male and two females, were attacked by the robbers who gunned down the female officer before stealing weapons belong to the police.

The incident happened close to the Star filling station around 10 p.m. on Tuesday evening, according to Joy News sources.

The sources said empty shells recovered from the scene of the incident show the robbers used G3 weapons in the attack.

The four robbers, according to Joy News sources, approached the checkpoint in an ash-coloured saloon car and were signalled to stop.

The sources say the robbers who were all armed, dressed in military camouflage and wearing face masks and dessert boots suddenly got down and shot at one of the female police officers killing her instantly.

The other policewoman, in her attempt to take cover, stumbled and fell and her weapon together with that of the deceased were taken by the robbers.

The third officer who had then taken cover fired at the robbers but the robbers managed to escape with the two weapons.

This will be the second time in less than three months a similar attack has happened in the city and guns belonging to the police stolen.

Last Wednesday a resident of Sagnarigu was also robbed at gunpoint at about 9 p.m.

Sarkodie reacts to Kesse’s claims that he received only Ghc20 for featuring on ‘Azonto Fiesta’

Musician, Kesse in a latest interview revealed how he received Ghc20 for featuring on Appietus’ Azonto Fiesta song.

Shortly after, the story went viral and Sarkodie has replied to reports which seem to suggest he owned the Azonto Fiesta song.

The BET Award-winning act mentioned that the track was not his and he didn’t make any money from it either.

Remove ‘killer’ taxes – Minority demands

The Minority in Parliament is demanding an immediate reversal in the new taxes announced by the Finance Minister Monday.

Ken Ofori-Atta in his 2019 mid-year budget review proposed an increment in Energy Sector levies and the Communication Service Tax.

Mr Ofori-Atta wants Parliament to approve a GHp 20 per litre for petrol and diesel and GHp 8 per kg for LPG.This pushes the prices of petrol and diesel up by some GHp 90 per gallon.

He also proposed a 3% increment in the Communication Services Tax, from 6% to 9%.

The Minority, who had prior to the budget presentation warned against any such increments, have criticised government for refusing to heed to their caution.

“If these increases (petrol, diesel and LPG) create frustration and Ghanaians wish to vent through phone calls or on social media, the Mid-year budget has made that expensive as well, following the imposition of a 50% increase in the Communication Service Tax from 6% to 9%.

“These measures will send shock waves through many households and businesses as this will only further compound the excruciating hardships Ghanaians are already going through,” Minority Spokesperson on Finance Ato Forson said at a press conference Tuesday.

In his view, the increments will add on to a raft of taxes imposed by President Akufo-Addo despite his promise not to do so in opposition, some of which he claimed to include a 5% backdoor increase in VAT couched as NHIL and GETFund Levies.


The NDC MPs have accused government of “cosmetically” posting a positive primary balance for two consecutive years at a time when the public debt has ballooned.

Mr. Ofori-Atta presented the mid-year budget review in Parliament Monday

Mr Ato Forson is projecting that based on what he describes as government’s appetite for borrowing, the public debt could reach some ¢220 billion by the end of the year, representing 65% of GDP.

“This would mean that in three years, President Akufo-Addo would have added GHS 100 billion to the public debt. We wish to stress that this only represents what has been added since 2017. In all, President Akufo-Addo has borrowed about ¢160 billion (not what is added to the public debt) since 2017 with part of it used for debt reprofiling.

“The public debt would exceed the projected ¢220 billion, once draw-down begins for a number of loans approved by Parliament. This rapid increase in the public debt level means that we have reached a point of debt unsustainability, a fact confirmed by the World Bank Country Director,” he added.

This development, the Ajumako-Enyan-Esiam MP, indicated, is at variance with what the President and his party told the people of Ghana in opposition.

They created the impression that they could govern the country without borrowing and

that even if they borrowed at all, the funds would solely be channeled into capital investments, he said.

“After adding ¢84 billion to the public debt, President Akufo-Addo cannot point to any significant capital investments made over the last three years. Almost all of the borrowed funds have gone into consumption related expenditure.”

For the Minority, the mid-year budget shows clearly the public finance is in a dire state and the resort to additional tax measures is an indication for what they believe are troubling times ahead.

The populist policies adopted by President Akufo-Addo, in their view, have come full cycle and are throwing all the gains made from the fiscal consolidation prior to the coming into office of the NPP government, out of gear.

“It has become obvious that the NPP has no intention of keeping their promises to Ghanaians when it comes to borrowing and the public debt, the imposition taxes, fuel price adjustments and the resolution of the general hardships facing the people.

“The mid-year budget presented by the Finance Minister only offers gloom and portend very difficult times for all Ghanaians. There is, therefore, the need for the Akufo-Addo government to change course or they will plunge the economy into much bigger challenges,” Mr Forson said.

The militia, nomenclature and the silence on sanctions

The militia, nomenclature and the lack of prosecution

The government of Ghana said it felt vindicated when the NMC ruled to sustain the state’s argument that the Joy News documentary Militia in the Heart of the Nation had a misleading advertisement.

The commission claimed the use of a background that showed the worrying activities of militia groups in the country was unethical. Joy News has contested the ruling.But while the government claims vindication, there are questions about sanctions for those who allowed the commander Nana Wireko Addo alias Choman and his team of young men and women to operate at the former seat of government.

In the documentary Joy News established the presence of the group operating illegally at the former seat of government. The state did not contest this, except to say that the people were “a group of young men and women, dressed up in white shirts and black suits, converging at the Castle, Osu, in the belief that jobs will be found for them.”

At a news conference in March this year, Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah indicated that the leader of the De-Eye Group, Nana Wireko Addo, had been appointed to retrieve some vehicles from appointees of the Mahama administration, finished the job in 2018 but decided to operate his own business from the Castle.

“After the completion of the work of the task force in August 2018, he subsequently converted the office allocated to him into a private business office for the stated purposes of his company,” Mr. Oppong-Nkrumah said. Mr. Oppong Nkrumah said the situation was handled immediately it was discovered.
“But it was quickly dealt with in October 2018 when he was evicted from the premises by a joint operation involving personnel of the National Security Secretariat and the Ghana Police Service,” he said.

But there are questions. Who was sanctioned for the presence of the people at the state facility? The government does not talk about who took responsibility and whether anyone has been sanctioned for allowing an unregistered security company to run from the Osu Castle. Speaking on the Joy News analysis show Newsfile in March this year, private legal practitioner Ace Ankomah said the eviction was not enough. For him, the state should have ensured the arrest of the people.

“Eviction means you can go, go and sin no more. But these guys, on the face of it, are as guilty as sin. But they’re evicted and they have the temerity, impudence, audacity to return to the prime real estate – the old slave fort – and then they have to be re-evicted. You see, the law just does not work in this country,” Mr. Ankomah said.

But this is critical because in the government’s own statement signed and read by Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah after the broadcast of the documentary there people had no permission to operate at the state facility. He said: “Admittedly, this should not have been allowed to happen in the first place.”

The group also admitted on its website that it was undertaking security training. Their trainers were ex-military men. It’s motto was “Vigilance and Protection”. JoyNews checks revealed that the group had no license to undertake security training or operations, a situation lawyer Ace Ankomah said was criminal.

Former GFA spokesperson Randy Abbey believes someone must take responsibility for the operation of the group at the castle.

“Is anybody being held responsible? So now the focus is on are they militia, do they have a disposition to violence? They’re not. But the truth of the matter is that, look, if you have a situation where there’s a running battle between a group and the national security, and on three occasions the national security is unable to kick them out and that it had to a reinforcement – a joint effort – it cannot be just a group of some idle unemployed young men and women.

But in all this the narrative by the government has been about nomenclature, how the people should be called – vigilante or militia -, but very silent on the prosecution of the group or sanction for whoever was responsible for the occupation of the group at the Castle.

I’m sorry – Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro begs Ghanaians over tribalistic comments

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, Head Pastor of Alabaster International Ministries has rendered an unqualified apology for the tribalistic comments made during a sermon in his church.

In a post sighted by, the vociferous Man of God and Counsellor stated” my attention has been drawn to a circulating video with an implication of tribalism. I wish to state emphatically that the said video is an excerpt out of a full video that rather speaks against tribalism. I, therefore, issue this rejoinder to retract the mischievous misrepresentation and duly apologize to all”

A video which went viral this week, captured Dr. Kofi Oduro urging President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to fire all his appointees with Ashanti origin for obvious reasons because he suspects they are sabotaging the president.

According to the controversial preacher, President Akufo-Addo is underperforming because all they Ashantis in his government are sabotaging his effort to deliver his mandate to Ghanaians.

“I am with the President and I am to offer Godly counsel, Your Excellency, fire them”, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro suggested to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

“Ashantis are too tribalistic. They are sabotaging the President because they wanted someone from Ashanti to become NPP flagbearer. They are doing things to make the President fail because of tribalism”, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro claimed .He added “Listen carefully! Are you the only people considered humans? Stop being tribalistic and embrace everyone. Now, the Ashanti’s are claiming that they wanted an Ashanti man to be flagbearer and not an Akyem person to lead the country.”

I’ve slept with over 2,500 girls below age 18 – 77 year old Kumawood actor claims

Kumawood actor Oboy Siki has made a shocking revelation about his sexual escapades saying he has slept with over 2500 ladies and we wonder how he was able to pull that off.

According to the popular actor, he is very much interested in young girls and it would even be a curse on him if he ever sits anywhere to say he doesn’t like young girls whom he referred to as “girls girls”.

Oboy Siki in an interview with Zionfelix made it known that womanizing is in his blood because his dad was a womanizer and he had the chance to see all that he did with ladies and he liked it.

He went on to say that previously, he used to list down the names and number of ladies he has slept with but when he got to 2500, he decided to hang his boot and call it a quit in terms of womanizing.

Oboy Siki didn’t end there as he continued to add that in Ghana he can boost of sleeping with ladies in every district and village in Ghana and he doesn’t sleep with old women like Nana Ama Mcbrown, Vivian Jill, Mery Asiedu, and others but rather prefers the 16years old girls.

According to him, the 16-years are matured and parliament should hurry up and reduce the adult age from 18 to 16years. He also adviced that men should not focus on getting the ladies but rather strive hard to make money through legal means and when they get that, the young girls of 16 would start chasing them to sleep with.

We didn’t tell Kwasi Appiah to drop Kwarasey – John Boye

Ghana defender, John Boye has for the first time debunked the widespread notion that he and some defenders in the senior national team impressed on Ghana coach Kwasi Appiah to drop goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Kwarsey who was Ghana’s first-choice goalkeeper during the tournament lost his position after the Black Stars lost their first Group game against the USA.

It emerged after that painful defeat that Kwarsey had difficulty communicating with his defenders due to his inability to speak any Ghanaian language.

Kwarasey is a Norwegian-born Ghanaian who didn’t grow up here and thus struggles to speak any local dialect.

He expressed shock after he lost his position and has hardly played for Ghana after the sordid incident, turning down overtures from Coach Avram Grant and Kwasi Appiah in the last couple of years.

But speaking on UTV’s Atuu programme hosted by AbeikuAggrey Santana, John Boye said the allegation that Kwaraseywas dropped because of language barrier is inaccurate.

“That cannot be possible. How can we tell the coach to drop a player from the squad because of the language barrier? People say all sorts of things, half of which aren’t true. We will never do that to him because he is one of us.”

Boye was part of the Ghana team that crashed out of the 2019 AFCON in the Round of 16 stage.

2019 WASSCE results released; over 74,000 fail English Language

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the provisional results of candidates who wrote the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) in 2019.

According to a press release signed by the Head of Public Affairs of WAEC, Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, candidates can now access the results which have been hosted on the WAEC website.

A 9.2% increase in the number of candidates was recorded on the number of candidates in 2018. The number of candidates who sat the WASSCE rose to 346,094 from 316,999.

The highest number of students to pass a single core subject was recorded in the Social Studies exam with 257,828 (75.43%) candidates obtaining grades between A1-C6 which the most failures were recorded in the English Language exam with 74,038 (21.61%) obtaining grade F9.

The performance of the candidates in regard to the four core subjects are as follows;

English Language: 167,733 (48.96%) obtained A1-C6; 100,781 (29.42%) obtained D7-E8 while 74,038 (21.61%) had F9;

Mathematics (Core): 223,737 (65.31%) obtained A1-C6; 72,408 (21%) obtained D7-E8 while 46,384 (13.54%) had F9;

Integrated Science: 216,095 (63.17%) obtained A1-C6; 91,151 (27%) obtained D7-E8 while 34,825 (10.18%) had F9;

Social Studies: 257,838 (75.43%) obtained A1-C6; 52,983 (15.50%) obtained D7-E8 whilst 30,970 (9.06%) had F9.

The release also warned members of the public especially candidates to be wary of impostors who promise to change examination results for a fee.

“Candidates are to note that all WAEC results are well secured and can be authenticated. Persons with forged results will be exposed,” the release said.

I’m not into music to impress people – Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale born Charles Nii Armah says he’s not into the to impress people and urged his fans to get that right.

According to him, he ventured into music so he could do the best of himself and therefore there’s nothing that can change that.

He made this known through a tweet which read “If people will be very observant,you will know shatta wale never came to do music to impress people to make dem feel am making moves .NO!!..I just do my shit the way is suppose to be done …That’s Being my bloody self .. it started from my upbringing”.

Shatta Wale is one of Ghana’s top musicians who changed the game of music in Ghana.

His disregard for some structures that were inhibiting the growth of the music industry made him the most hated artiste but he continued to fight the system and has won a bit of liberation for music in Ghana.

Afia Schwarzenegger reacts to allegation that she stole gold chain in America

fia Schwarzenegger seems unperturbed despite her alleged gold chain theft in the United States of America.

In a video posted by the media personality on Instagram sighted by, Afia questioned why her enemies are not creative enough to tag her in something that would hold water.

The controversial comedienne and television presenter said all the plan works of her enemies have backfired.

According to her, many people would have believed the lies if they claimed she stole an alcoholic drink.

Afia Schwarzenegger teased her friend turned enemy Nana Tornado that he cannot beg for money from anyone again because he has failed miserably.

Why fly business class when you can’t boast of a single piece of land? – Tracey Boakye

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye is currently trending on all social media platforms due to the successful premieres of her 14th movie, ‘Baby Mama’, under her own production house – Shakira Movie Production, in Kumasi and Accra.

The movie, ‘Baby Mama’, which is yet to be premiered in Sunyani at the Eusbett Cinema is receiving positives reviews from both entertainment critics and movie lovers in Ghana.

Though Tracey Boakye is a hardworking actress and film producer, a section of Ghanaians still question the source of her enormous wealth. Tracey, who is unperturbed by petty criticisms from people, keeps expanding her business empire and has even hinted, on social media, of building another mansion for herself after she completes the final premiere of ‘Baby Mama’ in Sunyani.

According to the post, Tracey Boakye shared on social media, there is no sense in flying business class when one does not even own a piece of land. She further stated that people should not talk ‘bullshit’ about her when they see her building another mansion for herself and that she is saving all her ‘business class’ money to build her future.

Her post reads;

“People are traveling business class, whiles they don’t even have a piece of land, if you see me building another house, don’t say shit!! Im saving business class money to build my future. Yoo”

Afia Schwarzenegger told me Opambour wanted to sleep with her – Nana Tornado

Nana Tornado who used to be the best friend of controversial media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has leveled serious allegations against her.

According to Nana Tornado, the self acclaimed-queen of comedy has been begging for money from pastors to cater for her children.

He also disclosed that Afia Schwarzenegger told him that the founder and leader of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, Prophet Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom popularly Known as Prophet One wanted to sleep with her before helping her financially.

He also alleged that another man of God known as Prophet Nana Agyemang also wanted to have an affair with Afia Schwarzenegger before rendering any assistance to her.

Nana Tornado described Afia Schwarzenegger as a prostitute who sleeps around with several men.

Dating persons in the same industry best – eShun

Ghanaian singer and songwriter eShun has said it is best for a showbiz personality to date someone in the same industry because they will understand each other better.

Speaking in an interview with Prince Benjamin on Class Drive on Class91.3FM on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 eShun urged her colleague musicians and entertainers to involve themselves with persons who understand the industry when they are looking for love.

Talking about relationships and whether or not it is good for an entertainer to date a fellow entertainer, eShun said: “I think it’s best because they understand you, if the person is not an industry person, the person should understand how the industry works”.

The “Fa Me Kor” singer, however, debunked reports that she was in a romantic relationship with fellow musician Bisa Kdie.

She explained that the two of them only worked on a song together and kept their working relationship professional.

“It’s not true and he’s not my ex, I haven’t even given him a perk before. We’ve met and we’ve hugged before because I had to greet him, we did a song together, so I have a song with him, but that was it, we just worked together, nothing more…” she stated.

Prior to her break into Ghana’s music scene, eShun was a participant of Nigeria’s Glo X-Factor where she won the first runner-up spot. She also took part in other two reality shows namely, MTN Project Fame and TV3 Mentor. In 2016, she launched an initiative, dubbed Eshun Healthcare Project in the Central Region focused on quality healthcare delivery.

Terkper shares thoughts on 2019 Mid-year Budget Review



– Context is 2019 Mid-Year Review and the need to be realistic about the fiscal prospects for the country—based on past views in interviews and articles.

– A general call on those who relate to Africa and its leaders not to ingratiate or praise all “popular policies and initiatives”, even if well-meaning, that eventually lead to waste of fiscal and economic resources—even disaster.

– The call goes for domestic leaders (e.g., chiefs, experts, clergy) and foreigners (e.g., multilateral and bilateral institutions, development partners, CSOs, professionals, etc).


– Even the President now concedes (e.g., Oxford University lectures) that the Free Senior High School (F-SHS) will take a lot of resources, including:

– diversion of petroleum revenues from the path of investment to consumption

– including early hints of the use of “Heritage Fund” for F-SHS;

– accumulation of arrears (e.g., pensions, roads, bailouts cost, etc) at May Day Speech;

– higher levels of borrowing than the government had anticipated; and

– despite three (3) (two (2) additional) oil fields with almost 3 times the output since 2017 and recovery of prices that has tripled revenue from petroleum.

– It will involve serious long-term commitment—merit only in leaving a legacy that future leaders will grapple with for decades.

– Note that the Minister for Finance also highlighted the point but was quickly shouted down by hawks within the Cabinet and the Party.

The “unsustainable promise” of F-SHS and other political promises

F-SHS appeared sustainable because—

Unlike the original promise of a “big bang” during elections (starting with all students), SHS program was “staggered” to start with only Year 1 students:

– Years 2 and 3 students continued to pay fees—while program remained “untargeted”, with even middle-class and affluent parents benefitting;

– additional petroleum (oil and gas) revenues provided initial buffer from 2017—but these one-time inflows are against expanding expenditures (F-SHS and other very expensive electoral promises such as 1D1F);

– averting global and SSA recession and investments in energy sector

Ghana among few SSA states to avoid recession

– reverse rate of accumulation of national debt from positive to negative;

– investing directly and supporting private-sector investments in TEN and Sankofa petroleum fields;

– a substantial part of highly-rated fiscal consolidation came through another “illusion”—budget “offsets” rather than a program of paying down arrears;

– bequeath of buffers—previous administration bequeathed buffers:

a. Sinking Fund: use to pay off outstanding balance of Ghana’s first 2007 Sovereign Bond;

b. Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF): balanced used; VAT flow diverted to consumption; and no further allocations made to Fund;

c. Energy Sector Levy (ESLA): continuous flow of Ghc3 billion annually for clearing arrears directed at providing relief for domestic banks;

GDP “rebasing” provided fiscal room and breadth, through

– room for borrowing through GDP growth and “illusionary” lowering of Debt/GDP ratio that is being trumpeted as an achievement by the government; and

– deferred the impact of increasing costs.

– “capping”—has not provided needed fiscal relief, despite diverting vital resources from vulnerable programs (i.e., education {GETFund} and health {NHIL}; rural development {DACF}; and institutions {IGF}

Fiscal signs not favourable—going into Mid-Year

– one-time cushions—the “bump” in GDP growth from rebasing and additional crude/gas production is “one-time” and will no longer cushion the worsening indicators like debt and budget deficit;

arrears owed to contractors and suppliers—large amounts owing to these vital economic players in various sectors, including Presidential initiatives, are becoming apparent and are now acknowledged by the Government—

– pensions—concession at May Day celebrations by HE the President;

– contractors and suppliers—concessions by Roads and Finance ministries and “demonstrations” by contractors;

– salaries—civil servants, nurses, and presidential initiative employees;

– banking sector “bail-out” costs—despite unprecedented funds from ESLA;

F-SHS—no comprehensive disclosure yet to Parliament and the nation on true costs and inevitable arrears;

– increasing tax burden—retention of temporary (“nuisance”) taxes & introduction of new tax measures

– retention of temporary (“nuisance”) taxes such as ESLA, special import levy (SIL), national fiscal stabilization levy (NFSL)

– implicit.increase in ESLA levies:  introduced at a period of low crude prices low US$40s pbl so consumers are paying more now at current higher price above US$60pbl;

Implicit ESLA levy: levy should have lasted 3-to-5 years but increased duration of ESLA Bond to 7-to-10 years;

– new tax measures—increase in top rate of personal income tax (PIT); 2.5 percent increase in VAT rate (from 15% to 17.5%); luxury tax (user fee) on vehicles; blocking VAT input tax credit (ITC);

– discretionary change in basis (valuation and classification) for calculating import duties, VAT, fees/charges; etc;

– fiscal expansion—the worsening fiscal gap may not taper or abate due to

– subtle, not bold, new tax measures (e.g., luxury tax etc.)

– continuing with expenditure programs (likely borrowing, not reallocation to support the pace of president’s electoral promises;

– fiscal deficit and borrowing—these indicators are deteriorating fast and corrections for offsets in, and lowering of estimates, will make these indicators worse;borrowing to support the increasing fiscal deficit;

– borrowing to finance belated infrastructure;

– pledge of resources (e.g., royalties from minerals, bauxite deposits, etc.) to support the budget;

– Sinking Fund—despite three (3) oil fields, not using the SF to reduce debt (as was done from one (1) oil field for the NPPs first 2007 Sovereign Bond;

– Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF)—diverting funds (i.e., VAT and ABFA) for investment in infrastructure to consumption.

Wanted now—cautious voices

“Measured” approach is fiscally prudent—being “measured” with

– F-SHS [e.g., alternative “progressive” approach] and other programs is consistent with fiscal prudence, as elicited in Public Financial Management Act [PFMA] and Budget Responsibility Act [BRA];

– Benefits of being “realistic”—refreshing to hear the voices of caution emerging

– Domestic experts—professors, experts, think tanks, and chairperson of vital constitutional commission have sounded note of caution;

– Opinion leaders—it is important for other domestic opinion leaders to follow a realistic lead (e.g., clergy and chiefs must reflect condition in religious and community schools);

– IMF/WB MD—sounded note of caution, not ringing endorsement, on government expenditure and debt programs; nonetheless

– roll-back of tax measures (e.g., VAT on non-core financial sector and commercial real estate) in Program;

– failing to acknowledge Ghana’s avoidance of recession; permitting fiscal expansion; and not being critical of “offsets” that underestimated arrears and gave impression of accelerated fiscal expansion;

– Development Partners (DPs)—countries that may be capable of free (education) social programs choose to make them “targeted” (i.e., tuition-free programs, as Ghana had) and adopting alternative options (e.g., concessional student loans);

 – Preference for using fiscal support for investments, not consumption, is global

– in advanced countries (e.g., quantitative easing): invest in infrastructure to support private sector and rural/urban development, not place scarce fiscal resources in consumption;

– MIC states—approach adopted by middle-income countries (MICs) such as Emirates and Asian economies;

– Developing countries—Angola and South Africa now showing a preference for infrastructure development through Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) as in Ghana’s PRMA.


– Current fiscal environment is different from late 2014-16 when many SSA countries were headed into recession, due to global financial crisis, fall in crude oil and other commodity prices, and domestic pressures such as non-supply of gas from Nigeria

– Now, three (1) oilfields, not one (1); rebound in commodity prices, and, therefore, enhanced budget buffers.

– Problem is unbridled expenditure due to electoral promises; non-conventional approach to managing arrears; and borrowing

– Time for realistic review and appraisal as well as domestic and international experts toning down their praise or holding back their reservations on Africa’s politically-motivated “popular” but unsustainable electoral and fiscal promises.Source: Ghana|Seth E. Terkper

Give more tax power to local authorities – Dr. Patrick Awuah tells gov’t

Founder of Ashesi University College Dr. Patrick Awuah wants government to pay attention to empowering local authorities to solve problems facing communities.

One way to do this, he said, is to ensure authorities like the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies are able to raise local taxes enough to address local needs.

He was speaking ahead of an expected increase in taxes as the Finance minister reads the 2019 mid-year budget review. Government could be targetting consumption items with an inelastic demand such as energy and communication.The expected increase brings back another conversation about the efficient use of taxes cutting waste in government and corruption.Speaking on the Joy FM Super Morning Show Monday, the celebrated education innovator Dr. Patrick Awuah observed that those who collect the most taxes are not those who are directly responsible for addressing the needs of the community.

But those who are directly responsible, local authorities, rely heavily on the central government for funds for their communities.

The Ashesi University College founding President faulted this arrangement as ineffective.

“When people feel that they are paying taxes and it is going to be used by some remote government officials for their own ends in a way that doesn’t benefit them directly….that is something every government should pay attention to.”

He said he would vouch for “a system where there is very broad local taxation that is used for local development.”  Dr. Awuah said Ghana needs to design a system that gives local authorities power to raise funds from local taxation.Gha

na runs a unitary system of government that collects and aggregates money at the central government level for distribution through the local government system and the ministries.

The system, while expected to promote uniform development, has been faulted as incapable of addressing local development effectively. There has been an increasing agitation in communities with poor infrastructure with central government often under pressure to fix local concerns.Despite a decentralisation system in Ghana’s constitution, experts say without deeper fiscal decentralisation, local authorities will continue to struggle to solve community problems.

Budget review: Finance Minister wants ¢6.3bn more to spend in 6 months

Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta is seeking approval to spend some ¢6.3 billion in its Supplementary Budget for the remaining months of the fiscal year.

This was contained in the order paper for Monday’s proceedings in parliament as the Minister presents the Mid-year Review as well as Supplementary Budget. 

This could mean that government’s expenditure limit for 2019 would be peg at ¢85 billion for 2019.  Based on the 2019 appropriation bill, the Finance Minister was given the approval to spend some ¢78.7 billion

The Deputy Finance Minister Kweku Kwarteng has already disclosed to JoyBusiness that the Minister would announce some new tax measures.

These are part of measures to help improve governments revenue for development  and helping improve the livelihood of Ghanaians

I am now tired – Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko wails

Private legal practitioner and an influential family member of current President, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko says he is tired over strenuous attempts to link him to one thing or the other under the current administration.

He thinks that no story in the country is ever complete without the association of his name stating that he is tired [Gabby abr3!]

In a tweet, the cousin of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo out of frustration over the name-calling said “What is it about the name Gabby Otchere-Darko that it appears no story is complete without it? Now, I hear, apart from working for Interpol, I am also a demolition man. Gabby abr3!”

But a Twitter user only identified as Lenthini gave a savage reply “What’s about your name that everyone seems to associate with crime? You mean apart from the fact that you’re shady and cunning crook whose only job is pull strings in crooked deals to get your cut? NOTHING.”

Late last week, host of “With All Due Respect – Loud Silence Media” Kelvin Ekow Taylor claimed the Attorney General and many others who wanted to separate the president of Ghana from Nana Appiah Mensah alias NAM 1 like Gabby Otchere Darko and many others hatched a scheme to bring him down.

According to Ekow Taylor, the first person Horizon Royal Diamonds contacted when they came to Ghana to file fraud charges against the two men who defrauded them [Adewoye Olorunfemi Adetunje, a Nigerian and Charles Opoku Darko, a Ghanaian] was renowned lawyer, Ace Anan Ankomah.

Ace Anan Ankomah has since denied the allegations and threatened to pursue the matter legally against Kelvin Ekow Taylor.

I’ll scrap some of Nana Addo’s new ministries – Mahama

The flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama says he will scrap some of the newly created ministries the Akufo-Addo administration introduced if the NDC is voted back into power.

The Akufo-Addo administration now has 125 ministers, over 30 more ministers more than its predecessors.

Speaking during a retreat for the party’s election directors in Tamale, Mr. Mahama said: “We are said to have achieved a world record of 125 ministers. Definitely, some of those ministries will go under an NDC government.”

The former President argued that a large number of ministers was a huge drain on public funds.

“Government expenditure has ballooned and they are not able to collect enough revenue to meet the high expenditure. And part of the high expenditure is because of the huge number of political appointments.”

Citing some examples, Mr. Mahama singled out, among others, the Procurement Minister as being redundant.

“Procurement ministry will go. You have a whole Public Procurement Authority which was supervised by the Ministry of Finance. What do you need a Procurement Minister for?”

The most recent additions came as Ghana welcomed six new regions in 2019; the Western North, Oti, Ahafo, Bono East, Savannah and North East regions.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has consistently justified his “elephant-sized” government, saying: “as you know there are some who say my government is too big and there are too many of you [Ministers]. I am a firm believer in the adage the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Discrimination against private university graduates makes me very angry – Prof Adei

Consummate educationist and Chairperson of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), Prof. Stephen Adei has expressed outrage at what he describes as “discrimination” against private university graduates in Ghana.

According to him, “those who have trained themselves should not be punished for not burdening the state” bemoaning the lack of automatic employment for graduates from the private institutions as opposed to their counterparts who were trained at the expense of the state.

Prof. Adei was the Guest Speaker at the 11th Congregation of the Garden City University College in the Ashanti region on Saturday, July 27, 2019, where hundreds of students graduated with degrees and diplomas ranging from Health Sciences, Business Studies and Applied Sciences.

Speaking on the theme, “The 21st Century Innovator: Challenges and Prospects”, Prof. Adei applauded the private sector for offering the “cheapest education in Ghana” and challenged the state to ” include the private sector in its thinking of support, so that the support is not because it is a private or a public, but because a Ghanaian student is being educated”.

In so doing, he said students would have the “same access to facilities like every other student”.

“Sometimes the discrimination against private universities’ graduates makes me very angry; because in the case of nurses, all of them take the same examinations and all are judged by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, they all pass the same examination and yet if you are in the public sector you are supposed to be guaranteed employment and if you don’t get employment, they go and wave a flag and private university nurses are left on their own”, he said.

Prof. Stephen Adei cautioned the state not to look down on private universities but take a cue from the fact that at the basic education level, “private schools are twice better than the state, so much so that, even teachers in the public schools send their children to private schools; an indictment of the bad jobs they are doing in the public sector, for I always will fight them until they change”.

He suggested that “the time has come for us to have the reverse; those who have trained themselves should not be punished for not burdening the state”.

The Garden City University College (GCUC), located in the Kwabre East Municipality of the Ashanti region, boasts a mission of providing a centre of excellence in teaching, learning and research with distinctive scholarship and competence, by blending business, information technology, education, social sciences and health sciences to develop innovators in the industrial and other socio-economic sectors in Ghana and the international community.

Those persuading me to resign are ‘corrupt’ – Martin Amidu snarls

Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu, Ghana’s Special Prosecutor has taken on those persuading him to resign from his current position in the midst of accusations he is not living up to expectation.

According to him, he considers anybody who approaches him to persuade him to resign as fuelling corruption by obstructing him from performing his duties.

“Those who know my track record in public office over the decades know that no Member of the Council of their Elders would dare speak to me on resigning my public office as the Special Prosecutor. Anybody who approaches me to persuade me to resign my office will be considered to be obstructing me in the performance of my anti-corruption duties as the Special Prosecutor. This time the Office of the Special Prosecutor will handle the matter by itself and not farmed it out to another law enforcement office so that the case will also lie fallow again like the previous widely published complaint and complaint statement of obstruction I lodged for investigation”, he revealed in his latest epistle sighted by

He added that there are some persons within the NPP and NDC who will rejoice of news of his resignation or his sackbut served notice that it is never going to happen as far as he is concerned.

“The concerted efforts by the political elite to distract me from the duties of my office with calls for me to resign will not move me to abandon the electorate who made the establishment of the Office possible. I also know that there are lots of people in both the NDC and the NPP who would be too happy to hear that I have resigned or been removed from office. I know further that when the President brought up my nomination he faced serious opposition from his own, just like the Asiedu Nketias of the other side also did, but he insisted he wanted an impartial person like me for the job. Watch the TV news on the various stations on 4th June 2019 and you will see the number of NPP MPs who opposed any prosecution of any Member of Parliament for corruption. I have written already on the bi-partisan position of the Leadership of an NPP Majority Parliament under a Pastor Speaker”, he revealed.

It’s ‘wahala’ keeping dreadlocks – Guru

Hiplife artiste, Guru, has revealed that keeping dreadlocks is hell, the reason why he did away with his after a few short months.

Speaking in an interview on Sammyflex TV, Guru said the ‘wahala’ that comes with coming dreadlocks was too much.

“The headache and the heat on my head when I kept on the dreadlocks for six months last year was too much. I finally gave up and brought everything down when we went to shoot a music video in Dubai.

“The place was very hot and with the dreads on I just couldn’t handle it. It was very uncomfortable and I brought everything down after the video shoot. I was getting headaches when I was wearing dreadlocks. I now respect anyone who wears dreadlocks,” he said.

Moving on to other matters, Guru said his appearance including the way he dresses has changed because he is now growing. “I am now targeting the corporate world and you cannot dress anyhow if you want to get the attention of such people. I now do a lot of African wear and I am clean-shaven,” he stated.

About his music, Guru, who is known for songs like ‘Lapaz Toyota’, ‘Alkayida’, ‘Pooley’, ‘Samba’ and ‘Mpaebo’ among others said he is touring the country to promote his music to his fans.

“My fans are all over Ghana and the best I can do is to reach out to them. I have decided to do collaborations with the best artistes in each of the regions to broaden my fanbase. I started with Accra and will be moving to other regions,” he said.

Guru said he was done with getting a manager because they have all disappointed him.

“There is no need for a manager now because they have all failed me. They didn’t get the direction I wanted to go so we had to go our separate ways,” he stated.

Xandy Kamel ‘roasts’ Akuapem Poloo after ‘Baby Mama’ set

Social media is currently on fire as celebrity attention seeker, Xandy Kamel rain insults on colleague actress Akuapem Poloo born Rosemond Brown.

Not long ago Kumawood actress Xandy Kamel and part-time actress Akuapem Poloo engaged in social media match with dirty insults over supremacy.

In a video that was going viral on social media, the two controversial social media celebrities had each other’s neck exposing their attention-seeking activities to Ghanaians.

We taught it was over, but it seems not.

In a video available to, Xandy Kamel, as usual, has given a sip of her pepper mouth words-revealing that Akuapem Poloo was banged by several men on Tracey Boakye’s ‘Baby Mama’ set, and it is not fun at all.

According to Xandy Akuapem Poloo has reported her to those called celebs that on that set people underestimated her including her (Xandy Kamel).

The Kumawood actress after her loaded insults to the extent of calling Poloo a fool further threatened to expose her more if she dares. Well, some words are too harsh to write

Ghanaians and Tanzanians fight over ownership of ‘Scopatumana’

In February 2019, Patapaa was featured in Kawoula Biov’s song “Daavi Neba”.

The song was, however, low-key until the release of the video to the track which made it gain internet fame. One part of the song that has won more people over is the is Patapaa’s rap verse.

Even though he spoke a lot of gibberish, one word was heard clearly is “Scopatumana”.

Trending on Twitter now sighted by indicates that Tanzanians want to claim the ownership of the word ‘ Scopatumanaa ‘.

In the tweet sighted by a guy from Tanzania tweeted “Swahili word ‘Sco pa tu manaa’ to the world, proudly Tanzanian.. .proudly swahili”, And this conversation has extended to trending number one on twitter.

Some Ghanaians can’t let it go, making it a huge and trending argument on Twitter.

Only Patapaa may understand what it means, but it is trending because people have taken to social media to post their versions of the verse.

This uproar has created the “Scopatumana” challenge on social media, and it is widely spreading like wide fire.

Read some tweets below

Jay-Z’s family jams to Shatta, Beyonce’s song ‘Already’

Rapper and business mogul, Jay-Z has been seen in a new video jamming to his wife’s song, ‘Already’ which he did with Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale.

We can interpret this as a huge endorsement for Shatta Wale’s brand (not for Beyonce because we all know how BIG she’s) and hopefully it will pave way for him internationally.

The celebration reportedly took place at birthday party of Jay Z’s niece Teanna Carter as she celebrated her 21st birthday.

The Lion King: The Gift album which features some well known artistes like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambinoand her husband Jay-Z which was released on Friday (July 19), seamlessly blends afrobeats, rap, R&B and pop in what the superstar calls her “love letter to Africa.”

Kwabena Owusu exposes Sports Ministry over $80k appearance fee

Ghanaian attacker, Kwabena Owusu has stated categorically that none of his teammates received $80,000 as appearance fee at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament but rather $20,000.

One of the stories that came up during the AFCON in Egypt was that the Stars were paid an amount of $80,000 as appearance fee but the player who was speaking on GHOne TV monitored by said that the players received $20,000 instead of the speculated amount of $80,000.

“I was shocked when I heard the rumour that we received $80,000 as an appearance fee. We did not get $80,000 as appearance fee, our appearance fee was $20,000” he said.

According to him, though they were eliminated from the AFCON they were eager to bring AFCON trophy to Ghana saying they didn’t play with the heart of Ghanaians.

He said, “Black Stars Players have received a lot of insults from Ghanaians after the AFCON tournament because Ghanaians lack knowledge about football.”


The Paramount Chief of Breman Essiam in the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam, Odeifuor Afoakwa III, has expressed his appreciation to the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for the implementation of the Free Senior High School Policy.

According to Odeifuor Asankwa III, the Free SHS policy is not a discriminatory policy, and has unified all Ghanaians in terms of its benefits.

“I am a beneficiary of the Free SHS policy, since I have two children enrolled. One is in Form 2, and the other is in Form 1. I didn’t pay a dime,” he said.

The Breman Essian Chief continued, “When the one in Form 2 was at the JHS level, you had not come to power, so I saved against his education. So, when you introduced the Free SHS programme, I had managed to save GHS4,500. I used this money to buy 150 bags of cement to construct my building. Mr. President, God richly bless you!”

Odeifuor Afoakwa III made this known on Thursday, 25th July, 2019, when a durbar of Chiefs was held in honour of President Akufo-Addo in Essiam, in the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam constituency, at the commencement of the President’s 3-day tour of the Central Region.

The Free SHS policy, he added, has resulted in an increased enrolment, necessitating the Double Track System, and has “led to graduates with education background from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and University of Education, Winneba (UEW) who were at home unemployed, including my own nephew, to be employed as a teacher at Fiaseman Secondary School.”

The Breman Essian Chief noted that monies which, hitherto, would have been used to pay for school fees of a few children of the town are now being channeled into developmental projects of the town.

“This education policy will lead to Ghana producing so many graduates in future. You are building a confident, elite society for the future. Every nation’s future is contingent on its youth, and not every youth is a youth unless you have been educated formally,” he stressed.

Odeifuor Afoakwa III was confident that “in future, Ghana will develop because many more will be able to write and read to enable them to work without hustles or supervision. Mr. President, God bless you abundantly.”

On the “One Million Dollar, One Constituency” pledge of the Government, he indicated that his town has been a beneficiary of the projects being implemented under the policy.

“The programme started and in my town here, there is rig digging the ground for an ultra modern toilet system to be constructed. This is not found only in my town but in other parts of the district, Enyan Denkyira, Abaasa, Ajumako, Enyan Mim, and many other places,” he said.

The Breman Essiam Chief stressed that “if anybody tells you that one constituency one million dollars promise has not taken effect, tell that person it is not true because I am a living witness to them.”

Odeifuor Afoakwa III urged all Ghanaians to support President Akufo-Addo and his government, and “eschew all prejudices, and support all the policies that the President is implementing. Because, at the end of his 8 years as President, the results will be to the benefit of us all as Ghanaians.”


The Ghana local network installers have expressed a strong dissatisfaction over their inability to get contracts as result of the takeover by Huawei Technologies Company to fixing networks in the country.

“Huawei is enjoying monopoly in the network business ever since it took over the installation of network in the country, our job have totally become irrelevant, network providers do not seek our services any longer”. The statement of the group.

The group said Huawei has smashed down prices of contracts they award the local contractors.

Little prices are giving out to them and “when you talk about it, Huawei will take you off the project then bring on foreigners ( Nigerians)”.

“We feel very feel neglected since none has intervened on our behalf”.

They have demanded a immediate government intervention to negotiate with Huawei Technologies to increase prices of the contracts else they will deal with the foreigners.

Who are the Telecom Riggers

They are Responsible for installing and maintenance of BTS,RBS,Telecommunication microwaves,GSM Antennas etc. to ensure networks are running smoothly and upgrades networks to provide maximum.

“Local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, intranets, and other data Telecommunication providers.

Call for more

Mr Adu-Ening Ebenezer

Mr Jerry Boateng

BY: Asonadehye Kwarteng

Shatta Wale reveals the number of cars, mansions he has acquired

Shatta Wale, the self-acclaimed Dancehall King of Ghana has finally opened up on the number of cars and mansions in owns in Ghana and why he never fails to brag and flex his properties on social media at the least chance.

According to Shatta Wale, as at now, he owns 3 huge and beautiful mansions in Ghana.

When it comes to cars, he owns 9 luxurious and expensive cars. Shatta Wale went on to boast about how expensive the cars are.

Shatta Wale explained that people doubt him when he flaunts his assets online doubt that he really owns them.

But he is the sole owner of those properties and he shares them on social media to motivate and encourage young artists to also push for what they want.

The fact that he made it alone should be enough motivation for any who aspires to be one of the best artists and richest in the music industry.

Shatta Wale was hosted by Takoradi based Empire Fm after his dream collaboration with Beyonce on her album “The Lion King; The Gift”. Shatta Wale is the only Ghanaian artist on the album

Isaac Asiamah captured on tape promising fans of a trip to tour sites in Egypt

Minister for Youth and Sports Hon Isaac Asiamah on Wednesday 24th July appeared before Parliament to disclose to them budget used at the just ended African Cup of Nations.

Among the issues he touched on included the performance of the team at the tournament, monies that were used to cater for the players, technical staff, fans and journalist among other people.

The Minister was asked about a purported state sponsored trip by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of supporters, journalist and the whole entourage to the pyramids and other tourist site in Egypt.

In parliament, the minister who appeared to be livid at the question posed brushed it aside stating the number of times he has been in Egypt and went further to state that the tour or excursion was catered for by FIFA/CAF.

“That I led an excursion in Egypt? That is neither here nor there.Mr Speaker It was a decision by CAF/FIFA to organize all supporters of countries that participated for an excursion so as a minister I was briefed and I communicated it to the supporters. That was what happened so the Minister never organized an excursion for the supporters.

And for your information Mr Speaker, I have been in Egypt for more than seven/eight ocassions and my last visit was four moths ago when I was there for the Arab/Africa Youth Conference in Aswan Egypt. Its not true so lets stop dwelling on these Social media discussions.” he fumed.

In the audio making rounds which was captured during a meeting of the minister with the various supporters union in Egypt, the minister is heading telling the supporters that their cry of boredom has reached his office and is therefore organizing a trip for them.

The Sports Minister could be heard calling the board chairman of the National Sports Authority Kwame Baah Agyemang and the deputy accountant of the Ministry who in the audio the minister referred to as the purse holder Hamidan to try and organize a trip for the supporters.

Ghana’s Perpetual Bermuda Triangle

It’s a well-established fact that Ghana has a profound love for the sport-soccer.

I rephrase; Ghana has immense love for the senior national team the Black Stars.

If you could describe it in human terms, it’s like that wife who makes you fall in love all over again and is quick to drill Valyrian steel misery down your heart every once 2 years.

As we speak Ghanaians, have their blood pumping and still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the Republic has spent over 4.5 million American dollars at the 2019 Nations Cup and have nothing to show for it.

But do we have genuine cause to rant?

The Saddle

Before we analyse, a bit of context in the saddle must be unpacked.

Since 1982, Ghana is yet to lay claim once more to the African Nations Cup. I will admit I wasn’t around when Ghana last lifted the Nations Cup but it’s a thirst we have nursed for 37 years and the wait continues.

Come end of club season 2019 and all eyes turned to the elusive hunt for the golden cup. Before the 30 million-strong national coaching academy could talk tactics and selections, a rumpus erupted. Captain of the Black Stars Asamoah Gyan issued a statement announcing his retirement from the senior national team and his reason was Coach Kwesi Appiah was about to strip him of the captaincy.

The new captain eventually will be Fenerbachè midfielder Andre Dede Ayew. That set the stage for the mood to be poisoned and later Mr President intervened. The consensus- Gyan rescinds retirement and becomes General Captain; Andre Ayew remains Captain and Kwadwo Asamoah his deputy.

Then on June 1 this year, when the team had jetted off to Dubai, the 29-member provisional team was published.

The announcement was via a list circulated on the Football Association’s social media portals. No press conference was held to explain the choices and a holistic brief on the extent of preparations.

That was the first time such a stunt was pulled.

Two preparatory games were played in the UAE after camping and the squad pruned to 23.

Ghana headed to the tournament with eyes on several indicators- the quality of play, tactical shape, conditioning of team and most of all how better we’d perform compared to our last showing in 2017 (all the way to semi-finals losing to Cameroon and placing 4th beaten by Burkina Faso).

Our Showing

Many expected anything less than a semi-final berth. As the results showed, we drew 2 all against Benin, drew goalless against defending champions Cameroon, won by 2 goals against Guinea Bissau and beaten by Tunisia in a 5-4 penalty shootout after a one-all draw in 120 minutes.

This meant Ghana had crashed out at the Round of 16, two places worse than our last outing in 2017 and the worst record since 2006 (when we crashed out at the group stage).

The Surgery

Once the dust on our participation settled, the 30 million strong coaching academy returned in full force and the focus was on one man- Coach Kwesi Appiah.

All manner of stories (the logical and the atrocious kinds) emanated as the tricky question of why we had just slumped found expression.

The pundits believed the team was just not good enough, there was no real show of tactical nous from the manager and some other off the pitch issues including the captaincy row had caused a split in camp with power play being a major issue.

But as seen at the press conference, the captain Andre Dede Ayew accepted responsibility, as did the coach with all else.

All eyes then got focused on the one issue, which was shrouded in secrecy since our journey to the tourney- at what cost did this entire showing at Egypt pinch our nation’s purse of?

The Money

This week Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah presented the breakdown of the money spent for the preparation and participation of the Black Stars at the 2019 African Nations Cup.

– Total funds spent stands at four million five hundred and fifty-four thousand three hundred and fifty two US dollars ($4,564,352)

– The breakdown indicates that 924, 168 dollars was spent on airfare (flights for team to Dubai, Egypt and back to Ghana).

– Almost 190 thousand dollars (187,050) was spent as per diem for the 23 players.

– The technical staff also pocketed almost 130 thousand dollars (129,600) as their per diem.

– Then there was additional technical staff also taking almost 91 thousand dollars (90,750) as per diem.

– As far as rewards for winning games go the 23 players took home cheques of almost 42 thousand dollars each (41,974) totalling almost a million dollars (965,405). Kindly note that Ghana won one match and the ministry says this represents the win against Guinea Bissau, which qualified us for the round of 16.

– For the technical staff, they collectively walked home with 347 027 dollars.

– The additional technical staff was not left out as they walked away with 177 thousand dollars.

– Ghana spent one million one hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and nineteen dollars (1,143,519) to ensure players and the entire team had the best of places to rest while they prepare and participate at the tournament.

– The team had to eat well and so that meant the nation doled out four hundred and nineteen thousand three hundred dollars (419,300) to ensure that happened.

– The games had to be watched and so we paid forty-one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars (41,750) for match tickets.

– Some forty-four thousand five hundred and seventy-four dollars (44,750) was paid to ensure the team were kept in the best of medical conditions.

– Visa fees for the team had us spend eight thousand five hundred and forty-one dollars (8,541).

– The commute for the team (internal transportation) from hotels to training pitches and match venues set us back another forty-three thousand and ninety-two dollars (43,092).

– The last item on the expenditure list is INCIDENTALS. That’s forty-two thousand five hundred and seventy six dollars (42,576).

Making sense of the data

Once the Sports Minister told the nation how much had been spent, he proclaimed this run 1.8 million dollars short of the 6.3 million dollars dedicated for the tournament. He added that a detailed and comprehensive budget would be presented in the coming days.

I then proceeded on Morning Starr (the morning show I host) to seek clarity ahead of time.

Speaking to the Sports Minister’s aide and Communications consultant for the ministry, Ahmed Usmanu Ali, he explained this budget presentation was without the expenses for the supporters who were airlifted to Egypt which number close to five hundred. He was definite that some of the supporters are still in Egypt and are due to return by August 4.

Also, the INCIDENTALS refer to unplanned expenses, which came up during the preparation and participation (details not given).

For the winning bonuses, the amount mentioned is tax inclusive and was paid via cheques by the accountant who was with the team.

When I finally asked if this expenditure represents money well spent considering the winner of the tournament received 4.5 million dollars as prize money, his reply- “this was money wisely spent”.

The Questions

There are a number of questions this situation presents for all 30 million members of the national coaching academy to ponder over:

– Why did the Sports minister fail to present a budget to parliament for approval ahead of Ghana’s preparation and participation to the tournament?

– Why did the Sports committee fail to summon the minister to present the budget before the start of the tournament in fulfilling its oversight responsibility?

– What source of funding was the over 4.5 million dollars drawn from?

– What informed the rationale for paying over 40 thousand dollars for the players in winning bonuses when two years ago only 5000 dollars was paid (more than eight times jump)?

– Why are payments of per diems and winning bonuses for technical and additional technical staff paid separately?

– What kind of food prepared cost the nation close to half a million dollars for a tournament of less than a month?

– Why is there no accountability given as yet for how much has been spent on the almost 500 supporters who were airlifted to Egypt?

– Did this expenditure glean any lessons at all from the 2014 World Cup episode in terms of payments and lack of transparency?

– Why has the Normalization committee been dead silent on what budget they presented to the Sports ministry and their accountability to the Ghanaian people?

– Why will we budget for a tournament for which our expenses will outstrip the prize money? (Uganda spent 2 million dollars and crashed out at the same round as Ghana)

I’m sure you can add to the plethora of the questions bugging the minds of the Ghanaian citizens.


It’s clear that the passion of the nation has been the zone where monies are pumped and accountability is never guaranteed.

Until date, no one has been held responsible for the fiasco in Brazil and the Dzamefe Commission report sits cold and waiting. The Maputo report also adds to the cold reports freezing away into oblivion. Some have argued that every time Ghana participates at any international sports tournament, questions of questionable expenses pop up and no accountability.

It remains to be seen if this latest episode from the land where civilization started will follow the same pattern.

Until and unless Ghana decides to put in place proper structures, which guarantee transparency, accountability and value for money, Ghana’s senior national team (Black Stars) will be the nation’s perpetual Bermuda Triangle; where the state’s funds feed an elusive dream and the investment will always disappear into thin air with no consequences.

Someone once said Ghanaians have a short memory. Maybe that’s why this black hole has come to stay.

Legend Asamoah Gyan delivers motivational speech to Ghana U20 players

Ghana star Asamoah Gyan delivered a motivational lecture to the current U20 players preparing for next month’s African Games in Rabat, Morocco. 

The country’s all-time leading scorer was invited by head coach Yaw Preko to inspire the youngsters.

Gyan mentioned the need for the Black Satellites to work hard since talent alone could not guaranteed success.

Met my senior Yaw “RUSH” Preko and the U20 Satellites team at the Accra Sports Stadium when they played a friendly match with Shooting Stars in preparation for the All Afrcan games and shared few thoughts with them..@ghanafaofficial @MOYSGh lets support them…#proudGhanaian

Andre Ayew congratulates brother Jordan on Crystal Palace move

Ghana captain Andre Ayew has congratulated his junior brother Jordan Ayew after the latter completed a move to join Premier League side Crystal Palace

The 27-year old has joined the London based club on a three-year deal from Championship side Swansea City.

Jordan Ayew joined Palace on loan in the 2018-2019 season but failed to make any impact due to lack of game time.

He played 20 matches and scored one goal in the Premier League in the 2018/2019 season.

The former Marseille striker had a decent tournament at the just ended Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt with Ghana were he scored two goals as well as won the man of the match award against Benin.

After his move was made official on Thursday, the Black Stars captain Andre Ayew on his official page congratulated his brother and wished him well ahead of the new season

“Congrats lil bro. Keep the fire burning love you have a great season”

Palace coach Roy Hodgson described Ghana International, Jordan Ayew, as a “dedicated and hard-working” player, after the club permanently secured the striker’s services for the next three years.

CID overburdened; should focus on Suale’s killers, Takoradi Girls – Sammy Darko

Lawyer for Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye P.I., Sammy Darko, says the Criminal Investigations Department should not have investigated corruption claims levelled against the former Secretary to the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Illegal Mining, Charles Bissue especially when his outfit had petitioned the Special Prosecutor over the matter.

According to him, the police should have focused on some unresolved cases before them instead of delving into the matter which is being probed by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

On Citi TV’s The Point of View, Mr. Darko cited the murder of Tiger Eye P.I. journalist, Ahmed Hussein Suale and the missing Takoradi girls as some of the unresolved cases the CID could prioritize.

“The police CID, for want of a better word, is overburdened. For instance, the gruesome murder of Ahmed Hussein Suale; the police have to investigate that. We have supplied them with all the information they need including a tape of a suspect. All these, they have on their hands. They need to investigate. The Takoradi girls

. They have so many matters to investigate.”

Mr. Darko’s comments on the matter come after the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, condemned interference in his office’s investigation of Mr. Bissue after being petitioned by Tiger Eye P.I.

In a documentary released by Tiger Eye PI, Mr. Bissue was seen taking money to help an unlicensed company carry out mining operations.

But the CID exonerated Mr. Bissue of the corruption claims after a separate investigation which Tiger Eye P.I. condemned.

Mr. Darko insisted that the Special Prosecutor was the only body “properly mandated to investigate politically exposed persons.”

He said Tiger Eye P.I. would have petitioned the CID if only Mr. Bissue was saddled with the corruption allegations.

“But we realised that there were other people like Thomas Andy Owusu, who is not a public officer… he is linked to the Ashanti Regional NPP chairman.”

“There are people who are not public officers but who have engaged in corruption. In that matter, the police cannot investigate. The OSP is the best-suited person to investigate,” Mr. Darko said.

Also on The Point of View, Dr. Kojo Asante, Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement at the Center for Democratic Development (CDD) said the CID shouldn’t have gone into the case when it was warned by Amidu.

“When this matter came up and Mr. Amidu raised the issue of parallel investigations, I think the CID should have yielded.”

Beyond that Dr. Asante said there were “a lot of missed opportunities” on the part of the police.

Dr. Kojo Asante

“They could have talked to Mr.Amidu and said let’s combine our resources so that we get a definite conclusion to the matter,” he suggested.

Akufo-Addo directs IGP Apeatu to hand over to deputy

President Akufo-Addo has named James Oppong-Boanuh as Acting Inspector-General of Police until a substantive one is appointed.

According to a statement issued Monday, July 22 by Communications Director at the Jubilee House, Eugene Arhin, the President has directed the IGP, David Asante Apeatu to hand over to Mr. Oppong-Boanuh with immediate effect.Ghana’s 28th IGP was supposed to end his extended service August 14, 2019, after his tenure was extended by a year in August 2018.Commissioner of Police (C.O.P) Oppong-Boanuh placed second to Beatrice Vib-Sanziri in a  list of top five possible successors of Mr. Apeatu AsanteIn that list, prepared by Security analyst, Adam Bonah, also had Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah and Nathan Kofi Boakye in the race to becoming Ghana’s next IGP. Some 522 serving officers, retired officers and former IGPs, answered not less than 12 questions administered to them by Bonah’s Security Warehouse Limited.

Explaining his work on JoyNews TV and Joy FM Friday, May 17, the analyst said his team based their work on current profiles, of the possible candidates, the positions they held as well as the regions they worked in.

The candidates’ international exposure, major arrests or operations they undertook, the years they have served, administrative roles plus their achievements and legacies in the Police Service.

J.B. Danquah-Adu trial: Murder suspect lawyers challenge medical report

Lawyers for murder suspect in the late legislator, J.B. Danquah-Adu’s Daniel Asiedu are challenging a medical report that declared him sane to stand trial.

They want the court to direct the Psychiatrist who carried out the evaluation to submit his full report to the court. 

The sanity of Daniel Asiedu who is standing trial together with Vincent Bosso over the murder of Abuakwa North MP came into question following his lawyers’ insistence that they had reason to believe he may not be fit to stand trial. The Accra Psychiatric Hospital was tasked by the court to examine Daniel Asiedu. Dr Sammy Ohene who carried out the examination has since written to the court saying the accused person is fit to stand tria

Lead counsel for Daniel Asiedu, Augustine Obour, however, wants the full report to be provided to the court 

“Can we get a copy or you just looked at him and told the court he is normal?” Mr Obour asked the Psychiatrist. 

Dr Ohene told the court he considered the dressing, behaviour, coherence of Mr Asiedu among other indicators in arriving at his decision.

These he said were contained in Daniel Asiedu’s file at the hospital which could be provided. Tr

ial judge Justice George Buadi directed that the report be submitted to the court.

Lawyer Obour also asked that Dr Ohene be made to submit his birth and baptismal certificates to the court following his admission that he had changed his name from “Samuel” to “Sammy” as a boy.

Dr Ohene, however, said he can submit his professional certificates and passport which bear his name “Sammy Ohene”.

Justice Buadi directed that this is provided as well.Hearing of the case continues on July 30.

Patapaa’s ‘Scopatumana’ finds its way into

Though critics have lambasted Patapaa Amisty for making noise on songs he records, the musician has earned an international recognition.

‘Scopatumana’, a term which emerged from his feature on Kawula Biov’s ‘Daavi Ne Ba’ song, has found its way into

The website posted a link on Twitter that explained the word with the caption: “It resembles expressions in Hawaiian, Malay, and Indonesian, but what about in Ghana, where it’s from?”

“Sco pa tu mana is a nonsense phrase made popular by a rap by the Ghanaian musician Patapaa. The phrase inspired the Skopatumana Challenge, where people post videos of themselves rapping Patapaa’s lyrics,” it read.
Patapaa became popular in Ghana after his ‘One Corner’ song went viral, after published his performance in 2017 during the Agona Swedru Akwambo festival. 

Shatta Wale leads best track on Beyoncé’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ album on Billboard’s website

Shatta Wale topped the charts on Billboard’s website when a poll was created to know which song is topping so far on Beyoncé’s curated-album, ‘The Lion King: The Gift’, which was released last Friday.

Shatta Wale garnered close to 20,000 votes with his ‘Already’ song with Beyoncé ahead of ‘Water’ track featuring Cameroonian musician Salatiel and producer Pharrell, which comes second with 7,000 and over votes. Wizkid’s ‘Brown Skin Girl’ with Queen B comes third with 2,225 votes; the song also featured Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

I would’ve said worse things about Fella but Nana Ama stopped me – Strongman

Rapper Strongman Burner says he received phone calls from some faceless people who were willing to give him ‘cold’ information about actress Fella Makafui during his rap beef with colleague rapper, Medikal.

It all started when Strongman called out Medikal for saying he saved Ghana’s rap when he emerged in the music scene four years ago. Strongman, who disagreed with him, battled out Medikal on many songs, which even lead to the rappers disgracing their girlfriends in public. Strongman and Medikal got involved in a hot rap feud that arrested the attention of many entertainment lovers in Ghana.

Strongman, reacting to this on the Delay Show after the dust had settled, said he had deep facts about Fella but his girlfriend, Nana Ama, urged him to never record them on his second diss song against Medikal.“When I was going to record my second song, she [Nana Ama] was begging me to take those things out. I took a lot of things out.

People were calling me to give me information. People were telling me things about cars and others. I could have said worse things but rap is not journalism. We were talking about rap and Medikal was talking about money,” Strongman told Delay.

Vicky Zugah finally free after a woman cursed her that she will never get married

Actress Vicky Zugah has taken to her Instagram page to confirm that she was cursed by a woman 10 years ago for snatching her husband after several warnings.

In a video, which is fast circulating on social media, the actress was seen kneeling down in front of the woman to beg her to lift the curse.

The issue of the curse came to light after she visited one Prophet Prince Elisha in his church. The man of God disclosed that Vicky Zugah had been cursed not to ever get married even if her fiancé is serious to tie the knot with her until death comes for her. Prophet Elisha helped Vicky Zugah to locate the woman where she apologised and reconciled with her before the curse was broken. Vicky took to her Instagram page to confirm the reports, saying, “redemption has come.”

Seven ‘galamseyers’ trapped as mining pit caves in near Obuasi

Rescue efforts are underway at Akrokeri in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti region to save some seven persons reportedly trapped in an illegal mining pit.

The pit caved in on Thursday morning when the miners were allegedly digging for gold despite a ban on the act.

The Obuasi Divisional Police Commander, DSP Martin Asenso told Citi News that an excavator has been brought to the scene to dig up to find the alleged victims.

Around 5am, the local police had the information that some illegal miners had been trapped in the earth. We came to the scene which is supposed to be a public toilet within the township that had caved in,” he said.

He said the police are yet to find any dead body or retrieve anyone alive from the pit, indicating that the allegation of people trapped underground cannot be confirmed yet.

“We are not able to determine the number of people underground. We have an excavator digging since morning and we have not seen any dead body nor anyone alive coming out. We are still investigating but as at now, no one from the town have come to report of a missing relative so until we’ve dug deep enough we can’t confirm that there is someone trapped underground,” he said.

Illegal mining is still rife in many communities in the country despite a war against the practice.

Incidents of the collapse of mining pits are however quite rare although there are reports that such incidents especially those involving foreign illegal small-scale miners are hardly made public because they have no close relations to take up the matter.

NDC MP aspirant promises fishermen, women in Bortianor training programmes

Felix Akwetey Nii Okle, a parliamentary aspirant in the Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro constituency has pledged to institute a regular training exercise for fishermen within the constituency should he be successful in his bid.

Felix Akwetey Nii Okle observed that most of the coastal dwellers particularly fishermen within his constituency lack some basic knowledge and education, a phenomenon he seeks to change by encouraging them to prioritise education and training.

The MP aspirant said this when he filed his nomination, the first to do so in the constituency on Thursday.

“I’m going to educate them, I’m going to tell them the essence of going to school. Though some may know the essence of going to school, I am going to stress on these areas very well. I will encourage them” he assured.

He added that living the greater part of his life in the constituency makes him appreciate their challenges.

Addressing the gathering outside the party office after filing his nomination, Felix Okle noted that he has lined up series of plans he intends to implement to adequately deal with the problems.

“In today’s world if you are not educated you will not get anywhere so it is my policy that I will make sure that everybody is educated to a certain level that will be sustainable and can sustain their lives. When it comes to the fishing areas I have identified most of their challenges to be their outboard motors, their nets and access to credit” the aspirant added.

In a time when the power of women has dominated recent discourse, Felix Okley insisted that it is a key part of his development agenda.

He disclosed plans to push for the construction of a modern market facility for traders and assist women to access ready market.

This he stated will be done through training programmes and seminars to get women to maximise and better position their business.

“I will organise seminars and training for women and by so doing they will enhance their abilities to do whatever business they have. It is not about smoking fish but it is about how to manage their small businesses” he said in an attempt to win the bid to lead the NDC into the 2020 elections.

The seat was lost to the governing NPP in the 2016 election, a situation he hopes to reverse as he considers himself the best candidate.

43-year-old mechanic jailed 5 years for beating up police officers

Forty-three-year-old Noah Abe will spend five years in jail for beating up police officers on duty.

Prosecuting, Chief Inspector Yahaya Salifu, Ashaiman Divisional Police Command, told the Ashaiman Circuit Court that, on the 29 May 2017, the accused, Noah Abe, was seen driving carelessly.

According to the prosecuting officer, a police officer on duty upon seeing the accused break traffic regulations ordered him to stop.

“Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Isaac Kojo Forson, Ashaiman Divisional Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD), entered the car and ordered the accused to drive to the MTTD office at Ashaiman,” he said.

Chief Inspector Salifu said the accused deliberately drove past the junction the police officer ordered him to use.

According to the prosecuting officer, the police officer upon sensing danger called for re-enforcement.

He noted that the re-enforcement team stopped the accused at Gbetsile Junction near Michel camp and ordered him out of the car, an order the accused refused.

“The accused later got down from the car with a club in hand, hitting the police officer and in the process, injured another officer, Inspector Kingsley Viduku, in the head. He was then arrested and arranged before the court,” he said.

He was subsequently convicted on five counts including, causing harm contrary to section 69 act 26/60, threat of death contrary to section 75 act 29/60, resisting arrest contrary to section 226 act 29/60.

The court presided over by Mr.Gabriel Mate – Teye, said the verdict would serve as a deterrent to those fond of breaking traffic regulations and disrespecting law enforcement officers.

Afoko’s bail: Don’t believe in everything Kweku Baako says – A Plus

Vociferous activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A Plus, has cautioned members of the party to hasten slowly in believing everything said by the Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr.

Vociferous activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A Plus, has cautioned members of the party to hasten slowly in believing everything said by the Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr.

“This is a letter the court wrote to the police asking them to bring Gregory Afoko for a bail bond to be executed. This was the order the police flouted with impunity and were cited for contempt. The fact that you are a young person in this country does not mean you are a fool. The fact that you are a member of the NPP does not mean you must believe everything Kweku Baako says. Kwaku Baako, at this age start fighting for Ghana and our democracy. You have fought very hard for the NPP. Congratulations!!! It’s now time to fight for Ghana too!!!” he said in a post sighted by

One of the lawyers representing the accused person, Nana Yaw Osei has however reacted to the claims made by Kweku Baako on Accra-based Peace Fm.

“The documents you read on PEACE FM’s Kokrokoo programme on (17/7/19) were a one-sided unlawful busy-body interaction between the police and the Lands Commission.It’s the exclusive duty of the court (the Registrar/Registry) to ensure that bail conditions imposed by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction are met by accused persons who have been granted bail, except if the court for whatever reason(s) orders the police or any other person or body to do so”, he said

Man returns missing wallet to owner 17 months after with money intact

“Good people exist.” This could possibly be the best phrase to describe an incredible experience a Twitter user shared on his timeline after he found a wallet 17 months after he lost it under a bizarre circumstance.

According to Gideon Kwame Nyamekye who uses the handle @kwame_kay, he lost his wallet a year ago and as fate would have it, he retrieved it through a good Samaritan on Tuesday in a very interesting way that left him and other social media users gobsmacked.

After losing his wallet, a good Samaritan by name Walid Abi-Karim found the wallet and has on numerous occasions been trying to reach out to the owner on Facebook.

Kwame’s inactivity on Facebook delayed the early retrieval of his wallet.

He had GHc80, and his ID cards still intact when the wallet was returned to him.

“The strangest thing happened [on Tuesday]. I lost my wallet over a year ago and [on Tuesday]…as I tried to board a troski at Lapaz, a gentleman just tapped me on the shoulder and told me he had my wallet. [The] Guy went on to describe it and it’s contents. I was just shocked.”

“The guy recognised me from my Facebook profile picture. Apparently, he’s been messaging me since February 2018 but I haven’t opened Facebook in forever. My 80 cedis was still in the wallet,” Kwame posted on Twitter.

In an interview with Kwame, he explained that he was extremely delighted to have found his wallet again, especially under such a rare circumstance.

He was also grateful to the young man who found his wallet.

“I was ecstatic. Initially, I was just shocked by how it all played out, I mean…having a complete stranger call out your full name isn’t very usual. But I was just very happy, surprised and grateful to see my wallet again,” he said.

Gideon Kwame Nyamekye also described Walid as an “awesome human being.”

In an interview with, the good Samaritan, Walid Abi-Karam who found the wallet disclosed that he returned the wallet because he wants the world to know that honest people still exist.

“I just want the world to know that honest people are still around us. The wallet has been with me for 17 months. The first day I found the wallet, I opened and went through hoping to find his mobile number and call but I didn’t see his number, but I saw his ID cards and I realised he was a student of the University of Ghana.”

“So I checked his full name on his ID and I was convinced everybody likes Facebook and I searched him on Facebook hoping to find him. I sent him a message on Facebook but no response, I saw his sister on Facebook too and I sent her a message too, but there was no response…but someway somehow, I was convinced I will join the same car with him and I will give him his wallet just as he lost it.”

Walid also called on the public to always ensure they return missing items to their owners or ensure they report it to the police for the necessary action to be taken.

“This is to set an example. The best thing to do is to return missing but found items. If you don’t find an ID, it is best you return it to the police.”

Prince David Osei wins Best Actor award at African International Film Festival

Four years after his one cast movie, ‘Last Night’, actor Prince David Osei has picked up an award for his work.

The Ghanaian won Best Actor (Lead Role) at the African International Film Festival Awards 2019 in Dallas, United States of America.

The recognition is the second for the same move after he won Best Actor (Lead Role) at the Abuja international film festival awards in 2017The movie was reportedly the first-ever one cast movie in Africa and cast Prince David Osei in several roles including as ‘Bright Mensah’ a radio show host listening to callers glorify marijuana

It was produced by PDO Productions and Diamond Pictures and directed by Andy Boyo. Prince celebrated his award on Instagram and described the recognition “great and fulfilling.”

He said for the one-cast movie to be still picking an award after several years, the work ought to be put in the category of classics.

The actor revealed the casket scene which was 80% of the movie was the most gruesome act.

“Aside nightmares, I was sick for some time because the wooden nature of casket hampered my breathing,” he said.

In several scenes, Prince also played different characters in the movie that have been described as emotionally engaging.Prince praised Babatunde Adewale who did the original screenplay and also recognised his director Andy Boyo for encouraging him.

Fuse ODG to perform at the closing ceremony of 2019 AFCON

Ghanaian Afropop singer, Fuse ODG will join other artistes to perform at the closing ceremony of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON in Egypt.

After 3-weeks of grueling football full of surprises and entertainment, the curtains will be drawn and the final game will be played between North Africa’s Algeria and Sadio Mane’s Senegal

Fuse ODG announced this on his Instagram page.

He wrote “Touch Down Egypt with the team!! Happy to announce I’ll be performing at the closing ceremony for African Cup of Nations Finals. Me ready to rep! It’s a worldwide movement… #AFCON19#NewAfricaNation”

We didn’t pitch any material to get selected – Bulldog on Beyoncé-Shatta collab

Ghanaians have been questioning how Shatta Wale landed his deal with Beyoncé after the news came out, on Tuesday.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Wednesday, artiste manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, said the team did not pitch any work for selection as many fans have wondered.

“They reached out to our team through Leslie Quaynor, owner of Fantasy Dome and CEO of Fantasy Entertainment Ghana,” he told Daniel Dadzie host of the show.

He admitted Beyoncé had come to Africa to collect and gather up sounds based on her album theme but their deal was quite different from all the others.

Bulldog, as he is popularly called, stated, “I am sure Beyoncé’s team had scouted and listened wide, that’s how they came about their decision.”

On Beyoncé ‘s 14-song new album, The Lion King: The Gift, Shatta Wale is featured in song number 11 – ‘Already’.

The song was also produced by Ghana’s own GuiltyBeatz.

GuiltyBeatz also co-produced two other songs on the album, “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)” by Beyoncé, and ‘Keys to The Kingdom’ by Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi.

The artiste manager had initially worked with Shatta Wale on the song Beyonce’s team had asked them to jump on.

“When it came to us they wanted to do something special so after the initial work we had done on the song, a request came back to have us do more on a hook Beyoncé was initially supposed to do,” he revealed.

Bulldog stated, Beyoncé was impressed with the lyrics of Shatta Wale and asked for the change herself, “ she said it would be better for him to do that hook.”

He added the team is humbled because it was the criticisms and support of Ghanaians that elevated Shatta Wale to where he is now.

”This is a win for Ghana and the music industry and not just Shatta Wale,” he added.

The Lion King: The Gift, executive produced by Beyoncé, is out this Friday, July 19 via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records.

See the tracklist below:

01 Beyoncé: “Bigger”

02 Beyoncé: “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)”

03 Tekno / Yemi Alade / Mr. Eazi: “Don’t Jealous Me”

04 Burna Boy: “Ja Ara E”

05 Beyoncé / Kendrick Lamar: “The Nile”

06 Beyoncé / JAY-Z / Childish Gambino: “Mood 4 Eva”

07 Salatiel / Pharrell / Beyoncé: “Water”

08 Blue Ivy Carter / SAINt JHN / WizKid / Beyoncé: “Brown Skin Girl”

09 Tiwa Savage / Mr. Eazi: “Keys to the Kingdom”

10 Beyoncé: “Otherside”

11 Beyoncé / Shatta Wale: “Already”

12 Tierra Whack / Beyoncé / Busiswa / Yemi Alade / Moonchild Sanelly: “My Power”

13 070 Shake / Jessie Reyez: “Scar”

14 Beyoncé: “Spirit”

Prophecy about Shatta Wale, Beyonce deal came in 2018

Snapshot of a Facebook post sighted by has revealed that the founder of Salvation Outreach Miracle Ministry, Prophet Adjei Sowah Telvin prophesied about Shatta Wale’s collaboration with an American star on March 27, 2018.

American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has featured Ghana’s self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Charles Nii Armah Mensah alias Shatta Wale in her latest album titled ‘Lion King’.

According to her, the new album, “Lion King” is a letter to Africa and for Africa.

She mentioned that she decided to feature some great African artistes to give the album the “feel” she was expecting.

The renowned musician explained that the album is not just about the music but says a lot about African music.

Shatta Wale has been on top trends in the music arena and major news outlets since July 16, 2019 following the release of the featured album by the American Singer.

But the prophesy of their union which happened a year ago as posted by the man of God reads “God has called Shatta Wale and soon it will be manifested but before that . Read below God has revealed something to me about Charles Nii Armah Mensah ( Shatta Wale ) I saw him carrying a microphone and standing on the map of Africa shaking hands with a musician from America , and I saw him with awards recognized by presidents of different countries . I don’t know what people think about him but from June 2019 something is coming his way which is going to change his carrier from where it is to a level which we won’t believe in the history of Africa music. Because I saw presidents and UK = hailing his brand. People won’t understand This is a prophetic Word nothing but the truth, I don’t know him from anywhere so I won’t come here and prophesy to help him for anything truth is truth. God has showed me this 4 times and I have ignored it but when I saw it in my dream just this morning I said no I need to voice out . Prophet A.S. Telvin”

Sarkodie is a hypocrite – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has made a shocking statement about rapper Sarkodie following the latter’s congratulatory message to him for working with Beyoncé.

Shatta Wale early Wednesday morning on Zylofon FM described Obidi as a hypocrite. Explaining why he did not retweet Sarkodie’s congratulatory message to him, the SM4LYF boss told Sammy Flex, host of the morning entertainment show that the tweet from Sark was not from his heart.

To him, Sarkodie has been acting as a boss towards him and that is an attitude he hates.

“Sarkodie has become too known. He was recently on Hitz FM and he was trying to pose big to me. I don’t pose big to people. Music is not about your dress and it’s not about how you speak.” passionate Shatta Wale mentioned.

Wale during the interview monitored continued that “I don’t want hypocrites around me. Sarkodie has always been a hypocrite. I didn’t wish him on his birthday. He think he can tweet about my collabo and make people say he’s a matured person. I won’t retweet his tweet. He can say that message but I know deep down within him it wasn’t a real tweet.”

Listen to what Shatta Wale actually said concerning Sarkodie when he was asked why he didn’t retweet Sark’s congrats to him.

No Ghanaian player dead or alive can be compared to Asamoah Gyan – Kofi Manu

Football erudite Kofi Manu has eulogized Asamoah Gyan, insisting no Ghanaian footballer dead or alive can be compared to the iconic Black Stars striker.

The 33-year-old remains the undisputed king of the game in the West African nation after an illustrious and enviable career.

The former Sunderland hitman has been hailed for his work ethics, genuine heart and professionalism.

Gyan was sensationally stripped off the Ghana captaincy under bizarre circumstances by under-fire coach Kwesi Appiah to spark a wave of controversy before the country’s failed 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Gyan was left on the bench under shocking circumstances at a time that goal scoring had become difficult for the four-time African champions.

The diagnosis of the country’s failed attempt at ending an elusive 37-year-wait for an African crown has largely been blamed on the indecisiveness of coach Appiah and his backroom staff.

And experienced and hugely-read football administrator Kofi Manu, has criticized the poor treatment meted out to the famous striker by the Ghanaian gaffer.

He says the achievements of Gyan surpass any Ghanaian footballer dead or alive.

“You don’t treat a player like Asamoah Gyan like that. His track record both on and off the field is insurmountable,” he told Asempa FM

“Even those he has helped through his many charity organisations did not even wish the team well. It was an unfortunate decision to take the captaincy from him at that material time.

“You took him and didn’t allow him to play. His mere presence in the team was a scary factor for opposing players. These are facts.

“No Ghanaian player can be compared to Asamoah Gyan’s record in world football. He has set records at FIFA and CAF levels.

“He is the highest goal scoring African player at the World Cup and many other unaccountable achievements. You cant take that away from him. He is the real deal.”

Asamoah Gyan is Ghana’s record man. He is a legend. He is famous and the most iconic among this current generation. He has been the symbol of the Black Stars the last decade. At 33, he continues to break new barriers to further cement his legendary status.

He holds the record for the most goals by an African in the history of the FIFA World Cup – 6 goals in three editions (2006, 2010, 2014).

At the twilight of his career, Gyan made the AFCON finals for the seventh time in a row. He has been in the Black Stars squad at every edition since 2008, captaining the side in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

On his previous six appearances, ‘Baby Jet’ as he is fondly called has eight goals to name from 29 matches and reaching the final on two occasions – 2010 and 2015, losing to Egypt and Cote d’Ivoire respectively. He has scored in every edition he has featured equalling the record of Zambian legend Kalusha Bwalya and Cameroon icon Samuel Eto’o.

His 29 matches at the AFCON is yet another Ghanaian record at the finals of the flagship continental event.

Nana Addo petitioned over 12 projects awarded to David Adjaye

A Ghanaian Architectural firm, Design and Associates Development Consortium, has petitioned the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, over possible bias in the award of 12 state projects to David Adjaye & Associates.

The architectural firm run by Sir David Adjaye has already courted controversy because of its work on the National Cathedral and the new Parliament complex.

Design and Associates argue that these two projects, in addition to others like the Marine Drive Master Planning, Trade Fair Centre redesign and the GNPC Accra Head Office, were not awarded fairly.

“Our concerns are premised on the total and absolute disregard and non-adherence to principles of transparency, fairness, equity and the laws governing the procurement of professional services by stature companies and bodies.”

The firm is raising concerns over Mr. Adjaye’s legitimacy to practice in Ghana because he is not a resident per the Architects Decree (NRCD 357).

Design and Associates also says Mr. Adjaye’s firm is recruiting architects from beyond Ghana and ignoring local talent.

“The negative impression and image is being created in the public that locally trained Architects and Engineers are incompetent and not qualified to undertake such projects in the country which is totally untrue.”

But the crux of the local architecture firm’s complaints had to do with the procurement process which it described as “bizarre.”

It maintained in the petition that David Adjaye & Associates was selected “contrary to all notions of fairness to carry out projects when it is clear that anyone firm would be overburdened by projects of such magnitude.”

In addition, Design and Associates rubbished assertions of fairness in the selection process for at least the controversial new Parliament complex.

In an attached letter responding to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, it described the competition for the design of the new Parliament complex “a complete hoax.”

It said local firms were excluded from discussions on the projects with various state institutions.

“Therefore, for the same individual or firm to be presented as a winner of the supposed competitive bidding process is most scandalous. It cannot be said that the public offices involved in the decision process were not biased, prejudiced and influenced in their decision making because of the several meetings held with Adjaye and Associates.”

‘We’re part of the problem; we make EC’s work difficult’ – Kufuor

Former President John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor, has expressed confidence and trust in the Electoral Commission (EC) to live up to expectation.

“Within your short stay in office, I am impressed with your work. I feel comfortable, especially with the approach of reaching out to engage with stakeholders. I have been following the EC from afar and I know the affairs of the commission is being steered evenly,” he said.

He counselled the EC not to succumb to pressure from political parties but should remain firm, transparent, and professional, as well as take decisive decisions that would ensure peace in all its electoral activities

Former President Kufuor said this when Mrs Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the EC led a team of its Commissioners to pay a courtesy call on him in Accra.

Among the team were her two deputies – Mr Samuel Tettey, the Commissioner in-charge of Operations and Dr Bossman Eric Asare, the Commissioner in-charge of Corporate Services, as well as Mrs Adwoa Asuama Abrefa, a CommissionerThe visit formed part of EC’s efforts to explain its operations and bring the Commission closer to stakeholders as well as afford the Commission an opportunity to know at first-hand, the concerns and issues regarding its operations.

The EC’s delegation was received by the Former President, Mr Kwadwo Mpiani, the former Chief of Staff and other staff members.

He lauded the EC’s transformation agenda and urged the Commission to equip its staff with the requisite training to ensure smooth electoral processes because the EC was a pivot around which political system revolved.

“Wherever there is power there is tension because everyone wants to be on top to manage the power it but it is the duty of the referee to ensure fairness and impartiality,” he said.

“Your agents at the local level must reflect your integrity with which you are working. They must do their work without compromising.

“Do not expect the political parties to love you. The constitution enjoins you to be a good referee and ensure that the right things are done in the interest of the state. The stability of the nation will depend on your work.

“I believe 2020 will be crucial to Ghana and many countries look up to Ghana so we need to prepare very well for events before during and after. Use the best practices to conduct the elections and be firm”.

The former President encouraged the EC to continue the Inter-Party Advisory Committee meetings and listen to constructive concerns to enhance its work.

Mr Mpiani said the EC over the years had not opened up to its stakeholders hence political parties in opposition constantly had issues with the Commission.

“We politicians are part of the problem of the EC. I have had the opportunity to engage with the EC and I think politicians make the work of the EC very difficult,” he said.

To enhance the work of the EC, he suggested that, the EC engaged the right and competent people at the local level to administer the electoral processes.

He advised the EC to open up to all politicians and the public about its operations to win their trust to reduce tensions.

Mrs Mensa said the Commission recognised the immense contribution of former President Kufuor to the political dispensation of Ghana, hence the decision to visit to seek wise counsel and partnership.

Mrs Mensa reiterated that the Commission was poised to run an open door policy and would give a level playing field to all political parties to ensure credible, transparent, free and fair elections.

She briefed them about the commencement of processes to build a strong administrative governance structure to correct lapses at the EC.

“I am not too surprised because I know of your integrity, professionalism and exemplary work that contributed to the growth of the Institute of Economics Affairs when you led that body”.

Ayariga’s lawyers urge court to put trial on hold

Lawyers for Bawku Central MP Mahama Ayariga are urging an Accra High Court to put his trial on hold.

Member of his legal team, Edudzi Tamakloe, on Wednesday argued before an Accra High Court that the case cannot proceed due to a pending appeal they have filed. 

The former Sports minister’s counsel is challenging an earlier ruling of the court. The Mp who has been charged with using his public office for private gain by the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, had earlier urged the court to dismiss the case against him as he questioned the eligibility of Mr Amidu.

This was dismissed by the court presided over Justice Asare Botwe as it ruled that despite a pending suit questioning Mr Amidu’s eligibility at the Supreme Court, he can still file charges. 

However, the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s represented by Michael Baafi opposed the application.

He argued that no harm will be occasioned Mr Ayariga if the trial progresses.

According to him, the Court of Appeal (hearing the appeal) and the Supreme Court (hearing the Amidu eligibility case) can make orders truncating the trial if it finds merit in the case. 

Justice Afia Asare Botwe adjourned the case to July 31st to deliver her ruling.

The court which is also hearing another case involving the MP relating to importation of cars granted a request by the Special Prosecutor to replace the charge sheet filed earlier.

But Mr Tamakloe urged the court to halt proceedings as they are seeking to overturn the ruling at the Court of Appeal.

Strika’s handler hands over ¢40,000 to actor

The child actor in the ‘Beast Of No Nation’ movie, Emmanuel Adom Quaye, has received an amount of ¢40,000 from his handler, Kofi Robert.

The handler had been accused by the actor of duping him of the 1% entitlement he got after starring in the Netflix production.

After a revealing interview with Joy News’ MzGee, Strika, as he is popularly called, last week lodged a formal complaint with the Central Police Station in Accra.

Kofi Robert was invited afterward and ordered to hand over the account and its transactions to date.

On Tuesday, the handler closed the account he held in trust for ‘Strika’ and handed over an amount of ¢40,093.22 to ‘Strika’ in the presence of his family at the Accra Region Police Command.

Reacting to the development, Robert said he was shocked by the claims and actions of Strika against him. 

According to him, he feels relieved after handing over the account explaining he had no intention of squandering Strika’s money. 

“I was alerted by friends that Emma had been on air making certain statements and I was surprised. My understanding was that he needed money and whenever he needs money, he always calls me, we meet at the Osu Barclays bank and I withdraw the money for him,” he explained.

He debunked claims by Strika that he couldn’t reach him for months, saying the last transaction he made on behalf of Strika was two months ago. 

Mr Robert stated that he withdrew ¢1,000 for Strika on May 20, hoping it would last him a while.

“For me to hear he needed money again last week was surprising,” he added.

Though Robert admits he reneged on his promise to hand over Strika’s account to him when he turned 18, he said the action was without malice. 

He explained that he only wanted to test the young actor’s ability to manage such an amount at 18 and was keeping the money for him until he is 21.

Shatta Wale to tour with Beyoncé

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has revealed that he will soon join music superstar Beyoncé for a music tour.

This follows news of a collaboration between the multiple Grammy winner and ‘My Level’ singer on the yet-to-be-released ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ album. 

Shatta Wale stated that his team had been informed by Beyonce’s management of a forthcoming global tour to promote the new album.  “They’ve told us that we are going to be on that tour,” elated Shatta Wale disclosed on Zylofon FM, Wednesday. 

Social media on Tuesday was awash with the announcement of Shatta Wale’s feature on the new album to accompany The Lion King remake.

Other contributors on the project include Mr Eazi, Guilty Beats, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Tekno, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Childish Gambino. The artiste is featured on the 11th song titled ’Already’ on the 14-track album to be released on Friday.

After submitting his verse for the song, Shatta Wale revealed that he prayed for his entry will be accepted and passed by Beyonce’s team. 

According to him, the collaboration was sealed in June this year after his agent responded to a request from Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment.

The artiste mentioned that the ‘Halo’ hitmaker sent the lyrics of her verse and he was asked to record his verse and submit a copy through his agent. 


The Kwahu traditional council led by Dasebre Nana Akuamoah Agyapogng II Omanhene of kwahu Abene . Akyemfuo Asiedu kwahu Abetifi hene, Nana Effah Openamang Kwahu Obomeng hene, Nana Ayirepe Bonus kwahu pepease hene , Nana Afari boagyan Kwahu Obo hene , Nana Ampadu Daduam kwahu Mpraeso hene, Nana Kwahu Tafo hene, kontihene of Abene today 13th July 2019.

They went for operation at Kwahu West district in the eastern region thus Kwahu Aprahwiem, Ampeyoo, Kwahu Akwaboa.etc to flush out persons engaged in galamsey activities in river PRA at the above towns but when the get there nobody was around .
They only saw the equipment and tools they uses for operations.

According to report from Nana Akuamoah Agyapong state that, with the little knowledge they have and to be sincere to Ghanian about the galamsey Menence, infant they can confidentiality say that they don’t know them, they don’t know where the came’s from but they may think that they came’s from Akyem area .

no permits has initiate to them. Means, they do the work with their own power without any approval from the chiefs of kwahu..

Nana Akyemfuo Asiedu added that, galamsey was currently the biggest headache Ghana was face with, considering the distinction it was causing to the environment and natural resources which not need to be pampered in kwahu area. He also appeal to Omanhene to help call to order the few recalcitrant illegal miners.

Credit: Kwahu Online Radio.


A Canadian based research team has released 2018 list of best Presidents in Africa, placing the President of Ghana, Akufo Addo on top of the list. This follows a similar research conducted by US based think tank, world vision forum which placed President Akufo Addo 1st on the list in Africa and 3rd in the world of best Presidents with vision.

The Canadian research team, ‘’’Leaders of tomorrow’’’ believes Nana Akufo-Addo, since he won the 2016 elections against John Dramani Mahama,has since been the man of the people with a high approval rating because of his positive policies such as free secondary education, Planting for food and Jobs, I district 1 Dam, NAPCO among others. Again, his commitment to the development of Ghana, lack of major controversies or corruption allegations under his regime, his government respect of the rule of law…etc put him on top

The second on the list is the President of Botswana Ian Khama Khama, the third is the President of Mauritius Ameenah Gurib, President of Seychelles Danny Faure was placed 4th while the President of Gambia adama Barrow was placed 5th


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) China branch to hold their annual conference under the Chairmanship of Mr. Owusu Achiaw (China Chairman. other dignitaries include national branch Chairman Mr Freddy Blay, National Organizer Sammy Awuku, Mr John Boadu (General secretary ) and many others. the event will take place at grand skylight hotel Boaen Shenzhen from 26th to 28th july 2019 8:00am to 5:00pm each day.

According to the communication affair for N.P.P china branch Mr Mark Amponsah wishes to invite all N.P.P members around China to come and support them for successful conference.

Government receives Black Stars after AFCON exist.

The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS), welcomed the senior national team, Black Stars back to Accra, in the early hours of Thursday following their disappointing exit from the ongoing 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt. 

Professor Peter Twumasi, Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA) led a delegation to welcome the team at the Kotoka International Airport on behalf of MOYS.

The team departed their base in Ismailia for the Cairo International Airport on Wednesday.

The travelling party was without Andy Yiadom and Caleb Ekuban who have already left for London and Milan respectively. 

Ghana was booted out of the tournament on Monday after losing 5-4 on penalties to Tunisia in the Round of 16 after playing out a 1-1 draw in 120 minutes. Having been to the semi-finals in the last six editions and in the finals on two occasions, this was the worst performance by the team in the tournament since 2006.

Castro will return, he didn’t drown – Kofi Kinaata

Highlife musician, Kofi Kinaata says it will take a long time for him to believe Ghanaian musician, Castro is dead.

Castro and Miss Janet Bandu were reported to have drowned following a jet ski accident at the Ada Estuary on July 6, 2014.

The jet ski involved in the accident was recovered the same day of their disappearance but their bodies were not recovered, despite a search by the police.
Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, monitored by, Kofi Kinaata, who hails from Takoradi in the Western region where Castro also comes from, said he isn’t dead. According to him, no one has been able to prove that he drowned, hence he wouldn’t easily give up on him. He told Andy Dosty that, “for now, we would say he is missing. No one saw him drown. We are hoping to see him. I can’t believe he is dead because there is no evidence.”

Captain Smart sends touching message to wife on her birthday

Captain Godsbrain Smart, host of Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, has sent a touching message to his wife as she celebrates her birthday.

Below is the full message as sent to his wife:


Oheneyere Akosua Sikapa Yirenkyibea Smar

In my quest to find love and the turbulence thereof to seek emotional stability you came. You were my reason back then, my reason now and my reason every day. You have strengthened my weaknesses. You have brought focus to my dreams and a new reason to love and worship God. “I wish I could promise you riches but every vault has its end. Even the sea will dry one day. What I do promise you is ME and the keys to the inner corners of my heart so you will discover me the more,” the message read in part.

Some people see me now and want to know the secret. You are the answer.

I can’t promise you anything because anything is not mine.

I wish I could promise you riches but every vault has its end. Even the sea will dry one day. What I do promise you is ME and the keys to the inner corners of my heart so you will discover me the more.

I am not perfect but i have a good heart of love for you.

Thanks for the stability you’ve brought into my life.

Diana Hamilton writes profound birthday message for husband

Award winning Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Hamilton, popularly known as Née Antwi, has written a warm birthday wish to her husband.

In a Facebook post on July 12th, she expressed her appreciation to him for the role he has played in her life. Diana Hamilton, who is one of Ghana’s outstanding gospel musicians, wrote this along with a photo she posted on her Facebook page.

Language barrier restricts my rap – Kofi Kinaata

Rapper and Hiplife artiste, Martin King Arthur, popularly called Kofi Kinaata, has revealed he has restricted how much he raps, because of the language he speaks.

According to the Takoradi based artiste, rapping in Fante, the major local language spoken in the Central and Western Regions of Ghana, makes it difficult for his fans in other regions to understand the stories he tells.

“I tell my stories through music but it’s no use raping when people do not get the concepts and/or the meaning of my lyrics,” Kofi Kinaata
He explained he had to take up singing, with a mixture of English and Fante, to help fans unfamiliar with the Fante rap understand what he is communicating.

Kofi Kinaata is not the only artiste in Ghana who had had to change or incorporate another languages into their songs. Rapper Sarkodie who raps in Twi after a few years had to add English to his lyrics to give his international fans a depth into his songs.

Also, rapper Edem who proudly raps in Eve also takes up Twi or English in an effort to widen his fan base.

When Kofi Kinaata took up singing, he served Ghanaians with one of his greatest hits ‘Susuka’ and ‘Confession’. Although both songs contain some Fante raps, they were not as dominant as is found in his other artistic works.

But the Takoradi-based artiste remains admired for the life-teaching lessons laced in the songs. In 2016, ‘Susuka’ earned him the Best Songwriter Award at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA).

Other songs he is known for include, ‘Sweetie Pie’, ‘Single and Free’, ‘Illegal Fishing’ and ‘Play’.

The Fante Rap god as he is affectionately called said he had reservations about singing but his fans have grown to love him more.

Although he has not completely stopped rapping, Kofi Kinaata, stated the singing has become a part of him and his style.

“My strength is my lyrics, so I want everyone to understand what I am trying to communicate. Since my fans love the singing, I am good,” he added.

Kofi Kinaata is out with another song titled, ‘Adam and Eve’. He told Andy Dosty the song is for fans who have requested for love songs.

If you are struggling in life, Stonebwoy has a song for you – Tuffseed

Everyday hardships are pretty much to be expected during our time here on earth but the bright side, however, is that the struggles do not always equate negativity.

That is the message award-winning reggae dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy is sending across with his latest release, Tuffseed.

The track is a soulful masterpiece which highlights the inevitable struggles people face daily but are still able to realize the tremendous opportunity each surmounted hurdle is shrouded with. The versatile reggae dancehall artiste in this new song encourages fans to know that they are seeds and hence, have to be buried in order to grow into strong trees that bear fruits.

There are lessons to be learned from being down, and since life is full of ups and downs the future may be bright for those going through struggles.

Stonebwoy’s Tuffseed gives fans three key lessons for reference; one has work, set their own limits and note that struggles are to be expected.

Why gov’t must include private schools in free SHS policy

The former South African President, Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

On 1st September 2017, the NPP government led by President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo rolled out a policy that saw the 2017/2018 academic year Senior High School entrants admitted into the various schools they were posted to without paying any fees. This policy is termed “Free Senior High School” program and it aims at eliminating the element of cost which often becomes a barrier to higher education in Ghana.

In the 2017/18 academic year, over 200,000 students benefited from this program. This commendable policy was well-received by the citizens, as it brought a sigh of relief to many parents, especially to the children from financially-challenged homes.
This policy is also commendable in terms of helping Ghana achieve the Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) 4 which is to ensure that “all boys and girls complete free primary and secondary schooling by 2030” and also to eliminate educational inequality in terms of gender and wealth disparities.

The increasing number of students that were admitted into the free SHS program in the 2018/19 academic year necessitated the introduction of the double track system in order to accommodate more students into the program. The double track system was also due to infrastructural challenges faced by the various senior high schools in Ghana, which the government intend to resolve over time.

With about 517,332 candidates who wrote the Basic Education Certificate Examinations this year, the issue of infrastructural challenges is likely to worsen and could deepen the multiple-track system introduced into the senior high schools in the 2018/19 academic year.

One reliable means by which the government can ease the pressure on the infrastructural facilities in the various senior high schools in Ghana is to include private senior high schools in the free S.H.S program. Even though the effort has been made by the government to provide extra classrooms blocks for some senior high schools ahead of the 2019/20 academic year, the inclusion of the private senior high schools in the free S.H.S program will be highly commendable and will provide more room for curbing the temporal double track system in no time.

There are over 500 private senior high schools in Ghana, who are providing various forms of educational programs ranging from business, general and agricultural science, visual and general arts to home economics. Most of these schools are well equipped in terms of infrastructural facilities such as adequate classroom blocks, boarding houses to accommodate students as well as excellent teaching and learning materials. These schools also have qualified teachers who offer excellent tuition to students. This often translates to excellent performance in the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

There are several benefits the nation stands to gain when private schools are included in the senior high school program. Notable among them are:

Less pressure on government in dealing with the infrastructural challenges facing public senior high schools

The inclusion of private senior high schools in the free senior high school programme will relieve the government of the expected urgency in the provision of extra infrastructural facilities in the public senior high schools in the short term. This is because some private senior high schools are well equipped in terms of infrastructure to accommodate students in the boarding houses and also have quality teachers just the public senior high schools, and therefore have the capacity of providing quality education and contribute immensely towards human capital development in Ghana and the world as a whole. This can help Ghana achieve greater economic growth, just as empirical work has proven that quality education played an active role in the economic growth and development in the Asian countries (Asian tigers) such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and others. 

Furthermore, it will help the government in ensuring fiscal discipline, have ample time to make effective decisions to improve the educational sector and also enable the government to channel funds to other sectors of the economy in order to achieve significant growth in all sectors of the economy. It will also help in eradicating the multi-track system, which the government introduced as a short term measure of dealing with infrastructural challenges among the public senior high schools in Ghana.

Prevention of collapse of private senior high school and enhanced growth and employment

According to Ghana Statistical Service, the number of people living in extreme poverty in Ghana increased to 2.4 million as at 2017, with Gini coefficient of 43.0% (GLSS 7) and poverty rate standing at 23.4%. This can partly be attributed to high unemployment rate and lack of sustained source of livelihood. Hence, any policy that can provide employment opportunity is highly recommendable.

The inclusion of private schools in the free S.H.S program is, therefore, one of the means of eradication of unemployment in Ghana, since it will liberate the private schools from fear of collapsing due low intake of students, thereby sustaining employment and huge investment in the private schools in Ghana.

Furthermore, the inclusion of private schools in the free S.H.S program will induce employment of extra teachers by the private school to meet the expected increasing demanding of teachers. This will there result in the employment of teachers beyond the 59,000 the Education Ministry has already employed since 2017.

It will also ensure that private schools do not collapse, as many private schools are on the verge of collapsing due to the decreasing number of student intake.

This will prevent the current private S.H.S employees which include teachers and other staff who are making an immense contribution to the growth of the economy through education, from losing their jobs and source of livelihood, thereby contributing to the reduction in the unemployment rate and ensuring significant growth of the economy of Ghana.

The continuous rise of Ghana’s energy sector debt and its implications

Benjamin Boakye, Executive Director of African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has assigned reasons for the mounting debt stock in the energy sector despite the institutionalisation of several taxes and levies to address the issue.

Ghana’s energy sector has a debt of $2.2 billion accumulated over a period of more than two decades. This is generally referred to as the legacy debt.
This has resulted in government’s inability to occasionally purchase fuel for the production of power and pay independent power producers leading to intermittent power outages.

The operations of State Owned Enterprises within the energy sector like ECG, VRA, GRIDCo have been constraint largely due to the massive debt overhang.

In 2015, Government of Ghana, during the administration of John Mahama passed the Energy Sector Levy Act (ACT 899) to bring under one umbrella, taxes and levies collected for the settlement of Ghana’s energy sector debt.

The ESLA was introduced to among others bring together energy sector levies for their efficient utilisation; defray the country’s energy sector legacy debts and other liabilities within the energy sector; serve as source of funds to facilitate sustainable long term investments in the energy sector.

Continuous debt accumulation

Speaking on PM Express Thursday, Ben Boakye noted that despite efforts at addressing the problem, the energy sector seems to be piling up more debt in recent times at a faster rate largely due to power agreements signed in the last 5 years.

This, in his opinion, has rendered the levies gathered under the ESLA inadequate to deal with the debt menace that has adversely affected the institutions for years.

“The money doesn’t appear to be adequate. You have an ESLA that is supposed to clear outstanding debt and we have not been able to stop accumulating debt. So whiles you want to address an existing debt portfolio, you are still accumulating debt” ACEP’s Executive Director disclosed.

Excess power

Currently, Ghana has an available installed electricity generation capacity of 4,399 MW – Hydroelectric: 1,580 MW, Thermal: 2,796 MW and Renewable: 22.5 MW.

The country’s peak demand in 2018, according to the Energy Commission, is 2,523.49 MW meaning Ghana has a little below 1000 MW in excess which is produced but not consumed.

The ACEP Executive Director points to this phenomenon as a significant contributing factor to Ghana’s inability to settle the legacy debts as it initially planned.

He disclosed that Ghana is compelled to pay millions of dollars monthly for power generated despite the fact that it is not being used. The situation, he adds, will compound should more of the IPPs with whom agreements have been signed come on stream.

Benjamin Boakye asserted “currently the excess capacity that we have to pay for is about $25 million every month. So by the end of the year when you have Amandi coming on, you have Cenpower coming full stream, that shoots us to about $42 million a month for excess capacity. The debt accumulation is not stopping, you always have to get extra money to address some of these challenges. We need to have a real look at these situation and say how do we deal with it? How do we stop the debt accumulation so that we can the opportunity to address the existing debt? Else, the ESLA alone will not be enough”

According to the “Annual Report on the Management of the Energy Sector Levies and Accounts For The Year 2018” submitted to Parliament by Ken Ofori-Atta, Finance Minister, GHC2.5 million out of the GHC3.1 million gathered from the ESLA was utilised by Government.

Misuse of funds

Contributing to the discussion of Ghana’s energy sector debt, the Damongo MP and Ranking Member on Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, Adams Mutawakilu, accused the Akufo-Addo government of misappropriating funds accrued by the ESLA.

This, he insists, has affected the performance of institutions who would have had some fiscal room to manage their operations and go for facilities on their own balance sheet.

“If a government in 2017 ESLA could tell us that they use GHC600 million to pay for pension arrears, What is more of misuse than that? That ESLA is purposely for energy sector and therefore you can’t just say you have liability and then you dip your hand (into it). It is captured in the report.”

“ECG in 2016 made a profit of GHC725 miilion under President Mahama, GRIDCo GHC69. So the ESLA if utilised in the manner it is expected, we expect these agencies to perform better. The more they are able to perform the more they are able to shoulder any facility they go in for. As at 2017, we got worst performance. ECG recorded a loss of GHC2 billion because it is not performing; GRIDCO, GHC118 million loss. So you realise that even with the ESLA the performance has gone down terribly” the lawmaker stressed.

In the view of the Ranking Member on the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, Mutawakilu Adam, the energy sector debt will linger on for long time to come because of the government’s approach to dealing with it.

“This energy sector debt will hang on us for a very long time.”

“The rate of accumulation of debt is astronomical. If we can take from 1992 to 2015 to accumulate $2.4 billion debt and from January 2017 to today the energy debt accumulated is about GHC2 billion then there is cause for worry.”

“There was the need to put an end to it and that is why ESLA came in, bringing all the taxes under one envelop. And as at the end of 2015 we had $2.4 billion but by the end of 2016 it had reduced to $2.2 billion because $250 million of the $2.2 billion had been paid.”


To resolve the issue, however, Executive Director of ACEP, Benjamin Boakye has advocated strongly for the cancellation of some agreements signed between the government and power producing companies for the generation of power.

He emphasised that government must confront the issue of the energy sector debt head-on to reduce the risk of intermittent power outages.

“We have to sit down and address this energy issue because its going to be recurrent. We will be talking about it, blaming others but the situation needs solutions now. I think we have to bit the bullet, some of the contractors have to go. Who can go? Bear the consequences because if you are going to pay $200 million today it is better than waiting to pay GHC 500, GHC1bn in 2-3 years” he cautioned

Over GHC3 million Duase warehousing projects defective

A four-warehouse project, rehabilitated at the cost of a little over GH?3 million at Duase in the Manhyia North district of the Ashanti Region and just handed over to the state, has been classified as having several defects less than five months after completion.

The project, which was awarded to Messrs Seliwas Company Limited, in 2017, to be completed in five months, was originally estimated at a little over GH?1 million but was revised to a little over GH?3 million, being GH?2 million difference.

Out of this total sum spent on the project, GH?572,243 was a contribution disbursed from the Annual Budget Funding Amount (ABFA).

The expected date for the completion of the project was also revised from April 4, 2018, to May 4, 2018, however, according to officials at the facility the project was handed over in February 2019.

This notwithstanding, parts of the newly rehabilitated facility, handed over to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) for use, has already started showing signs of wear and tear.

Three of the four structures – including an office used by the Ghana Commodity Exchange for monitoring – leak heavily when it rains, while other parts have visible signs of cracks.

During the visit to the facility by members of the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), it emerged that a number of reports had already been filed on the development. One of such memos reporting the issue stated that “immediate action needed to be taken before it becomes disastrous.”

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However, authorities in charge of the facility appeared to have ignored this plea and persistent calls for attention to be given to the defects while the newly-rehabilitated facility deteriorate.

The current rate of the facility’s deterioration is feared could affect the work of the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX) and National Food Buffer Stock Company (NAFCO), which currently occupy parts of the facility.

NAFCO stocks variety of food items – including soya beans, rice, and maize – to guarantee an assured income to farmers by providing a minimum guaranteed price and ready market. Part of its mandate is also to mop-up excess produce from all farmers in order to reduce post-harvest losses resulting from spoilage due to poor storage, thereby protecting farm incomes.

Currently, NAFCO is in charge of food supplies to senior high schools as part of the government’s Free Senior High School programme, and therefore any delay in addressing the leakages at the facility could affect the quality of grains it stocks for supply.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of NAFCO, Mr. Emmanuel Arthur, explained in a telephone interview that NAFCO is just an end-user of the facility but with the current situation would take steps to secure its stock in order that it is not contaminated in any way.

However, he disclosed that effort was going to be made to engage the consultants and contractor of the rehabilitation works.

Meanwhile, attempts to get some clarifications from the contractor, Messrs Seliwas Company Limited, were unsuccessful. Several calls placed to clarify some of the issues that emerged at the visit of the Committee mandated to monitor and evaluate the management and use of Ghana’s petroleum revenues by institutions of the state, were not answered.

Also, the Ashanti Regional Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Rev. John Manu, in a telephone interview also said he was not aware of the rehabilitation works. However, he indicated that it could have been done prior to his transfer to the Region.

The visit by PIAC formed part of its 2019 districts engagement and inspection of projects supported with oil revenue in the Ashanti Region.

The members of PIAC, led by the Vice-Chairman of PIAC, Dr. Thomas Stevens, to inspect the facility were not impressed with the state of the facility considering the amount of money that was spent on the rehabilitation.

Dangote refinery to end imports of petroleum products to Africa

Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries would soon heave a sigh of relief from the importation of petroleum products, with the imminent completion of the 650,000 barrels-per-day (bpd) Dangote Refinery at Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos.

Group Executive Director, Strategy, Capital Projects & Portfolio Development, Devakumar Edwin, made this statement on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, during the opening of the Ghana International Petroleum Conference (GhIPCON), which took place in Accra, Ghana.

This year’s conference held under the theme: ‘Regional Collaboration: A Catalyst for Transformation,” organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and the National Petroleum Authority, was attended by stakeholders in the petroleum sector in the West Africa region.

Represented by the Technical Adviser to the President of Dangote Group on Refinery and Petrochemicals, Ign. Babajide Soyode, Mr. Edwin expressed the belief that the completion of Dangote Refinery and other modular refineries projects across West Africa, would lead to the integration of the downstream industries and stabilise the prices of petroleum products across the African sub-region.

He stressed the need for other investors in West Africa to emulate the investment drive of Aliko Dangote in the downstream petroleum sector and make the sub-region exporter of refined products.

He also urged investors in sub-Saharan Africa to take the bull by the horn by investing in the downstream sector.

According to him, “If Dangote can do it, any investor can do it. Dangote has not waited for government to regulate the downstream sector before starting the construction of the refinery.”

“We don’t need foreign investors to turn around our downstream sector. African investors should be able to emulate Dangote and revive the African downstream petroleum industry,” he added.

He assured that the refinery is designed to process multiple grades of domestic and foreign crude, which can be converted into high-quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuels that meet Euro V emissions specifications.

The facility, according to him, would be integrated with a petrochemical unit that will produce polypropylene and fertilisers.

Mr. Edwin said Nigeria would soon become the largest exporter of fertiliser in Africa as the Dangote Fertiliser Company is set to commence full production.

According to him, pre-commissioning activities have started while construction work is still on-going at the Dangote Refinery site.

Speaking also at the event, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, assured stakeholders in the petroleum downstream industry that government would create an enabling environment for downstream business to thrive competitively, efficiently and with the highest of safety standards.

“Government, through the Ministry of Energy is in the process of ensuring institutional and regulatory re-alignment of the midstream gas subsector to bring clarity and a degree of certainty to players within that subsector,” he said.

The GhIPCON is designed to actively bring to the fore the operating industry’s perspective and guidance on issues of governmental and regulatory policy, as well as best practices for the advancement of the industry across West Africa.

The conference witnessed a convergence of about 250 regulators and downstream industry stakeholders from across the West African sub-region and beyond.

The event stimulated regional discussions that set the tone for a West African policy framework on the outlook of the petroleum downstream industry, regulate petroleum downstream infrastructure projects, efficiency and financing.

Participants discussed whether or not West Africa was ready for IMO 2020 and fuel specification trends, making West African refineries work, tackling illicit activities, fuel fraud and supply chain security in the West African sub-region, as well as consumerising West Africa’s natural gas.

Topics discussed at the event included: Unlocking West Africa’s Deregulatory Inertia,Making West Africa’s Refineries Work, Ghana’s Cylinder Reticulation Model, Harmonsing Sub-Regional Petroleum Products Specifications, and Challenges of Regional Distribution of Petroleum Products’.

Fire safety drill at CalBank headoffice

CalBank today conducted a fire safety drill at its Head Office, at Ridge, Accra in association with the Ghana Fire Service. The drill was conducted as part of the Bank’s Business Continuity Program (BCP) and also in fulfilment of regulatory and international safety requirements and standards on institutional preparedness and evacuation mechanisms for fire.

During the exercise, artificial smoke was created, hydraulic ladders were released by the Fire Service to evacuate staff on higher floors. Fire marshals of the Bank successfully championed the evacuation of team members to the fire assembly point and a headcount of staff was done.

The staff of the Bank responded to the drill enthusiastically and acted as they had been trained in the unlikely event of a fire. The Fire Service commended staff of CalBank for the prompt response and cooperation during the drill. The drill was aimed to ensure the staff of CalBank are continuously prepared to respond to emergency situations and to have practical sessions should there be a crisis.

Build a strong local league for future Black Stars – Odartey Lamptey

Former Black Stars player and current assistant coach of Sekondi Wise Fighters, Nii Odartey Lamptey, believes the lack of proper attention on Ghana’s local league is a factor for the country’s inability to win any continental showpiece.

After the exit of the Black Stars from the ongoing Cup of Nations, discussions have occupied airwaves on how the country can learn from this elimination and start planning and building a team for the future.

Nii Odartey Lamptey has suggested that the country should take a critical look at the local league and address especially the salaries issues of players.

He said the issue is a major factor responsible for young talents not staying in the country for a considerable number of time before they leave for foreign teams.

Speaking on Kumasi based Nhyira FM, he said the country loses big time in the long run because the talents who will grow for the national team do not reach their full potential in order to survive in the global pressure to perform.

“If you look at our league, it is not attractive. So we must take a critical look at that. I think even how we pay, it has contributed to the players leaving the country to play in other countries even when they are not ripe.”

“The problem is, if you are not ripe or matured enough and you leave to go out and play, you may lose the talent that you have. I think this is a major issue we should look at.”

“If we are able to develop our league very well, our players can mature before they go out to the outside world,” he said.

How NAM1 wore hood to hide his moustache and bushy hair

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1, returned to Ghana on Thursday with a bushy hair and an unkempt moustache.

The man said to have defrauded one Francis Agodzie and 16,000 others of more than GH¢1.68 billion was spotted by Graphic Online’s Mary Mensah on the crime beat wearing an ash sweatsuit with a hood, with which he covered his face to avoid being recognised.

His hands were handcuffed behind him when he arrived at the Kotoka International Airport via Emirates Airline flight EK787 at 10.58 a.m. on Thursday.

He was quickly whisked away by security personnel from Interpol Ghana and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

He was accompanied on the flight by Interpol officials from Dubai, who handed him over to Interpol Ghana officials as soon as he disembarked from the plane.

Flanked by two policemen, with other security men following closely behind, he limped slowly and managed to make it to the offices of the Financial Forensic Unit (FFU) on the first floor of the CID?Headquarters.

As soon as he made it to the offices of the FFU, the frail NAM 1 pulled off the hood to reveal his bushy hair and unkept moustache, as he awaited the arrival of his two lawyers, Messrs Kwame Akufo and Kofi Supremo.

He was arraigned at the Accra Circuit Court on Friday morning and was into police custody to reappear before the court on July 26, 2019.

The court, presided over by Jane Helen Akweley Quaye, remanded NAM 1 after the police prosecutors prayed for his remand to aid investigations.

NDC wants Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah fired

The opposition National Democratic Congress Deputy Regional Communications Officer, Eric Adjei wants the Youth and Sports Minister, Hon. Isaac Asiamah sacked before coach Kwesi Appiah.

His call follows the National team’s abysmal performance in the 2019 African Cup of Nations tournament.

Ghana lost 5-4 to Tunisia in penalties on Monday in the round of 16 leaving the nation in shock.

Commenting on the Senior National Team the Black Stars of Ghana exit from the ongoing tournament, Eric Adjei said since the Sports Minister promised to win the tournament and couldn’t, he must be removed immediately for incompetence.

“The Minister promised to win the trophy so if the team could not win it then he must be sacked. The Minister also failed to disclose the budget to Ghanaians and you see these people, team that you were sent to play a tournament and you sent three times of budget without winning it, he must go”, he told O.B on Asempa FM late afternoon political show Eko Sii Sen on Tuesday monitored by Daniel Kaku.

He stated that if Ghanaians want to blame anybody it’s none but the Sports Minister.

“If we want to blame anybody then we should first blame the Sports Minister. The Minister should come and tell Ghanaians that was unity at the camp of Black Stars or not”, he emphasized.

He intimated that it is high time Ghana go for a foreign coach because as for foreign coach no Ghanaian can influence and control him adding that, “Influence in Black Stars by some politicians was too much”.

Mr. Adjei blames President Akufo-Addo for the Stars’ elimination who played a major role in the formation of the senior team prior to the tournament.

“Why should President Akufo-Addo spoke to Asamoah Gyan who announced that he would not play again for Black Stars to change his mind and join the team, President Akufo-Addo is part of our elimination?”, he quizzed.

Angry Eric Adjei also descended on some sports journalists in the country for failing to criticize the Sports Minister as they did to John Mahama-led Sports Ministers.

“Most of the journalists in this country are not fit for their jobs, you know the reason, anytime there is a new administration, look at how they behave, was it not these same people who were always on the neck of Kwesi Nyantakyi and today these journalists fear to criticize Isaac Asiamah and it seems they have something secret with him, look at them, their mouths are fulled, I am telling them”, he charged.

He added “…you just look, now that they are coming, they are coming to talk about the coach Kwesi Appiah but when NDC were in power, was Elvis Afriyie Ankrah an assistant coach, was Nii Lante a coach, they were all blamed by these journalists so if today something is not going well, you must also blame the current Sports Minister too,” he intimated.

Will the discontent 56% of electorates forgive and repose trust in Mahama’s leadership style?

It is extremely interesting to hear the former president and the 2020 flagbearer of NDC, Mr John Dramani Mahama, evocatively implying that Ghanaians are not happy with Akufo-Addo’s leadership style, which has allegedly led to high socio-economic standards of living.

If we draw an adverse inference on the Mahama’s seemingly isolated assertion, we can then conclude that the 56% of electorates were not happy with former President Mahama, and hence showing him the exit in the 2016 general elections.

Dearest reader, if you would recall, prior to the 2008 and 2012 general elections, Ex-President Mahama and NDC gave a slew of Manifesto promises to Ghanaians. But as to whether they honoured those promises, is a million dollar question.

During the 2008 and 2012 electioneering campaigns, Mahama and NDC gave a cornucopia of Manifesto promises, inter alia, one-time NHIS premium, free SHS, ‘making dumsor a thing of the past, putting money in Ghanaians pocket, creating more jobs for the jobless, stabilising the economy, protecting Ghanaians from the menaces of galamsey and Fulani herdsmen, bringing an end to dubious judgement debt payments, fighting the rampant bribery and corruption, amongst others.

Regrettably, after giving all those richly interesting, albeit unrealistic promises with a view to deceiving Ghanaians for their mandate, the NDC government, led by former President Mahama, as expected, wilfully failed to honour the promises, and, consequently, a total of 55.6% (44.4% for Mahama) of the electorates rightly voted them out of power in 2016.

Mind you, there have been numerous NDC’s broken Manifesto promises, but the one that has ineffaceably stencilled on discerning Ghanaians mental sheets, is the one-time NHIS premium.

The NDC’s Manifesto promise of one-time NHIS premium, so to speak, was destitute of honesty and integrity.

The overarching question then is: what will make the unhappy 56% of electorates change their mind and repose their absolute trusts in Mahama in 2020, given the encouraging signs of auspicious economic growth under the Akufo-Addo’s leadership?

Gone are the days when society anecdotally attributed leadership to a trait from birth. And more so leadership was only ascribed to tall, handsome and well-connected individuals.

Obviously, it was wholly illogical. The fact of the matter is that leadership skills can be acquired through remedial tutorials or routine training.

What is the difference between a leader and leadership?

In theory, a leader is a person who is appointed, elected or informally chosen to direct and co-ordinate the work of others in a group (Fiedler, 1995).

The preceding extant definition underscores the fact that the formally appointed leader cannot always be a real leader, but it also confines the notion of leader to a group context.

If we take the word “group” literally, this definition precludes leaders of nations, large corporations and so on, except in so far as they lead a small group of senior colleagues.

On the other hand, leadership can be considered to be the personal qualities, behaviours, styles and decisions adopted by the leader. In other words, it concerns how the leader carries out his/her role. Hence while the role of leader can be described in a job description, leadership is not so easily pinned down.

The crucial question then is: with so many people purporting to be leaders these days, how do we distinguish between a true leader and a demagogue?

To be able to do justice to the preceding question, we must pause, reflect summarily and ask: what is it that a leader is trying to achieve?

In fact, a true leader wants nothing more than to make people independent, as leaders in their own rights. Instead of trying to deceive us with his or her superlative oratory, a true leader reflects our own light back to us.

A true leadership, in practice, must give people a long-term vision that absorbs their lives with meaning; it must point them in a new direction and show how their every action is an indispensable part of a positive change.

More importantly, a true leader always comes up with pragmatic ideas with the view to transforming the lives of his/her subordinates.

We tend to believe that a leader is a person who is well-connected, who is powerful or charismatic or wealthy. We normally judge our leaders by what they have. But a true leader should be judged by his/her extraordinary qualities, not — ego, impertinent boldness, and self-interest.

A true leader, in theory, sees his/her work as altruistic service toward accomplishing a goal. That is by putting the acquired skills, experience, knowledge and empathetic qualities at the disposal of the needs of his/her subordinates. As the sages say, “Leadership is not just power and dominance; it is service to mankind.”

Candidly, after observing Nana Akufo-Addo over a long period of time, I do not need the likes of Ex-President Mahama to tell yours truly that Akufo-Addo has the attributes of a visionary leader.

Visionary leaders are noted for their positivism, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individual consideration (Nemanich and Keller, 2007).

Some experts, however, explain that idealised influence depicts visionary leaders as most respectful, reliable and meritorious. And more so idealised influence explains leaders unparalleled ability in setting vision and implementing it to impact on their subordinates (Bass et al., 2003).

On the other hand, inspirational motivation explains how visionary leaders consistently raise team spirit and encourage their subordinates to be creative (Bass et al., 2003).

If you may recall, during the 2016 electioneering campaign, the then-presidential candidate of NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo, insisted passionately: “I am promising you that within 18 months of a new government of the NPP, under my leadership, the face of our country, Ghana, is going to change”.

As a matter of fact, the preceding statement underscores Nana Addo’s positivism, commitment and enthusiasm.

If you would recollect, prior to the 2008, 2012 and 2016 general elections, the then presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, made the Free ‘SHS’ his principal campaign message. As it was expected, the opposition NDC communicators scoffed and labelled him an inveterate liar.

Astonishingly, however, some unsuspecting Ghanaians, including my maternal uncle, Oliver bought into the NDC’s manipulating gimmicks and rejected the handsome offer of the Free SHS on two previous elections (2008 and 2012 respectively).

But lo and behold, discerning Ghanaians saw the light and gave the Free SHS provider, Akufo-Addo the mandate on 7th December 2016.

And, true to his word, President Akufo-Addo has honoured his promise of the free SHS to the delight of the vast majority of Ghanaians. Apparently, it commenced in2017/2018 academic year.

It is, however, worth stressing that the implementation of the Free SHS is the judicious way of distributing the national resources. It really epitomises a true leadership.

Leadership and management scholars observe that visionary leaders act as role models, motivate, provide meaning, optimism, enthusiasm, strategic thinking and stimulate the intelligence of their subordinates(Bass, 1985).

Interestingly, Akufo-Addo insisted during the 2016 electioneering campaign: “We are going to get out of stagnation and backwardness, and move our country onto the path of progress and prosperity. We can do it. We, the Ghanaian people, have the capacity to change the circumstances of our lives”.

The preceding statement really emphasises Nana Addo’s intellectual stimulation and positivism. Apparently, intellectual stimulation explains how true leaders promote their subordinates innovative and creative skills by encouraging them to solve problems entirely in new ways (Bass et al., 2003).

More importantly, the Akuffo-Addo’s government is tackling the erstwhile Mahama’s government economic mess head-on.

Ghana’s economic growth, which had slowed from 4.0% in 2014 to 3.7% in 2015, was predicted to recover to 8.7% in 2017, following consolidation of macroeconomic stability and implementation of measures to resolve the crippling power crisis (ADB).

Despite the extent of the economic mess left by the Mahama’s government, the Akufo-Addo’s government is prudently taking steps to stabilising the economy.

Take, for example, during the presentation of the NPP government’s first mid-year budget review at the end of July2017, the Finance Minister, Ofori-Atta, forecasted favourable economic outlook against the backdrop of an improving macroeconomic performance and falling inflation.

“There were some positive takeaways; the government comfortably met the H1 budget deficit target of 3.5%, and now expects the budget shortfall to be smaller than expected for 2017 as a whole.”

It is also worth emphasising that agricultural growth was around 7.4 per cent in 2012, but the erstwhile NDC government nauseatingly reversed it to around 2.5 per cent as of October 2016 (GSS).

But as I write, the Ministry of Agriculture, under the able leadership of Mr Akoto-Owusu, has rolled out flagship programmes such as planting for food and jobs’, Planting for Export and Rural Development, Rearing for Food and Jobs, which are expected to boosts the agricultural growth.

It is also worthy of mention that the Mahama’s government could not hold on to the late mills “unprecedented” single digit inflation, as he somehow managed to move the inflation to double digits (15.8% as of October 2016).

However, as I write, the Akuffo-Addo’s government has dramatically reversed the inflation rate to a single digit (GSS).

More importantly, the Akufo-Addo’s government has efficiently raised the economic growth within a short space of time. Ghana’s economy grew provisionally by 8.5 percent in 2017 compared to 3.7 percent in 2016 (Ghana Statistical Service, 2018).

Currently, Ghana’s economic growth stands at around 8.6% from 3.4% in December 2016.

Interestingly, in the first two years of the Akufo-Addo’s administration, the Industry sector recorded the highest growth rate of 16.7 percent, followed by Agriculture 8.4 percent and the Services 4.3 percent.

Services share of GDP decreased from 56.8 percent in 2016 to 56.2 percent in 2017. The sector’s growth rate also decreased from 5.7 percent in 2016 to 4.3 percent in 2017.

However, two of the subsectors in the services sector recorded double-digit growth rates, including Information and Communication 13.2 percent and Health and Social Work 14.4 percent.

The Industry sector, the highest growing sector with a GDP share of 25.5 percent, had its growth rate increasing from -0.5 percent in 2016 to 16.7 percent in 2017.

The Mining and Quarrying subsector recorded the highest growth of 46.7 percent in 2017.

The Agriculture sector expanded from a growth rate of 3.0 percent in 2016 to 8.4 percent in 2017. Its share of GDP, however, declined from 18.7 percent in 2016 to 18.3 percent in 2017. Crops remain the largest activity with a share of 14.2 percent of GDP.

The Non-Oil annual GDP growth rate decreased from 5.0 percent in 2016 to 4.9 percent in 2017. The 2017 Non-oil GDP for industry recorded a growth rate of 0.4 percent, compared with 4.9 percent in 2016. Growth in the fourth quarter of 2017 reached 8.1 percent compared to 9.7 percent in the third quarter (GNA, 2018).

If you may remember, during the 2016 electioneering campaign, Nana Akufo-Addo asserted: “This ‘new Ghana will be a Ghana with opportunities for all, and where everybody is taken care off. We will have a society that is caring and compassionate and expresses solidarity. Nobody is going to be left behind. We are all going to march together, hands linked together, to that great future that beckons us, here in Ghana.”

In fact, back then, I had no qualms about Nana Akufo-Addo’s claim of bringing everyone on board to build the nation.

To his credit though, Nana Akufo-Addo brought all the people who contested him in the NPP’s flagbearership race together. Yes, he resolved all pre-election issues and worked collaboratively towards the 2016 election victory.

And, following his election victory, President Akufo-Addo graciously assembled a working team consisting of people from all walks of life, including a 2016 presidential candidate from an opposition party.

This is indeed a leadership by example. In fact, Nana Akufo-Addo is ‘the Moses’ of our time.

Biblically, Moses was a visionary leader. We read in Exodus that he was a shepherd – he had a modest, humble and patient upbringing. Moses employed his humility, patience and tolerance when he had the opportunity to speak to God. He kept watching as thousands of sheep grazed the fields. Moses noticed that one sheep was missing and went off to look for it, finding it at a distance apart.

When the sheep had finished drinking, Moses lifted it onto his shoulders and carried it back to the flock. When Jehovah God saw this, he became aware that Moses was a man of reason, empathy and selfless devotion, a man truly worthy to lead His people; a man who would put his empathetic qualities at the disposal of the needs of his subordinates. After all, no one was keeping an eye on Moses; Moses could easily have thought to himself, “why be concerned with one sheep when there are thousands”?

Fellow Ghanaians, I think it is about time we distinguished between a demagogue and a true leader. In this way, we would avert the apocalypse of our dear nation sinking deeper and deeper into the mire.

But the crucial question is: how do we stop backing the ‘semi-circle’ of economic managers?

To be quite honest, some of us, as a matter of principle, could not end our fury in condemnation when former President Mahama bizarrely doled out large portions of our scarce resources to inveterate apologists like the founder of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Madam Akua Donkor, who in all honesty, contributed nothing meaningful towards Ghana’s wellbeing.

Let us also remind ourselves that, but for Akuffo-Addo’s timely intervention, Mahama would have given away not less than 58% of Ghana’s Bauxite to his sibling, Ibrahim Mahama, just about a week before exiting power.

Ghana, to be quite honest, does not need a Father Christmas who would carelessly give away our hard earned resources to apologists. But Ghana rather needs a serious, a committed and a forward-thinking leader who can utilise our scarce resources judiciously to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

A judicious distribution of national resources is the implementation of poverty alleviation policies such as the Free SHS.

And, considering the enormous benefits therein education, it is, indeed, prudent and somewhat forward-thinking for any serious and committed leader to seek to bridge the ever widening social inequalities gap through rational distribution of national resources in the form of free SHS and other social interventions.

To me, I’ll always choose a forward-thinking leader over a reckless Father Christmas who cannot take good care of our scarce resources.

Yes, we, (Ghanaians), took the right decision on 7th December 2016 by electing ‘the Moses’ of our time (Akufo-Addo) to rescue us from the economic bondage of the ‘Pharaoh’ of our time (Mahama).

Sports Minister to face Parliament over Ghana’s failed AFCON campaign

Youth and Sports Minister, Isaac Asiamah, is expected to be hauled to Parliament, to answer why Ghana performed poorly at the 2019 AFCON tournament.

The MPs expressed concerns over the Black Stars’ disappointing performance which saw them exit the tournament after Monday’s defeat to Tunisia at Ismailia in Egypt.

Black Stars lost 5-4 on penalties to the Carthage Eagles following a 1-1 in 120 minutes of action.

It is the first time the team is exiting the tournament without reaching the semifinal stage since they were eliminated at the group stage in the 2006 tournament also staged in Egypt.

The team is expected to arrive at the Kotoka Airport in Accra, by Wednesday.

On Tuesday, members on the two sides of the House indicated that they have begun the process to get Mr. Asiamah to appear before them to respond to questions.

An urgent question has been filed by the Minority for the Minister to appear, Ranking member on the Sports Committee, Kwabena Woyome, has indicated.

Mr. Woyome says there are lots of questions requiring answers, hence the urgent question.

“We’d want the Minister to tell the country something through Parliament,” Mr. Woyome told JoyNews correspondent, Joseph Opoku Gakpo.

Mr. Woyome also wants to know what lessons have been learnt from the country’s abysmal performance while trying to juxtapose that with the ongoing process to normalise football in the country.

Chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee, Kofi Agyekum, disagrees with his colleague on the minority side for attempting to summon the minister to the floor to answer questions. He says the committee will rather invite him to come to brief them on the AFCON at a committee sitting.

Ghana’s fans and supporters during the 2013 Orange Africa Cup of Nations football match, Ghana Vs Mali at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa on January 24, 2013. Ghana won 1-0. Photo by Christian Liewig/NCI//ABACAPRESS.COM

“…As representatives of the people, he has the duty to appear before us to answer those questions,” Mr. Agyekum stated.

He believes the current development “presents the country with an opportunity to tackle issues relating to football systematically and have them addressed.”

I don’t know when I’m getting married – 38-year-old Delay

At 38, TV presenter and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong-Manso, popularly known as Delay, isn’t doing badly for herself at all. Her Delay Show is in its 11th year and her products Delay Mackerel, Delay Tomato Paste and Delay Sardine are doing very well on the market.

However, it seems for many people, her success will be incomplete if she does not get married and she has to constantly deal with her fans asking when she is getting married.

In person and on social media, people keep telling her to get married but when Showbiz caught up with her at the Alisa Hotel last Thursday, Delay said she did not know when she would get married. “I’m a spontaneous, free-spirited person. I take my life as it comes, so I don’t put myself in that box saying I am getting married tomorrow,” was her answer.

The Delay Show is undoubtedly one of the most watched TV shows in the country and has stirred controversy while also giving the public more insight into their personalities’ lives. So how has she managed to sustain her show for a good 11 years?

“It’s the passion and the love I have for it. It’s not like a job for me. I just love it, that is why even when I am sick, I still have the urge to shoot. I used to have a passion for radio and I have transferred it to TV,” she said.

Over the years, Delay has interviewed everyone who matters in the entertainment industry as well as those from other sectors such as religion and sports.

She told Showbiz her most difficult interview was with footballer, John Paintsil. “He gave me yes and no answers throughout. He was so guarded it wasn’t funny. It was a very difficult one for me,” she said.

For the show to survive this long, there must be something Delay is doing right or is it her guests? “It’s a two-way street. The celebrities contribute and I contribute and that is what has kept the show going,” she stated.

Delay said although the celebrities also contributed to the success of the show, she brought an X-factor to it. “There are lots of musicians in Ghana but Daddy Lumba has stood the test of time and remained relevant all these years.”

Asked why she puts out a lot of information about her guests but everything about her is shrouded in secrecy, this is what Delay said, “I am not a guest on the show. I am just a host.”

So what next after the Delay Show? “I have shot another series, the Delay Show is the tree and the others are branches. I am watering the tree and all others come later,” she said.

Delay had some advice for young people.“Nobody gives you power, power to succeed in life or business. You have to take it yourself.

“We should not let our roots, colour, looks, background or gender restrict us. We can be anything we want to be in life and I am a living proof of that.”

Mr. P of P-Square slept with my wife, broke my marriage – Diamond Plantnumz alleges

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Plantnumz has accused Peter Okoye, of the defunct P-Square, also known as Mr. P, of sleeping with his (Plantnumz) wife, Zaria.

Plantnumz stated this during an interview with his radio station, Wasafi FM.

He said that Mr P through that act, caused his marriage with Zaria to crash. But in a swift reaction to the claim, Diamond’s ex-wife, Zaria, debunked the news.

In an Instagram post, Zaria called her ex-husband a pathological liar who once denied his own child.

She said, “I was about to sleep and people started sending me these voice notes about how Nasibo (Diamond Plantnumz) went to his radio tarnishing me, how I had a relationship with P-square, my personal trainer and all those things.

“And I’m just here thinking if you guys are gonna believe any words that come from a man like him, the same man who denied his own blood.

“If you all are gonna believe anything he say, then you all are just stupid just like him.”

Peter of P-Square is married to Lola Okoye, with two kids, Cameron and Aliona.

Facebook users worried about this photo of Ahuofe Patri

It is said that when you become a public figure, people live your life for you and all you do is subjected to the judgement of the public.

Although people may not know your problems, they are always ready to judge you and say all manner of things about you.

Well, a celebrity who has been on the chopping board these few months to the close of the year is Ahuofe Patri. What internet users seem to be worried about is the sagging breast of the young lady.

A picture of Ahuofe Patri was shared on Facebook and comments were sought on the picture but the comments that came through are clear indications that Ghanaians are worried for the actress.

Sarkodie reacts after M.anifest teased him on his birthday

Sarkodie celebrated his birthday yesterday and as you can imagine, he received a lot of messages from his friends, family members and colleagues from the entertainment industry.

M.anifest also sent him one and that was the only message which caught much attention because of their past rivalry which they have fortunately put behind them. The GodMc teased his friend for celebrating his birthday dressed in ‘kaba’, the same line he (Sarkodie) used to diss him during their intense rivalry back in 2015.

Here’s the line Sarkodie used to throw shots at M.anifest simply because of his trademark dressing using African fabrics;

Obi b? diss-e me a na ?ny? rapper ?de GTP ntoma pam kaba
Me no me rap y? authentic
Jay-Z a ya mix-i with Kendrick
Nansa yi s? boys nni swag na s? ntaade no nn??so a ?mo claim-e afro-centric
Nt?t?feefee wanna diss
The beat I run and push, onua wo y? bitch

Manifest took to twitter to remind Sarkodie that he’s wearing the same ‘Kaba’ he blasted him with on his ‘Kanta’ song.

Manifest on twitter wrote;

Kade: 16-year-old girl stabs boyfriend to death

A 16-year-old girl, who could not endure the pain of seeing her boyfriend in an amorous relationship with another teenager, has allegedly stabbed him to death at Kade in the Eastern Region.

The suspect, Fremah Asuming, who completed junior high school (JHS) in June, this year, has been placed in police custody to assist in investigations.  The Asamankese Divisional Crime Officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Christian Apronti, said Fremah and the man had been in a relationship for some time.

He said around 8 p.m. last Friday, Fremah visited the boyfriend and realised that he was in the bedroom with his former girlfriend, Vida Yeboah, 16-year old JHS dropout, with whom the deceased had a baby girl.

Mr Apronti said Fremah shouted at the top of her voice asking Gagblezu to open the door and when he opened it, he asked Vida to leave the bedroom for Fremah to enter to avoid a clash between them. Mr Apronti, who is the acting Kade District Police Commander, stated that no sooner had Fremah entered the bedroom than Vida, who was outside the room, heard Gagblezu screaming for help.

He said Vida entered the bedroom and saw Gagblezu lying in a pool of blood on the floor, struggling and screaming for help after Fremah had stabbed him in the chest with a sharp knife.

The Divisional Crime Officer said the screams of Vida and the deceased attracted many people to the scene and they hurriedly sent Gagblezu to the Kade Government Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival by the medical personnel on duty.

He said the people reported the matter to the Kade police who arrested Fremah that night and detained her.

Mr Apronti said Fremah would be prosecuted as soon as police completed their investigations. Meanwhile, the body of the deceased, Fred Gagblezu, a 21-year old taxi driver at Kade, has been deposited at the morgue of the Kade Government Hospital awaiting an autopsy.

Menzgold CEO arrives in Ghana today

Chief Executive Officer of troubled Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1 is expected to arrive in Accra by 11am today, July 11 via Emirates Airlines after months of wrongful incarceration in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he had gone in pursuit of his company’s funds in December 2018.

His lawyer, Kwame Akuffo confirmed Nana Appiah Mensah’s arrival today in a brief chat with Graphic Online but said he was unable to discuss the circumstances of his arrival.

Only last week, a Dubai court ordered Horizon Royal Diamonds to pay within three weeks, an amount of $39 million-plus compensation for wrongful incarceration to NAM1 following a gold business deal between Menzgold and Horizon Royal.

The order followed an unsuccessful appeal by Horizon against an earlier ruling of the high court to pay NAM1 his due for the supply of gold.

Police CID sources have also confirmed security operatives would be accompanying him to take him to court to secure his custody pending investigations into alleged offences.
Thousands of customers of Menzgold whose investments have been locked up with the company following the revocation of its operations have been waiting with bated breath for Horizon to make good its liabilities to enable them to receive their funds.

There was a leadership vacuum at the Black Stars hotel – Fred Pappoe

Former vice President of the Ghana Football Association Mr Fred Pappoe has blamed the lack of leadership as a probable cause of the poor showing of the Black Stars at the ongoing nations cup.

Ghana suffered the ignominy of been eliminated at the round of 16 stage 5-4 on penalties by Tunisia.

A lot of factors has since been blamed for the team’s poor showing and Fred Pappoe has added his voice.

In an interview with Accra based Happy Fm, the Great Olympics board member posits there was an apparent lack of control on visitors to the Black Stars camp this he blames on the leader of delegation for the tournament.

“There was apparent lack of control of visitors into the Stars camp and reports of players not resting enough and staying up into the early hours of the morning braiding hair and other banal stuff.

The question is who was the leader of delegation during the tournament? It can’t be Dr KK Sarpong because he wasn’t there throughout.

There was the need for an ever present and effective and visible leadership with the team. These are some of the lapses in the team that could contribute to our poor showing” he said

The experienced football administrator who once served as the management committee chairman of the team stressed that players respond to a command chain in place.

Mr Pappoe also pointed accusing fingers at the team’s management committee for their lapse in maintaining discipline in camp.

“Footballers will respond to what they see and feel. If there was a command chain, these issues won’t pop out. Some will misbehave if they noticed nobody was watching them .

If Dr KK Sarpong was busy and couldn’t be around, someone or officials firm enough should have been around.

If the report we are hearing is true, with all due respect to the management committee they didn’t do well. Things were better in Dubai but they lost control in Egypt” he added

The Black Stars of Ghana touched down at the Kotoka International airport 3 am this morning 11 July, 2019.

Augusco rainmakers end 12-year NSMQ trophy drought

When St. Augustine’s College fans began chanting ‘it is raining all around me’ they knew what they were talking about.

St. Augustine’s stopped defending champions St. Peter’s SHS from making it four trophies.

But the true weight of this achievement is seen in the fact that last year, they were not even here. No, I don’t mean the finals. They were not even part of the competition. They watched at home.

The big school have had little to show for in competitions. Only monochrome pictures of yesterday’s heroes piling dust and cobwebs in their headmaster’s office.

But if you are looking for rainmakers – ask three boys from St. Augustine’s College whose heroics have ended a 12-year drought at the National Science and Maths Quiz 2019.
Apparently, there is a science to rain-making.

A trophy drought is a hard thing to break. Ask the Black Stars. It has been 37-years since the last trophy.

At times, St. Augustine would arm-twist three points from the quiz mistress with long winding answers until hitting all the key words, an exasperated mistress would get give up the three points.

Presec, St. Peter’s tried long-winding answers too. ‘You people like telling stories’ Dr. Elsie Kaufman would say and add ominously, ‘I am not accepting that [answer]’.

St. Augustine’s College won the first round by a handsome difference. They kept their lead after two rounds with 28pts. Presec 20pts. Peter’s 11.

And although they didn’t do well in solving a question on Down’s syndrome, Augusco didn’t go down after that Problem of The Day round.

And when Augusco fans saw their substitute Newton, rise up from the front row and walk across to prepare for the Fourth Round, the Augusco into singing ‘Things are getting better’.

Newton is a super-sub. He changes Augusco’s game either through comebacks or simply strangling the opponent to keep any ideas of an upset unlikely.

The boy walks about with a name associated to the English physicist who propounded the scientific laws of motion. When he steps in, it is an unofficial game. And he stepped in.

To be fair, Newton got more than one question wrong. The first time ever he has done so whenever he came on. Presec and St. Peter’s celebrated his misses like Menzgold clients celebrated NAM1’s arrival.

There is always something to take away at NSMQ grand finale. There is the trophy, the trolls or, as we found even regrettably in 2017, the quiz mistress’ bag. 

A word about St. Peter’s. Their main man, Michael eyed Wesley Girls High School and called them ‘the Egyptians you see today, you will see no longer’, a verse from Exodus.

He was right. St. Peter’s added Wesley Girls SHS to an exodus of more than 125 schools at NSMQ.

And so when Michael referred to the dying words of Jesus on the cross, ‘it is finished’ the defending champions released a psychological fog of fear in the auditorium.

Jesus looked to be in the boat of his cherished disciple St. Peter’s. Until he jumped into St. Augustine’s boat after the first round. And stayed there.

Then they hashed completely a Presec hashtag to promote a potential record sixth trophy. #letstalkaboutsix was number two on twitter.  But there is always #letstalkaboutnextyear.

Lack of a substantive GFA cost us in Egypt – Rashid Pelpuo


Wa Central MP and former Sports Minister, Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, says that the absence of a substantive administrative body running Ghana football is one of the main causes of Ghana’s exit from the 2019 AFCON tournament.

Ghana lost 5-4 to Tunisia on penalties on Monday in the round of 16 leaving the nation to wait for the 2021 edition to see if a 5th Nations Cup title will be won.

Hon. Pelpuo believes that a more concrete and permanent GFA would have served the team better instead of the current Normalisation Committee which was set up to replace the Kwesi Nyantakyi-led administration.

“I think that the team did well. Individually, they tried their best but their best was not good enough but what happened in Egypt tells of a weakness in football administration in Ghana.

The exit of Kwesi Nyantakyi has created a big gap which we are unable to close. This is something that requires us to sit down and find a solution.

We cannot have an interim management again in the next tournament or before any major tournament. We need to have a strong, elected GFA that can perform the same way if not better than what Nyantakyi did.”

Ghana’s latest setback in the AFCON is the first time the team has missed the semi-finals since 2006. In that tournament, Ghana exited at the first round stage after losses to Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Coincidentally, that year’s tournament was played in Egypt.

Miss Universe Ghana beauty pageant on hold till 2020

The Miss Universe Ghana Organisation has announced that the prestigious Miss Universe Ghana competition will be placed on hold for 2019 and resume in 2020 following evaluation to implement new opportunities for the pageant.

The National Director of the organisation, Mrs Menaye Donkor Muntari stated that the pageant will be organised early next year and indicated that the lapse in holding the event will provide the opportunity to create bigger and better moments leading up to, and during the national event.

Mrs Muntari said, “After careful analysis and consultation with The Miss Universe Organization we have decided to restructure the timing of our annual event.”

“We have other major plans for the event and have been working hard to give the pageant a new, wider and more exciting appeal. Resuming operations in 2020 will allow us to implement new initiatives and we are excited to share what we have planned,” continued Mrs Muntari.

On behalf of her team, Mrs Muntari acknowledged any disappointments the decision may cause to prospective sponsors, potential contestants, fans of the pageant and the general public and promised to update the public on the organization’s plans when they are executed leading to the 2020 finals.

She expressed the hope that all stakeholders will understand and accept the decision of the Miss Universe Ghana Organisation and continue to support the team to stage a successful pageant and also crown a well-deserving Miss Universe Ghana 2020, who will go on to represent the country at that year’s event.

About Miss Universe Ghana

Miss Universe Ghana is a beauty pageant that serves as one of the nation’s leading promoters of women empowerment, and the largest providers of women’s nurturing resource, offering a well-rounded platform to young Ghanaian women annually.

Since May 2017, the new Miss Universe Ghana franchise has been operating under MALZ Promotions administrated by Miss Universe Ghana 2004, Mrs Menaye Donkor Muntari.

The organization’s aim is to work fiercely to make a difference in the lives of Ghanaian women and to promote tourism in and outside Ghana.

The Miss Universe Ghana competition, since its new inception, has provided a forum to strengthen the voices of Ghanaian women, changing the status quo by ensuring women’s inclusivity in building the nation.

Daniel Darkwah to leave Asante Kotoko

Daniel Darkwah has informed the management of Asante Kotoko about his decision to leave the club a year and half after joining the club.

Darkwah Kotoko’s career has been marred by long term shoulder injury plus some minor injuries forcing him to sit out in many games throughout his stay at the club. understands the fomer Aduana stars player has informed the management about his wish to leave the club and continue elsewhere in the coming season.

According to our source, management have agreed to the player’s request hence the decision to purchase Bright Enchil from Medeama SC.

The official announcement from the club on the player is expected in the coming days

Seven EOCO employees dismissed for extortion – Director

Seven workers of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) have been dismissed for extortion and conflict of interest within the last two years.

According to the Executive Director of EOCO, COP Frank Adu Poku, the move is part of an ongoing ‘house cleaning’ exercise to weed out dubious personnel from the system as well as reduce public perception of corruption at EOCO.

He said EOCO is set to increase its engagement with the media and the general public in the spirit of transparency. He was speaking at a stakeholder engagement on the activities of EOCO, organised under the theme: Combating Organized crime in Ghana, A Shared Responsibility.

“Between 2017 and 2018, seven officers have been dismissed on charges of extortion and conflict of interest and currently three officers are on interdiction for various offence,” Mr. Poku said.

Speaking at the same program, the Chief Justice, Sophia-Akuffo cautioned EOCO to strike a balance between the demand for information and what is given out as it has the tendency to jeopardize investigations.

She cited the case of the three kidnapped Takoradi Girls as an example.

#WAI: Two women to spend one week in cells over traffic infractions

Two women who were arrested on the GIMPA Link road today, Wednesday but engaged in heated exchanges with the Police have been remanded to one week in Police custody.

Priscilla Okyere and Clara Wontumi were charged on 9 counts including fleeing or attempting to elude a public officer, resisting arrest, use of abusive language, driving on the shoulders of the road, causing danger to other users, careless and inconsiderate driving.

They will be in police custody for one week after which they will appear before the La District Magistrate Court for their punishment.

According to her, she would have been the Magistrate to sit on her own case as the incident occurred within her jurisdiction.

She, however, did not throw her weight about nor use intemperate language in engaging the police.

She added that she rather pleaded with the police to help her emboss the stickers as she is not good at doing so.

With this example, she remanded the two ladies who while in court insisted that their conduct was as a result of how the Police spoke to them.

‘Merciful’ judge frees errant driver
The Magistrate at the La District Magistrate Court on Wednesday freed a driver who was arrested for breaking road traffic laws on the Legon-GIMPA Link road as part of Citi TV’s ongoing War Against Indiscipline.

The culprit, a woman, who was put in court for driving on the shoulder of the road was in court with her husband as she pleaded guilty to charges proffered against her in court.

The magistrate, Her Worship Juliet Osei Doudu, after educating the culprit on why she was wrong, surprised everyone by letting the accused go scot-free.

Go to Burma Camp and release arrested soldier if you’re men – Minister dares group

Deputy Minister of Defence, Major (Retired) Derrick Oduro has dared a group calling itself the Dynamic Youth Movement of Ghana, (DYMOG) to go to Burma Camp and release the arrested soldier if they are brave enough to do so.

His comment follows after the group demanded the immediate release of Lance Corporal Wasaa after he called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to drop their decision in building a $200m chamber.

“Those calling for the release of the soldier in detention can go to Burma Camp if they are men”, the former military officer charged in an interview on Kumasi-based Otec FM monitored by

According to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for Nkronza North, what the said soldier did is unthinkable and an affront to the military hierarchy despite freedom of speech being practiced in the country.

“What is in this Lance Corporal Head? Let us take him to psychiatric hospital for examination” the government official quizzed as he called for stiffer punishment for the junior officer.

“Even what he did, the Chief of Defence Staff and other senior officers in the Service cannot do. How can a common Lance Corporal go to that tangent”, the Deputy Defence Minister quizzed angrily.

The Military High Command on Friday July 5, 2019 arrested an officer who is captured in a video demonstrating his displeasure against government’s intention to construct a new 450-seater chamber for parliament.

He described calls for the construction of a new chamber with a 450-seater capacity as selfish on the part of Parliamentarians, appealing to President Akufo-Addo not to support the plan.

His comments also angered the Kumbungu lawmaker who described him as an embarrassment to the Ghana Armed Forces justifying his arrest and subsequent detention for violating the laws of the military.

Adjetey Anang’s wife reveals fears about husband’s acting career

In a lay it all down interview on Home Affairs on Joy FM, on Saturday, wife of the actor revealed, a year after their marriage, she had stopped the actor from going on screens for three years.

Mrs Elom Anang told Edem Knight-Tey, host of the show, “It was in 2008 thereabout. I felt like I did not know him so well and was afraid he was just going to land into a mess. I started telling him how unhappy I was about some of the things he was doing.”

According to her, Adjetey Anang had gotten employed at a packaging company after quitting acting.

Although the actor had drawn numerous businesses for the venture, she explained they were not fulfilling the terms and conditions elaborated in the contract.

The struggles of leaving home at 5 am and coming back at 10 pm was also taking a toll on the vibrant actor’s personality.

“He became a shadow of himself and won’t talk to me. I realised that he was not really cut out for that kind of work,” Elorm explained.

She told the host it dawned on her she could not halt her man from pursuing his passions in a career he loved and excelled at.

He is a fantastic actor with lots of potentials, she admitted.

“I told myself to let him go and if anything happens bad enough to crack our marriage then it wasn’t meant to be.”

The couple since then have lived together for a decade, although not without their fair share of marital problems.

Adjetey Anang has gone on to star in hit movies like Potato Potahto, Keteke, Adams Apples, Devil In The Detail, A Sting in a Tale, Yolo, Sugar The Movie and many others.

Detailing how they approach movie scenes, Adjetey Anang revealed they discuss and share information on what is too much to do and what is not.

“We always negotiate when it comes to intimate scenes. There are times where it had gone a little more than I have said and that’s what makes practice very difficult sometimes.

“It has not always been a perfect scenario but for the most part, it’s been making sure we not only negotiate but hold myself to the things I have promised,” he stated.

Mrs Elom Anang added, she has grown to trust him to make the best choices and also to discuss with him anything that makes things uncomfortable in their marriage.

She said, “If I see him in certain seemingly intimate scenes with some people in the industry, I cannot be bothered. Because I know them, I know where they come from and I know their values.”

After being married for 12 years, the couple is set to renew their vows at the 2019 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair.

Ghana added to South Africa’s list of visa-free countries

Ghanaians no longer need a visa to travel to South Africa.

This is because the South African Government has added Ghana to the list of its visa-free countries.

This was captured in a post on South Africa’s Home Affairs Twitter handle

Other countries that were added to the list of visa-free countries include Qatar, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Sao Tome and Principe.

A separate statement from the Home Affairs Minister, Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi said: “Out of the 193 countries who are member states of the United Nations, the Department has granted visa-free status to 75 countries.”

He said, out of the number “16 are in our [African] continent and are SADC members and 59 are from all over the world.”

He went on further to announce seven countries that have been added to the visa-free list which included Ghana.

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi said they “will immediately enter into discussions with them about how a visa-free regime will work. We still have some homework to do for 3 countries whose combined populations make up close to 30% of the world’s population i.e. China, India and Nigeria,” the statement added.”

While Home Affairs Department core mandate is issuing identification, we also contribute significantly to economic growth.

We do this by making life easier for our sister Departments such as Tourism to boost their tourism figures.  Tourism will soar if we relax visa requirements for entry into South Africa.  We know that Tourism is very important for job creation.

Out of the 193 countries who are member states of the United Nations, the Department has granted visa-free status to 75 countries.  Of these 16 are in our continent and are SADC members and 59 are from all over the world.

Today, we wish to announce an addition to our visa-free countries.

These are:

  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Cuba
  • Ghana
  • Sao Tome and Principe

We will immediately enter into discussions with them about how a  visa-free regime will work.  

We still have some homework to do for 3 countries whose combined populations make up close to 30% of the world’s population i.e. China, India and Nigeria. While we are busy tackling the matter of the three countries.    For now, we shall this financial year, increase 2½ times the number of people who work for Home Affairs to process visas in both China and India.   We shall increase 2 times the number of people who process visas to our country in Nigeria. Source: Afua Mfodwo | | Ghana Tags: Ghana NewsGhanaian passportHome AffairsSouth AfricaVisa free

Man killed as romantic triangle turns bloody

A romantic triangle involving a 30-year-old woman supposedly dating two men ended bitterly when one of the men shot the other in cold blood at Alhaji, near Achimota, in Accra.

The deceased, 35-year-old car dealer Kwame Agyapong, had confronted his rival, Derrick Nana Donkor, 28, when he bumped into the love birds in the house of the lady, Keshia Akosua Osei, 30.

The ensuing confusion turned bloody as Nana Donkor pulled a gun and fired at Agyapong, killing him instantly.

It turned out that Akosua Osei was the girlfriend of the two men at the same time, but while the deceased was married, the other was single.

The Achimota Mile 7 Police are currently investigating the circumstances which led to the killing of the car dealer at the house of his girlfriend at Alhaji, near Achimota.

Agyapong was said to have spotted his girlfriend in the company of the suspect, Nana Donkor, and a misunderstanding ensued between them.

The suspect, together with his businesswoman girlfriend at the centre of the drama, have been arrested and are assisting the police in investigations, while the body of the deceased has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue pending autopsy.

Suspect report

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Accra Regional Police Command, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mrs Afia Tenge, at about 1 a.m. last Saturday, Derrick Nana Donkor in the company of Keshia Akosua Osei, both residents of Alhaji, a suburb of Achimota, showed up at the Mile 7 police station with a pistol in hand.


She said they reported that one Kwame Agyapong, the deceased, was the ex-boyfriend of Keshia, and since their separation the deceased had been following and beating her anytime he saw her with other men.

AFCON 2019: Kevin-Prince Boateng mocks Black Stars after painful exit

Kevin-Prince Boateng has taken a huge dig at the Black Stars after their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations exit on Monday evening. 

The Black Stars were sent tumbling out of the competition by Tunisia following a 5-4  loss on penalties, the match having ended 1-1 after extra-time.

In normal time, Taha Yassine Khenissi broke the deadlock for Tunisia in the 73rd minute before Rami Bedoui’s own goal in injury time levelled the score for Ghana And Kevin, who was not invited for the tournament, took the opportunity to take a swipe at the players and coach.  The former Barcelona striker posted on Twitter; “No PRINCE no PARTY #GhanaBlackStars

Kevin is serving an indefinite suspension from the senior national team after allegedly assaulting a former official in Brazil during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. 

The 32-year-old has been capped 15 times by Ghana, scoring two goals. 

Ghana winger Albert Adomah joins Nottingham Forest

Albert Adomah has joined Nottingham Forest on a two-year-deal after the winger was released by Aston Villa following their promotion to the Premier League.

The 31-year-old’s 125th and final Villa appearance was May’s Championship play-off final win over Derby.

Villa were the second club he helped to Premier League promotion, having gone up with Middlesbrough in 2016. Adomah is Forest’s fifth signing in the past six days.

The former Bristol City and Barnet forward was Villa’s top scorer in 2017-18 with 15 goals in all competitions and last season made 36 Championship appearances, scoring four times.

He is the second winger to join the Reds this summer, with Sammy Ameobi signed by former Martin O’Neill before he was sacked and replaced by Sabri Lamouchi in June.

Be fair in 2020 – Mahama tells EC

Former President John Mahama has asked the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure that the 2020 general elections are not rigged.

According to him, there were issues arising from the 2016 elections that needed to be addressed going into the 2020 polls.

He said it was imperative that those concerns were addressed to ensure that whoever wins in 2020, it would be treated as the free expression of the will of the people of Ghana.

Mr. Mahama made the call on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, when the officials of the Electoral Commission (EC) led by its Chairperson, Jean Mensa, paid a courtesy call on him at his East Cantonments-based Office in Accra.

The meeting was held under ‘tight’ security, with journalists being blocked from entering the meeting hall with their phones.

After the initial welcome remarks, the former President asked journalists to leave the meeting room for a heart-to-heart closed doors meeting with the EC officials.

The excuse of journalists from this meeting is a sharp departure from the two previous meetings with former Presidents John Agyekum Kufuor and Jerry John Rawlings where journalists sat in the meetings.

Mr. Mahama urged the EC to ensure confidence in the stakeholders regarding the provision of a level-playing field for all stakeholders.

In the presence of the media, he did not openly revive the issue of the 2016 polls being rigged but it is likely to be a key concern to be conveyed to the EC behind closed doors.

In May 2019, Mr. Mahama observed that the rigging process was facilitated through “the use of IT in results transmission and possibility of hacking.”

He made the allegations at the Oxford University said Business School Distinguished Speaker Seminar organised in collaboration with the African Studies Centre and the Oxford Africa Business Alliance.

Acknowledging that he had worked alongside the EC Chairperson in helping to shape Ghana’s democracy, Mr. Mahama encouraged Mrs. Mensa to continue work in the manner she did when she was with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).

Mr. Mahama is the Presidential candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the 2020 elections.

Seeking Support

Mrs. Mensa told the former President that the purpose of their visit was to among other things, seek his support and partnership for the activities of the Commission.

She said it was also to bring the Commission to the doorstep of the opposition National Democratic Congress and to create a platform for dialogue.

‘Good Faith’

Embattled National Chairman of NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, who in a leaked tape purportedly called for “ruthless war” against Mrs. Mensa, told the EC that contributions from stakeholders particularly political parties were not intended to undermine the Commission but to support its work.

He said it was hurtful to sometimes realised that a contribution from a political party aimed at improving the work of the Commission is considered as an act of undermining the EC.

For instance, he said the NDC’s suggestion to the EC not to rely solely on the online registration process was in good faith and was in order to make the Commission succeed “because if you succeed the whole country succeeds.”

He assured the Commission that the NDC as a party would “continue to play that pivotal role to ensure that our electoral process is enhanced.”

In attendance at the meeting were the General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, former Chief Of Staff during the Mahama administration , Julius Debrah.

Good businesses are safe in Ghana – President courts the French

President Akufo-Addo has said Ghana is a haven of peace, security and stability, indeed, the safest country in the West Africa sub-region.

According to him, Ghana is a country where legitimate investments are protected. 

“We are a country where the principles of democratic accountability and respect for the rule of law, individual liberties and human rights are now firmly entrenched in our body politic, and where the separation of powers is real in promoting accountable governance under the rule of law,” he said. President Akufo-Addo said this on Tuesday at the France-Ghana Business Forum, held at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, in Paris, as part of his official visit to France.

President Akufo-Addo told the gathering that his administration has resolved to build a progressive and prosperous country, and is drawing inspiration from the success story of countries around the world. 

President Akufo-Addo told the gathering that since assuming the reins of office some two and half years ago, his government has put in place measures needed to reduce the cost of doing business, and improve the business environment. 

“Our goal is to make our economy the most business-friendly economy in Africa,” the President added. 

Reiterating that “it is an exciting time to be in Ghana and to do business in the country”, he enumerated a plethora of multinational companies that are seeking to establish bases in the country. 

Already, global car manufacturing giants, Volkswagen of Germany, Sinotruk of China, Nissan and Toyota of Japan, and Renault of France, are working to establish assembly plants in the country. Energy giant, ExxonMobil of the United States of America, is establishing an office and base in Ghana. 

“We have also decided to walk hand-in-hand with the private sector and the business community on this journey. This is because the New Patriotic Party, the party from which my Government is borne, is of the firm conviction that the role of the private sector in the development of our national economy is crucial,” he added.

Google has established the first Artificial Intelligence Centre in Africa in Ghana, and Norway’s energy giant, Aker Energy, has, in the time of President Akufo-Addo, made discoveries of substantial offshore oil and gas deposits. 

“I am sure you may have heard of some of my government’s flagship policies of “One District, One Factory”, “One Village, One Dam”, and the programme for “Planting for Food and Jobs”, which I commend to you, as I do areas in water, health, housing, road and rail infrastructure, transport, industry, manufacturing, agriculture, petroleum and gas, the exploitation of our mineral wealth of bauxite, iron ore and gold, renewable energy and ICT growth,” the President said. 

He was particularly excited about the dramatic revival of Ghanaian agriculture that has been occasioned by the successful implementation of our programme for Planting for Food and Jobs, which has, within two years, brought a million smallholder farmers under its ambit. 

In tackling Ghana’s infrastructural deficit, the President revealed that his government is embarking on an aggressive public private partnership programme to attract investment in the development of both the country’s road and railway infrastructure. 

“We are hopeful that, with solid private sector participation, we can develop a modern railway network with strong production centre linkages and with the potential to connect us to our neighbours,” he added. 

President Akufo-Addo told the French business community that they can choose to invest in Ghana through the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre or set up as a Free Zones enterprise. 

“Regardless of where the investment is, government has instituted a number of incentives for the investor, depending on the nature of the activity, or the location of the investment,” he added. 

Some of these incentives, the President said, include exemption from payment of import duty for plant and machinery; 25 per cent tax rebate for companies located in regional capitals; 50% tax rebate for companies investing outside regional capitals; zero percent corporate tax for 10 years, and, thereafter, 8 per cent for companies in the Free Zones enclave; full repatriation of dividends and profits; transfer of funds to service foreign loans; and laws against arbitrary confiscation of company or investment.

President Akufo-Addo urged the business community in France to take advantage of the growing business-friendly climate in the country to invest in Ghana. 

MUSIGA presidential aspirant seeks injunction on elections

A presidential aspirant in the upcoming Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) elections is seeking to place an injunction on the national elections of the union (MUSIGA) which was scheduled to take place today, July 10.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, presidential aspirant, Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi, who sought for the injunction through the High Court, explained there are anomalies with the elections that need to be made clear.

“This is a national election and we should have a register for each region, however, the Electoral Commission presented us with one album which also has some names missing,” he told Andy Dosty host of the show.

Presidential aspirant, Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi

He alleged the Union has registered people beyond the deadline for members registration some of which are not musicians.

Appiah-Levi added, the current scheme of elections allows members to vote in any part of the country regardless of where they registered. This he explained can cause multiple voting and rigging.

“This is national voting and you have employed the help of the EC hence you should be able to follow the country’s style of voting,” Mr Appiah-Levi explained

Press release to announce injunction

According to him, these anomalies are affecting many members and executives including the Upper West regional chairman of the union.

He is calling on the union to make their voting processes and the register available to the assessment of the union members and aspirants

Aspirants for various positions

The presidency, 1st and 2nd vice presidents and the general secretary positions have two candidates each, vying for the slots. Three other positions – treasurer, organiser and welfare officer – are contested unopposed.

For the presidency, two legendary musicians, Bessa Simons, who had served as the National Vice President for the past eight years, is opposing Ras Caleb Appiah-Levi, who is the current President of the Greater Accra Region.

Gospel artiste, Rev. Dr Harry Thomas Yawson and CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richard Karikari Mensah, will contend for the 1stVice President position.

Also for the 2nd Vice President slot, gospel artistes, Deborah Freeman and Ruth Benny Wood, known in showbiz circles as Abena Ruthy, are standing against each other.

Sylvia Bosompem Amponsah and Samuel Kofi Agyemang are competing in the General Secretary race.

Gifty Ghansah is vying for the National Welfare Officer, with Rev. Edward Edusa-Eyison eyeing National Treasurer position.

Lastly, Chizzy Nii Adu Wailer is standing for the position of National Organis

“Many members are complaining, it is not just me,” he stated.

My wedding costs ¢300 – Okyeame Kwame reveals

For someone who is has had a successful music career and other businesses on the side, one would expect rapper Okyame Kwame to spend a lot on his wedding.

However, the rapper, in an interview on Cosmopolitan Mix with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye, Wednesday, disclosed he spent ¢300 on a small ceremony for family and friends.

“Annica is very shy. She would have fainted,” he explained According to him, he had stayed away from huge ceremonies because his extremely shy wife cannot stand to be the centre of attention. 

The ‘Bra’ hitmaker revealed he and his wife along with some family members went to Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to sign for his marriage.

Okyeame Kwame explained that half of the ¢300 was used for the marriage registration and he “used the other half to buy fufu to eat with some friends.”

After 10 years of marriage, the rapper is unsure of doing a vow renewal with a crowd around.

However, that would not stop him from making an appearance at the Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair this Thursday to cheer on his colleague, Adjetey Anang.

The Anang’s would their vow to the admiration of many industry mates and fans.

The couple will not only open the Fair with their vow renewal but engage patrons by sharing marital experiences.

D-Black takes hip-hop to church with ‘Heaven Or Hell’

Rapper D-Black, who is known, mostly for secular songs, has ventured into the gospel scene with his new single ‘Heaven or Hell’.

“If you die tonight, is it Heaven or Hell [you are going to]?” It’s a critical question, D-Black, is asking in his latest music video.

The video, which features the very talented Sefa, kicks off with a Bible quotation from Mark 9:43: “If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.” The song was produced by Fortune Dane while video, with its stunning visuals, directed by Prince Dovlo.

‘Heaven or Hell’, is off D-Black’s latest hip-hop EP, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. 

The ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ EP has an impressive track list which features talented acts like Bisa Kdei, Kelvyn Boy, Sista Afia and others.

Before the release of the EP, the award-winning rapper dropped a single – ‘Tha Bounce’, a song produced by Rony Turn Me Up. That single got the streets talking heightening the expectations of music lovers.

The release of ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ precedes the release of his highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Loyalty’ later this year.

‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is currently available on Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and all major streaming platforms.

Foreign Affairs Minister sues Africawatch Magazine

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has sued General Media Strategies Inc, the publisher of Africawatch Magazine for defamation.

Mr Steve Mallory, the Editor of the magazine had published an article about the purchase of a foreign mission in Oslo, Norway in which he alleged that the minister conspired with others to steal Ghana.

The story claimed that Steve Mallory travelled to the Norwegian capital Oslo to investigate the abortive attempt by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to buy two properties for Ghana’s newly opened embassy at a whopping $16.5 million. The article, published in June 2019, was captioned, ‘Ghana Exclusive: the Inside Story of the Oslo Scandal Conspiracy to Steal, Ayorkor Botchwey’s lies exposed, Nana Akufo Addo’s defence falls flat.’ 

Displeased by the article, the plaintiff, in a writ filed by her counsel, Gary Nimako Mafo said the publication was defamatory as the author had failed to establish evidence of criminality against her. 

She said the defamatory magazine publication authored by Mr Mallory had generated several comments and media attention in Ghana and abroad ostensibly intended to tarnish her image.

It is the case of plaintiff that a reading of the entire article does not show how “I have conspired to steal from the state amount to imputation of crime and same is defamatory.”

The lawmaker said she had never been convicted for any crime in Ghana or elsewhere in her entire political career and that the article seeks to soil her hard won reputation in the eyes of right thinking members of the society.

She contended that the entire article was full with factual inaccuracies and clearly portrays the malicious intent of the defendant.

Meanwhile, the court had granted an ex-parte application for the defendant to be served with the writ in the United States of America.

Per the order of the court, the defendants are expected to file their response within 14 days.

The issue of government’s decision to purchase two properties in Oslo, Norway- one for the Chancery and the other for the ambassador’s residence came to the front burner few months ago.

It is recalled that the issue generated heated debate both in Parliament and in the media space, resulting in a near confrontation between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a Ranking Member on the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament.

2019 AFCON: Kwesi Appiah deserves another chance – Maxwell Konadu

Former Black Stars assistant coach Maxwell Konadu believes Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah deserves another chance despite AFCON 2019 exit.

The Black Stars suffered a 5-4 penalties shootout defeat to the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia to bow out of the Nations Cup at the round of 16.

Coach Kwesi Appiah has come under heavy criticisms from the public for the team’s performance after their early exit from the tournament.

But Maxwell Konadu says the gaffer deserves another opportunity to prove his self.

“Kwesi Appiah deserves a another chance. Ghanaians shouldn’t be hard on him,” Maxwell Konadu told GhOne TV.

“He (Kwesi Appiah) has discovered certain players for the country. Some of the current players know they wouldn’t be part in the next AFCON.”

“Most of the young players in the squad would come on board and build a new phase of the Black Stars so we shouldn’t harass them,” he ended.

Kwesi Appiah was reappointed coach of the senior team on a two year deal in 2017, but his contract was extended ahead of the tournament in Egypt.

Menzgold’s NAM1 faces fresh suit in Dubai

The troubles of Nana Appiah Mensah popularly known as NAM1, are not over yet as a Pakistani national has also sued him in a Dubai court over a one million dollar ($1m) debt.

A source in Dubai has told ABC News that, NAM1 had signed an agreement with an unnamed Pakistani national to settle his indebtedness to him by installment, but the civil court is yet to approve the alleged agreement.

The latest court case means that, NAM1 maybe in Dubai in the custody of Interpol longer than expected.

Meanwhile, our source has debunked claims that the appeals court in Dubai ordered Horizon Royal Diamond to pay NAM1 an amount of thirty-nine million dollars.

“I was in court that day, it is not true that NAM1 is to be given any Thirty-nine Million Dollars. The judge, Rasheed Mohammed Al-Sumairi, ruled that the appellant (Horizon Diamond) had failed to produce enough evidence to support its claim that, NAM1 owes the company the said amount”, the source said.

“NAM1 did not make a counter claim against the company, so how could the court have awarded that cost to him”, he queried.

“I was in Court but neither NAM1 and his lawyers nor Danny Joudeof of Horizon Royal Diamond were not present” the source added.

The Appeals Court reportedly upheld the acquittal and discharge verdict of the embattled Menzgold boss, an indication that the numerous customers whose funds have been locked up at the gold collectible firm might be getting something back very soon.

However, per the new twist, the customers may have to still hope against hope.

NAM1 was arrested in Dubai in December 2018 in connection with an alleged fraudulent gold deal and has since been in the Custody of Dubai authorities.

Black Stars: Donate bonus to charity as sign of remorse – Nana Aba Anamoah

A sports enthusiast has expressed consternation at the performance of the Black Stars, which saw their early exit from the ongoing 2019 African Cup of Nations.

An obviously hurt Nana Aba Anamoah told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show it will take more than crying for the players to appease Ghanaians who have been forced into mourning by their performance.

“Are the players not offering any form of apology for the energy invested in them”? she asked. And called on them to “donate half of their bonuses to charity to show that they are sorry.”

“They should do more than crying,” she added. She told Daniel Dadzie, host of the Super Morning Show Tuesday, most of these players “did not look interested.”

The sobbing of some of the players after the defeat did not convince Nana Aba Anamoah they are remorseful.

According to her, the players were crying because of their personal loss.

“Why were the players crying? It was because they are not progressing to the next stage of the competition, they are going to be denied bonuses and may not get contracts from scouts.”

Rating the individual performances of the players, she said, “I was expecting more from Asamoah Gyan. But I don’t blame him. Someone was supposed to supply him the balls. Yesterday apart from Nuhu Adams and Mubarak Wakaso, all the other players were very average.”

Ghana’s hope of winning the 2019 African Cup of Nations, after 37 successive previous failed attempts, was dashed last night at the Ismailia Stadium in Egypt.

This was not unexpected. The team struggled in their previous games and were thankful to have been rewarded by an own goal from the Tunisians a minute to the end of the game.

Luck eluded them during the penalty shootout which saw them losing 4: 5 to their Tunisian counterparts.

Many Ghanaians believe the team went into the tournament relying on luck than adequate preparation. Activist, Kinna Likimani shared this view.

According to her, it takes more than nationalist sentiments to win such a competitive tournament.

“I do not understand why we do the same things and expect different results. Why do you think Ghana is going to win? I have not seen anything. Performance is not just muscle moving,” she said on Joy FM’s Super Morning days to the tournament.

“What have we done to ensure that they get the work done? We have not treated ourselves as if we deserve it,” Likimani added.

The senior national team has been grappling with management issues since Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ investigative work which unmasked corruption in Ghana’s football.

The team is currently being managed by a three-man normalization committee put in place by FIFA. This was after the Ghana Football Association was dissolved and its president banned from football-related activities.

The ad-hoc committee is to temporarily manage the team until there can be a properly constituted Ghana football association.

What is the future of the coach?

Nana Aba Anamoah says that it is time for Kwasi Appiah to step aside.

The coach, she said, has done well thus far but it time for him to go.

“Drop that coach. No drop him,” she said on the Morning show.

Nana Aba Anamoah, like many other Ghanaians on social media, has blamed Ghana’s early exit from the tournament on the coach.

“We had coaching deficiencies,” she lamented, “why do you take off Dede Ayew and keep Owusu.” She questioned the tactical decision of Kwasi Appiah which saw the black stars losing after a penalty shootout to the Tunisian National Team.

She said the captaincy drama which the coach inflicted on the team was unnecessary.

“What was the impact of removing Asamoah Gyan from the captaincy? What did we achieve? It was unnecessary. All of that was unnecessary. It was a distraction.”

Sports Journalist and private legal practitioner, Eva Okyere, said while there may technical and tactical deficiencies, “We took a very average Black Stars team to the tournament.”

She said she had seen better Black Stars teams in the past, this not one of them.

Eva Okyere would discount the impact of the poor refereeing decision which saw a Dede Ayew goal disallowed.

She said if at all that goal was to be disallowed, it ought to have been for an offence other than the handball the South African referee cited.

A legislature may be ineffective not ‘useless’

In a conversation quite recently with a relative living in Baltimore here in United States, we both agreed that millions of Ghanaians are ignorantly “hyper-opinionated” and think they know everything to every problem except that they lack the tenacity to come up with creative ways of solving even the simplest problems such as waste menace confronting the Ghanaian society. My people (Ghanaians) can talk real good, interspersed with the right proverbs and other complex local dialect expressions in public space, but in the end, it’s the “same old, same old” socio-cultural mindsets.

In other words, the same old culture of corruption, lawlessness, indiscipline on our roads, sense of governmental entitlement, demand for more rights without responsibility, wanton destruction of the environment, and me-first-before-Ghana attitude that more often lead many of us to engage in hyper-partisanship and reductionist assessment of issues of national importance.

Critical national issues that ought to be holistically and selflessly debated are often retrofitted with sociopolitical weapons to destroy one’s opponents for pure or subtle parochial interest and fame preservation. Not long ago, the debate was fiercely about the Free SHS, the proposed interfaith national cathedral, US military base in Ghana, and as the true veteran journalist Kweku Baako rightly observed: “even the Job 600” or the Accra-Tema motorway construction during Nkrumah’s regime came under hostile attacks as we are witnessing today.

Apparently, Ghanaians don’t believe that sometimes the government has to take some unpopular decisions for the ultimate benefit of the nation. Interestingly, we want the government to get so many things done with lightning speed as soon as a new administration comes to office; but, many people don’t know or are unwilling to accept that national development not only entail prioritization but also some sacrifices, trade-offs and compromises as well.

It looks like Ghanaians/politicians see every government’s move as zero-sum game. It is hard for any government to please Ghanaians in general, because they act like they know everything wrong with Ghana, yet when the opportune time presents itself for rational discourse, many of them best arguments/contributions are only replete with plain insults and emotional tantrums. The creativity and the self-discipline needed to tackle pressing national issues are usually found wanting except talk, more talk, and insinuations in the media space.

The ongoing debate about the MPs’ desire or suggestion to build a new 450-seating capacity parliament chamber for the country is a classic example of Ghanaians’ impatience, misunderstanding, and partisan approach to thorny issues that many of us do not have firm grips of them. Honestly, with the except of some knowledgeable media people on the print media side, as well as some of those who often appear on the FM radio/TV shows such as my “old pal” Kweku Baako, Omanhene Kwabena Asante, Osei Bonsu, Paul Adom Otchere, Samson Lardy, Edwin Appiah (E-Lab), and few others, the rest need vigorous refresher courses in contemporary journalism.

The truth is, besides public officials/politicians, this present writer doesn’t relish in mentioning names or unleashing direct critique on any journalist in the country unless that media personnel’s name is singled out for praise and commendation as done above. However, there also comes a time whereby some media outlets or people do or say certain things so weird and shallow that one is tempted to question the credibility and credentials of some of the so-called “ace” journalists in this nation. In Ghana many of us like to qualify people’s professional titles with all kinds of adjectives, for reasons that are best known to our socio-cultural history. By the same token, if one insists on unique titles then that individual’s work output must also reflect uniqueness and above mediocrity.

We cannot just describe one as “ace, renowned, experienced” journalist while we sit unconcerned and let some people present mediocre journalism and still expect that none of us challenges some of the false assumptions imbedded in their work. Where in the civilized world would any serious or “ace” journalist conducts a survey/poll via seriously-unreliable Facebook and based on the respondents’ accounts, can draw a scientific or reliable conclusion supporting the narrative that many people in this country believe Ghana’s parliament is “useless”?

Something is only “useless” if one doesn’t know all its uses or what actually that entity is used for. Truly, nothing in this world is “useless” in that every matter—including all human inventions—has a purpose behind its existence. Even dead animal found rotting in an abandoned area isn’t “useless” because it naturally fertilizes the soil. On that basis we can safely state that something, or in our case the nation’s parliament may be ineffective, unproductive, or not living up to the people’s expectations and not useless. Hence, it’s a stretch to describe any legislature as “useless” regardless of how ineffective it may be. Simply put, we must take notice that there is a veritable chasm between useless and ineffective. All legislatures serve a purpose one way or the other no matter what.

Surely, some of us strongly reject the timing and the not-too-smart attempt to prioritize national discussions pertaining to the proposal or putting up a new legislative edifice. This nation has a lot on its dinner plate to contemplate of adding more in terms of constructing new ultra-modern parliament complex at this time. Nevertheless, at some point in time the country should seriously consider streamlining or adding more firepower to its legislative branch even if it may involve the construction of a new lawmaking chamber.

The starting point to get an effective or “useful” parliament in Ghana that can stand “boot for boot” with the executive arm of the government is to have some selfless and committed journalists who will devote a greater part of their time and energy to campaign incessantly till the current “one-person” Fourth Republic Constitution is amended, as the “constitution owner” JJ Rawlings himself suggested recently.

Keep in mind even though there are three coequal branches of government, yet in genuine multiparty democracy the legislature is the main switchboard of the whole system. Parliament/legislature is the “people house” and this awareness immensely informed the founders of the United States to spend more time on the longest section of their constitution (Article 1) that establishes and lists all the powers of US Congress. If the US legislature and its legislators are not “useless,” it’s because the constitutional underpinnings of its lawmaking body is stronger than what Ghana has under this 4th republic constitution. The critics of Ghana’s parliament must consider this reality, too.

Wendy Shay sacked as YEA Ambassador

Ghanaian Afropop and Afrobeat singer, Wendy Addo, known by the mononym Wendy Shay has been sacked as an Ambassador of Youth Employment Agency (YEA), has confirmed.

The singer made several headlines last week during a visit to Former President John Agyekum Kufuor by Ambassadors of the organization to solicit his support for a project.

An image of the singer and the former president went viral on social media attracting wild criticisms from a section of the public in view of the gaze of Mr Kufuor who was seated close.

Subsequently, a release from the YEA announcing who their ambassadors were had Wendy Shay’s name conspicuously missing.

The statement reads in part “Below are a list of Ambassadors currently engaged by the Agency:

1. Kwabena Anokye Adisi, Journalist/ CEO, EIB Group / Start-Up consultant

2. Bryan Amoateng, Pastor, Author, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Founder, International Youth Empowerment Summit (IYES), President, Bryan Jones Outreach,

3. Jackie Appiah, Award-winning actress, Entrepreneur

4. Bibi Bright, Actress, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

5. Emelia Brobbey, Actress, Trained Teacher and Journalist

6. Rebecca Donkor, CEO MakeUp Ghana, Start-Up Consultant, Founder/CEO Healthcare Management

Also, we have prominent people in society ranging from top-ranking public officials, Members of Parliament, Business Executives, Chiefs, Religious leaders etc who have endorsed our initiatives and have indicated their readiness and availability to act as advisors to the projects the Agency embark on.

Notable among these prominent individuals are:

1. Dr Kwabena Donkor, Former Minister for Power and MP for Pru East Constituency.

2. Catherine Abelema Afeku, Minister and Member of Parliament and an astute Marketer.

3. Nana Osei Bonsu, President of Private Enterprises Federation (PEF Ghana).

4. Mr Seth Twum Akwaboah, President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

These dignified individuals, as well as a host of others including CEOs in the Banking and Telecommunication Sector, are all ready and available to lend their support to the Agency when called upon.

It is unclear if the sack of the musician was linked to her conduct at the home of the former President but sources at the YEA confided in this portal they are monitoring her to ascertain if she is indeed prepared to serve the purpose of the organization.

Kwesi Appiah rings changes as Acquah makes first AFCON start against Tunisia

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah has given starting berth to Afriyie Acquah and maintained Samuel Owusu in the Black Stars squad for the round of clash against Tunisia on Monday.

The Black Stars will engage the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia in the round of 16 at the Ismailia Stadium on Monday.

The game will be a repeat of the 2012 edition where the four-time Africa champions dispatched the Eagles 2-1 via strikes from John Mensah and Andre Ayew.

Ghana have been touted as overwhelming favorites for the match due to the North African side’s failure to win any of their three group matches.

Despite the heavy bet placed on the West Africa giants, coach Appiah is taking nothing for granted as he has named Empoli hard-tackling midfielder Afriyie Acquah in his starting line-up.

Acquah played one game at the group phase of the tournament but his swashbuckling display in the 2-0 against Guinea-Bissau has convinced the coach to hand him a start.

The former Al Khartoum Watani trainer has maintained Samuel Owusu in the team despite calls for him to be dropped after his inconsistent performance in the win against Guinea-Bissau.

Appiah has however kept the core of the team who featured prominently during the group stages in his squad.

Baba Rahman and Andy Yiadom will maintain their positions on the left and right side of defence respectively while Kasim Nuhu will partner John Boye at the heart of defense with Richard Ofori keeping his place between the sticks.

Thomas Partey will spearhead the midfield and will be marshalled by Samuel Owusu and Acquah.

Captain Andre Ayew will play behind Jordan Ayew in attack.

Below is Ghana’s starting line up to face Tunisia;

Richard Ofori, Andy Yiadom, Baba Rahman, John Boye, Kasim Nuhu, Afriyie Acquah, Samuel Owusu, Thomas Partey, Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew.

Medikal, Strongman make peace after lyrical battle

Rappers, Medikal and Strongman, have mended their relationship after engaging in one of the hottest lyrical feuds the music industry has seen last week.

The artistes had brutally attacked each other in a battle of words which also, unfortunately, left the reputations of their significant others to public ridicule.

Although some people had called on Strongman to render an apology to Medikal’s girlfriend, actress Fella Makafui, the rapper made it clear in an interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM he would only do so after his colleague apologises to his girl, Nana Ama.

Medikal who had first said some unpleasant things about Strongman’s girlfriend took to Twitter on Sunday, June 30 to express his regrets for dragging her name into the feud.

Strong,I’m sorry for involving your girl in this whole thing,the street just no get formula & that I have Awoken the rap game,I would rather like to see Ghana rap music cross boarders than to fight for spots here

— MEDiKAL (@AmgMedikal) June 30, 2019

Strongman lived up to his words by apologising to Medikal for his inability to restrain himself and dragging Fella Makafui into their beef.

“Sorry for your girl’s involvement in the whole thing. Ghana Rap lives on,” the ‘Baby Girl’ hitmaker had said.

Sorry for your girl’s involvement in the whole thing
Ghana Rap Music lives on ????????????????????????

— STN EP (@StrongmanBurner) June 30, 2019

The rivalry between the two rappers was unexpected as little was known of it prior to the weekend open display of antagonism, which birthed four songs.

It dominated social media trends and got Ghanaians divided on who won.

It was Medikal who first ‘drew blood’ when he claimed to have saved the music industry four years ago. Several artists felt targeted by the lyrics of ‘To Whom It May Concern’ but it was Strongman who stepped forward.

Strongman in his interview with Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on the Cosmopilitan Mix, on Monday, called for a truce, urging artistes to focus on their career.

“We don’t need to keep this beef going on… I am not tired but we need to focus on the music,” he said.

Before the truce

It is uncertain what may have pushed Medikal to apologise, however, before the makeup, Strongman had posted a video of himself at a concert performing ‘Don’t Try’ his reply song to Medikal’s ‘To whom it May Concernn’.

Medikal on seeing that reacted saying he was glad Strongman finally has a hit song.

The ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker urged promoters to keep putting him on their shows and encourage fans to support the artiste like they did the diss songs.

I just watched strong’s performance, I’m so happy he finally has a hit song, y’all promoters keep putting him on your shows,fans should support all his music he releases like you support beef,eno be easy to hit chale, so we always need y’all to go hard for us

— MEDiKAL (@AmgMedikal) June 30, 2019

The tweet received some backlash from some fans who made it clear in their replies Strongman has had hits just like Medikal himself.

Strongman, also after seeing the tweet, made it clear to Medikal that although he supports his craft, he is not new in the industry and has had hit songs of his own before the feud began.

The rapper had to explain himself tweeting, “All I’m saying is now that I made y’all get his attention, support him.” Then he went ahead to issue his apology to Strongman.

The two in their tweets agreed to take Ghana music across the country’s borders instead of fighting each other in the house.

Ghana music has a rich history of rivalries.

The rivalry between Dancehall artistes, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale came to a head at the 2019 VGMA.

Dancehall Artist of the Year, Stonebwoy, pulled a gun on Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr. (Shatta Wale) following a protracted beef which has recently been settled.

‘Beefs’ between Lord Kenya and Obrafour, Kwaw Kese and D-Black, M.anifest and Sarkodie have all once grabbed headlines for weeks.

John Boye returns against Guinea-Bissau on Tuesday

Black Stars defender John Boye will be available for selection for Ghana’s crucial final Group F encounter with Guinea-Bissau on Tuesday.

The Fc Metz centre back has served out his suspension after receiving a red card in the opening day draw with Benin.

The 31-year-old was given his marching orders in the 54th minute of the game after picking two yellow cards

Boye missed Saturday’s game with Cameroon as a result but will return against the Wild Dogs as the four-time winners look to seal qualification to the knockout stage.

Only a win against Guinea-Bissau will see Ghana progress to the last 16 of the competition.

ECOWAS finally adopts ECO as single currency

Beginning in January 2020, countries within the West African sub-region will be able to use a single currency called ECO.

The currency was adopted by the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government on Saturday in Nigeria’s capital Abuja.

The West African leaders endorsed the currency at their 55th Ordinary Session and approved a road map towards the currency’s issuance in January 2020.

There was a roadmap to ensure that all member countries meet three primary criteria for the adoption of the currency.

Criteria for adoption
That includes member countries having a budget deficit of not more than 3%; average annual inflation of less than 10% with a long-term goal of not more than 5% by 2019.

Countries were expected to also have gross reserves that can finance at least three months of imports.

The other convergence criteria that have been adopted by ECOWAS are public debt or Gross Domestic Product of not more than 70%.

There is also the issue of central banks financing budget deficit not more than 10% of previous year’s tax revenue, and nominal exchange rate variation of plus or minus 10%.

At the end of the Abuja meeting, a communiqué read by Nigeria’s Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mustapha Suleiman noted that the regional leaders instructed the ECOWAS Commission to work in collaboration with West African Monetary Agency.

The commission is also expected to work with West African Monetary Institute and all central banks to settle on a symbol for the single currency.

Significant progress

The ECOWAS Chairman President Issoufou Mahamadou has said that the revised roadmap does not affect the date for the issuance of the single currency in January 2020.

Speaking about the deadline for adoption Mahamadou said “We have not changed that but we will continue with assessment between now and then.

“We are of the view that countries that are ready will launch the single currency and countries that are not yet ready will join the programme as they comply with all six convergence criteria.”

ECOWAS has a combined population of 385 million and was set up in 1975.

It comprises Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

Eight of these countries use one currency called the CFA franc. Those are Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo.

The current decision to adopt one currency is similar to the move made by the European Union to adopt a single currency called Euro.

Confusion rocks funeral; coffin abandoned in the middle of community for days

Confusion over the burial of the deceased person at Komenda Dompuase in the Komenda/Edina/Eguafo/Abirem (KEEA) Municipality of the Central Region last weekend has led to a coffin being abandoned in the middle of the community for days.

The coffin which was supposed to be used in burying the deceased person still sits in the middle of the town after deceased’s family refused to bury their relative with it because it was coming from the widow who claimed she wanted to have nothing to do with them.

As a result, the widow and her family refused to join them in the wake keeping on Friday and the burial service on Saturday which raised concerns among other mourners.

This prompted the family to find out from their in-laws why they have refused to join them in mourning but realized they also mounted separate canopies away from the funeral grounds and were also holding their version of the celebration.

Spokesman for the family, Kofi Quarshie explained to that the family asked them to move and join them at the funeral grounds but their in-laws refused over unexplained reasons.

“We had no option than to give back their coffin to them since they didn’t want to have anything to do with us”, he stated.

According to him, the family then went in for a new coffin to bury the deceased and asked them to come for theirs but since they refused, it was left in the middle of the town at the mercy of the sun and rain as widow’s family has also decided not to go for the coffin.

Obaapanyin Efua Anto, head of the widow’s family, however, disclosed that they handed it over to the deceased’s family and performed all the necessary rites the reason they cannot take the coffin back.

Go and marry and stop hyping beef – Afia Schwar jabs Berla Mundi

Even before peace prevails in the ongoing Medikal-Strongman beef, Afia Schwarzenegger who has declared his support for Medikal is already lighting some flames on the side.

The controversial media personality has descended on Berla Mundi for joining other celebrities to hype Medikal and Strongman’s beef.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Afia Schwarzenegger advised Berla Mundi to go and find a man to marry because indeed time is going.

According to Afia, even if she won’t get a man to marry her, she should just give birth just like his grandmother, Nana Aba Anamoah has given birth with no husband.

Berla Mundi’s only crime was tweeting at Medikal to release his second diss song which he promised to do so yesterday at 9:00 pm but failed to do so on the exact time.

In the same video, Afia Schwarzenegger again advised Yvonne Nelson to also stop hyping the beef and support his baby daddy’s photography career which is dead and needs hype to resurrect.

Eritrea, Somalia, Turkey react to deadly coup attempt in Ethiopia

Regional players were among the first to react to a tense weekend in Ethiopia where the federal government confirmed a failed coup in northern Amhara regional state.

Eritrea and Somalia reacted via tweets with the former sending condolences whiles the latter added a condemnation of the action and solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.

“The Government of Eritrea has conveyed its message of condolence to the Government & people of Ethiopia on the killing, in a failed coup attempt, of the President Amhara Regional Government, his advisor, Chief of Staff of Ethiopia’s National Defense Forces and Maj. Gen.(Rt) Gezai,” the message from Asmara read.

Turkey on Monday issued a condemnation of the action which took the lives of regional officials and the army chief and another.

“We convey our condolences to the friendly People and the Government of Ethiopia. We reiterate that Turkey is against all attempts to unlawfully change elected Governments, and express our strong support to Ethiopia in the aftermath of this coup attempt,” the statement read.

In the case of the former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, he condemned what he said was the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Democracy has come to rest in Africa. Constitutionality and the rule of law are what we in Africa need, especially in the cradle of civilisation and the melting pot of the African Union.

“Africa hopes for a speedy return to normalcy and I stand ready to lend my voice and actions to make that possible. May God bless Africa and may He be with the government and people of Ethiopia at such a trying time,” his statement added.

Four officials killed

Amhara’s state president Ambachew Mekonnen and his advisor were killed in Amhara regions Bahir Dar with the PM’s office naming the region’s security head, General Asamnew Tsige, as the orchestrator of the attempted coup.

Over in Addis Ababa, army chief, Seare Mekonnen was also shot at his residence by his body guard. Another former general with him was also shot. Government confirmed their deaths early on Sunday.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government faces growing pressure from regional strongmen, including in Amhara, a flashpoint in growing ethnic violence in Ethiopia.

The shooting occurred when federal officials were meeting the state president – an ally of Abiy – to discuss how to rein in the open recruitment of ethnic militias by Asamnew, one Addis-based official told Reuters.

A week earlier, Asamnew had openly advised the Amhara people, one of Ethiopia’s larger ethnic groups, to arm themselves, in a video spread on Facebook and seen by a Reuters reporter.

John Paintsil believes tactical discipline will be key to Ghana’s AFCON success

Former Black Stars defender John Paintsil believes tactical discipline will be key if Ghana are to annex the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The four-time winners are in Group F alongside defending champions Cameroon, Benin and Guinea-Bissau.

Speaking ahead of Ghana’s opening game against the Squirrels at the Ismaily Stadium on Tuesday, the former Fulham right-back urged the players to always stick to coach Kwesi Appiah plan.

“I think with determination, hard work, confidence, teamwork, respect, the coach being there for the players and players being there for the coach, [the team will be successful],” said Paintsil to TV3.

“In terms of discipline [on the pitch], it means keeping their positions right, those who need to recover should recover, the team shape must be accurate; not left-wing going [forward and] left-back [also] going.
“If the coach asks them to keep shape, they must keep a shape – they understand these terms.

“So with all these, everything will come right with them but if they lose focus, if they lose discipline on the field, they can get punished.”

Telcos record more than 2,000 fibre cuts in first half of 2019

The Mobile Industry experienced over 2,000 incidents of fibre cuts, and 600 incidents of theft at base stations affecting over 18 million subscribers within the first half of this year alone, data released from the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has shown.

The mobile industry group observed that the prevalence of fibre cuts, cable/fuel/battery thefts, and vandalism to the infrastructure of its members’, remains a grave challenge affecting quality of service, general social and economic activity, security and customer experience across the country.

A release by the Chamber said persistent nature of the cuts and damage to infrastructure affect operations and threatens the long term sustainability of the mobile technology ecosystem, upon which Ghana’s digitization agenda relies heavily on in delivering a formal, smart economy and connected society for Ghanaians.

Further data from the industry association reveals that, these cuts which were caused mainly by private developers, road contractors, unknown criminals and other utility providers cost the industry over GH¢30 million in direct repairs only (without counting the cost of loss of revenue, the non-traditional temporary solutions deployed as well as additional capital expenditure to keep network availability stable) over 150,000 litres of diesel, and 240 batteries stolen from the cell sites.

Chief Executive of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey said: “the data gathered speaks to the enormous problem that service providers are faced with; where limited funds are being expended on repairs of cuts and replacement of equipment as against expanding the network to enhance quality, reach and experience for customers.

The service providers have to deploy extra meshed networks to provide additional redundancies to ensure that, the over 300 cuts being experienced per month currently does not impact more than 25% of the network”

“We cannot continue to accept this menace as a norm, and we are working assiduously to reach all partners and stakeholders who work within the Right of Way (RoW) across the country to agree on modalities to reduce if not eradicate the menace,” Ashigbey said.

In the light of this development, the Chamber is embarking on a Sensitization Outreach in 4 main regions where reports of cable thefts, cuts and damage are rampant to build awareness towards enforcement.

This engagement would seek to bring together stakeholders from the Road Agencies, Road Contractors, Utility Service Providers, Local Government, Regulators and others who work within the reservations or play critical roles in its management. Attendees will work together to build action plans towards effective collaboration and better coordination within the right of ways while preserving each other’s infrastructure.

The workshops will engage with security teams within the regions to ensure criminals who tamper with telecommunications infrastructure are dealt with in accordance with the law.

Section 77 of the Electronic Communications Act 2008 (Act 775) makes Fibre Optic Cable cut and damage to communications infrastructure a criminal offence, to which offenders liable to summary conviction to a fine of not more than three thousand penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than five years or both.”

‘The general public is entreated to be vigilant of suspicious persons who access the Right of Way, culverts fitted with underground cables and base station facilities without permits or visibly branded outfits. Kindly inform the law enforcement authority or call your mobile network operator to report as their activities affect your service and compromise your security in the long term,” the release said.

The first Sensitization Outreach will be held on Thursday the 27th June 2019 in Cape Coast

Government can’t sack CEOs – Supreme Court declares

The removal of heads of public corporations as a result of a change of government has been declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

In a unanimous decision, a seven-member panel of the court, presided over by the Chief Justice, Justice Sophia Akuffo, held that per Article 190 Clause 1(b) of the 1992 Constitution, public corporations were part of the Public Services of Ghana and, therefore, such persons were public service officers whose appointments were protected by the Constitution.

According to the court, the appointments of such public service officers were governed by Article 195 of the Constitution.

The removal of such public service officers, the court held, must, therefore, be done in accordance with the terms and conditions of their contract of engagement or it must be justified, as stipulated in Article 191 of the Constitution.

Article 195 Clause 1 of the Constitution gives the President of the Republic the power to appoint public service officers, but with the advice of the governing board of the specific corporation, “given in consultation with the Public Services Commission”.

Article 191 (b) states: “A member of the public service shall not be dismissed or removed from office or reduced in rank or otherwise punished without a just cause.”

Import of the decision

By this decision, the Supreme Court has repealed the section of the Presidential (Transition) Act 2012 (Act 845) which terminated the appointments of the chief executives or director-generals of public corporations, statutory boards and authorities upon the assumption of office of a new President.

“To the extent that Section 14 of the Presidential (Transition) Act 2012 (Act 845) requires the chief executives or director-general (however described) of public boards or corporations to cease to hold office upon the assumption of office by a person elected as President of the Republic of Ghana, the same is hereby declared to be unconstitutional and void for being in contravention of articles 190 and 191 of the Constitution,” the court held.

The unanimous decision of the court was read by Justice Professor Nii Ashie Kotey, while the other members on the panel were Justices Jones Dotse, Sule Gbadegbe, Anthony A. Benin, Samuel K. Marful-Sau and Nene Amegatcher.

Legal challenge

The case culminating in the Supreme Court’s judgment was initiated on January 4, 2017 by a legal practitioner, Mr Theophilus Donkor, who invoked the original jurisdiction of the court to interpret the 1992 Constitution.

Counsel for the plaintiff was Mr Godwin Edudzi Tamakloe.

It was the contention of the plaintiff that the practice whereby CEOs, director-generals and heads of public corporations, statutory boards and authorities, as well as the governing boards of such institutions, must step aside during a change of government was unconstitutional.

He sought the following reliefs:

A declaration that the removal from office of such chief executives, chief executive officers, director-generals (howsoever called) and members of governing boards of public corporations merely on account of the assumption of office of the person elected as President “does not amount to a just cause and is accordingly unconstitutional”;

Second, a declaration that to the extent that Section 14 of the Presidential (Transition) Act 2012 (Act 845) requires all chief executives, chief executive officers, director-generals (howsoever called) and members of governing boards of public corporations to cease to hold office merely on account of the assumption of office of the person elected as President, the said Section 14 is unconstitutional as being inconsistent with the letter and spirit of the Constitution, particularly articles 70(1)(d)(iii), 190 and/or 191(b) of the Constitution;

Third, an order of perpetual injunction restraining any person or authority from removing from office such chief executives, chief executive officers, director-generals (howsoever called) and members of governing boards of public corporations merely on account of the assumption of office of the person elected as President.

Board members can be removed

The court, however, dismissed the plaintiff’s relief with regard to the members of the governing boards of public corporations appointed by the President, in accordance with Article 70 Clause 1 (d) (iii).

According to the court, the board members appointed by the President could be removed upon the election of a new President because they were not public service officers.

“Members of governing boards of statutory boards and corporations appointed in accordance with Article 70(1)(d)(iii) of the Constitution are not members of the Public Service and their tenure is not governed by articles 191 and 195 of the Constitution. Therefore, each person may be removed at will by the President. We declare accordingly,” the court held.

Article 70 Clause 1(d)(iii) of the Constitution states: “The President shall, acting in consultation with the Council of State, appoint the governing boards of public corporations.”

Public corporations

The judgment by the Supreme Court affects all public corporations under Article 190 Clause 1(b) of the 1992 Constitution. These are public corporations not set up for commercial ventures.

They include the National Petroleum Authority, the Forestry Commission, the National Communications Authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Petroleum Commission and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.

Limited liability companies

The Supreme Court further made a pronouncement on state enterprises set up for commercial ventures, such as the GCB Bank, the Agricultural Development Bank, the Ghana Oil Limited, the State Housing Company and the National Investment Bank Limited.

It held that although such companies were not public corporations under Article 190 Clause 1(b) of the Constitution, both their heads and their governing boards could not be removed on the assumption of office of a new President.

“These are not statutory boards or corporations. They are limited liability companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179). Some are listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Upon purposive interpretation of Section 14 of Act 845, we hold that members of the governing boards of these companies and chief executives are not affected by Section 14 of Act 845. Members of the boards and chief executives of such companies shall only be removed in accordance with the articles of incorporation of the company and the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179),” the court held.

Medikal slams M.anifest for featuring on Strongman’s song

AMG rapper Medikal seems not to be satisfied with his beef with Strongman and wanting to take it a bigger rapper and thereby he has taken it to M.anifest.

Medikal and Strongman have been releasing diss songs against each other for some days now and yesterday evening Strongman released another song with God MC M.anifest titled Ups and Down to counter Medikal’s ‘Drip’ also released earlier.

In the song, Manifest took a swipe at Medikal when it was time for him to do his verse.

In one of the lines, Manifest said, “W’ani nkum a wosi )mo ada. Asem aba“. It is well known that Omo Ada is a tagline of Medikal and that line from M.anifest was a direct shot.

“Shw3 panyin toto nonso, 2 galamsey hitless rappers,your abochi wey never get one million views sef on youtube too wan talk some,fella ein ‘my body is doing me something’alone sef blow pass am. Drip drip drip drip, let’s make some money joooo “ he tweeted.×280

A teacher physically assaults his student after collapsed amorous amity(AUDIO)

The Asamankese Senior High School is gaining an unprecedented notoriety in physically and sexually assaulting its female students as wards of parents in the school live in unsaved management. This shameful developments come barely 8months back when the Speaker of Parliament, Rgt Hon. Mike Oquaye during the 60th anniversary of the SHS admonished the staff to refrain from an form of sexual engagement with the female students.
Contrary to this, female students at ASASCO since the recruitment of one Samuel Boakye Donkor aka Paa Kwasi, aka Confusion ,a biology teacher have never had a breathing space, as he persistently lure them into bed ,and in a number of cases abort pregnancies for them after conceiving as several reports suggest .
Samuel Boakye Donkor who late father operates the St Luke Medical Clinic (Private)in Asamankese of the West Akim Municipality of the Eastern Region for many occasions has been reported of either forcing or enticing both female students and staff of the clinic which some are minors for sexual intercourse regardless of the Ghana Education Code of Ethics for teachers .
A couple hours ago , Samuel Donkor physically assaulted his form 2 science student finance , Jennifer Boamah at the Asamankese SHS for ending their several months of sexual pressure as the student felt the teacher was cheating on her with another friend of hers .
The teacher who did not take the words of Jennifer (student fiance ) kindly decided to beat her up mercilessly in the street .
Jennifer has since been explaining the story to the media having been recused by some persons in the vicinity

I won’t do a song with Patapaa, Kuami Eugene – Eazzy

Singer Eazzy has named Kuami Eugene and Patapaa as artistes she would not want to work with.

Speaking on Behind The Fame on Joy FM, the ‘Wengeze’ hitmaker said her type of music differs from that of Patapaa and Kuami Eugene, hence they cannot blend.

Eazzy explained Patapaa’s type of music is too fast for what she does and she cannot compete.

“I love his personality. He is a very lively person, but music wise I no go fit. I know him as an up-tempo artiste, If you put me on any of his songs, I go do yawa,” she told Lexis Bill on Monday.

Eazzy stated she would consider a collaboration when Patapaa decides to make a mid-tempo song “I think we can blend, then.”

The singer added she prefers a collaboration with KiDi than Kuami Eugene.

Eazzy said she likes the texture of KiDi’s voice, his compositions and the tone he sings in.

“Knowing that there is another player that can do a better job for me, I would like to go for that,” she added.

The artiste said, she has nothing against the personality or brand of Kuami Eugene and Patapaa but her reasons are based solely on the music they do.

Ghana’s Sammy Kuffour toughest defender I faced in my playing career – Okocha

Former Super Eagles captain Austin Jay Jay Okocha has been answering some questions on his playing career and has reserved special praise for former Ghana and Bayern Munich defender Samuel Osei Kuffour.

The two African stars faced each other every season during Okocha’s four-year stay at Eintracht Frankfurt between 1992 and 1996.

While Okocha was lighting up the league with his majestic skills and flicks, Sammy Kuffour was being praised by Bayern Munich fans for his excellent defensive prowess.

In an extensive interview with reporters at the Bundesliga StarTimes Legends Tour in Lagos, Okocha singled out the Ghanaian defender as the toughest opponent he ever came up against in his playing career.

“I realised at a very young age that I had a gift to do special things with the ball. My biggest opponent was me. I knew I was in charge when with the ball. But on the toughest defenders I faced, I would say that my African brothers were the ones.

“We have the same mentality and thought the same way. Ossei Kuffour was the toughest of them all. There was a game that he kept following and marking me and I asked him, “O boy, take it easy, look at the way you are breathing down on my neck” and he replied that “sorry I got work to do”. “He brought out the best in me”

He also reflected on his famous goal against Oliver Khan where he dribbled five players before rounding the legendary goalkeeper to score one of the most iconic goals in football history.

“It was not planned but it was meant to be. I was on the bench on that day and upset not to be selected. So when I was called upon to go in, I wanted to prove a big point. I was patient enough to have held the ball for that long because when I tried to shoot at goal, one defender would come and I would just move my leg and another would come, prompting me to step away again until I eventually scored. Our manager then said that had I missed that scoring chance that I would not have played again, so God rescued me from his threat”.

“As a player I did not want to pass the ball to anyone but my coaches in the Bundesliga taught me how to play for the good of the team. I always felt very comfortable with the ball. When with it, I believed that nobody could stop me. I knew I was gifted with the ball and could do anything with it.

I was my biggest opponent. I never believed anybody could take the ball away from me, but I was made to release later that it was about the team, not the individual”. On his famous goal against Oliver Khan, Okocha said it was as a result of his desire to prove a point for being benched in that game” he concluded.

Richmond Boakye Yiadom hopes to replicate fine scoring form at 2019 AFCON

Ghana and Red Star Belgrade striker, Richmond Boakye-Yiadom has returned from injury at the right time as Ghana prepares for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The 26-year old is hoping to replicate his fine goalscoring form at club level during the AFCON for the Black Stars.

The Jiangsu Suning player on loan at Red Star Belgrade is the most-in form Ghanaian player in Europe this season as he has registered 13 goals in 15 games for the Serbian club this season.

Yiadom has been an integral part of the Black Stars in the last few years and with the European season coming to an end, the striker tells Finder Sports he has big dreams ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations to be staged in Egypt in June.

Speaking to Finder Sports about his season he said, “By God’s grace it is going well and blissful. Thanks to Jehovah. I had one or two injuries but I am glad God has given me 13 goals out of 15 matches in the second round so I can say it has been a good season for me”.

Boakye Yiadom who is hoping to make the Black Stars squad for the AFCON said he anticipates a tough campaign for Ghana.

“It’s not an easy group because any team which made it to the Africa Cup of Nations deserves to be there. We (Ghana) don’t have to take it normal or easy, we need to play and fight like how we played during the qualifiers and I know we can qualify out of the group. With God on our side we can bring the cup home as well”.

Concerning which team will qualify alongside Ghana in Group F he told the paper that all the teams qualified to play in the tournament deserve to be there and there are no minnows in the group. “I cannot say anything about that. What I know is my team and nation will qualify”.

The former Juventus striker hopes God’s destiny for him will be prevailed should he make the squad for the AFCON.

Finder Sports sources indicate that Richmond Boakye Yiadom is on Kwesi Appiah’s squad list for the AFCON.

He missed Ghana’s double header in March against Kenya and Mauritania due to injury.

He is expected to make his second appearance in the AFCON should he make Kwesi Appiah’s squad for the tournament.

Atinka TV to screen football documentary “UNTOLD GOAT” on May 6

An intriguing documentary of one of Ghana’s Greatest Footballers of All Time, titled, the Untold GOAT is set to be screened by Atinka Media Village on Monday 6th May 2019.

The 27-minute film details the riveting journey of how a young boy born to a farmer in a small community in Ghana’s middle turned out to be one of the most illustrious football stars the continent has ever seen.

The Documentary, produced and directed by award-winning sports journalist Saddick Adams, reviews the childhood life through to the tragic career of a Ghana football legend.

Saddick says the film was inspired by the lack of documentary history of Ghana’s past heroes.

The title of the Documentary “Untold GOAT” illustrates the untold greatness of a legendary athlete who still continues to occupy a respectable spot in Ghana’s sporting history.

“I’ve spent the last five months travelling over 2,500 kilometres with my decrepit camera, collecting pieces of information, memorabilia and anecdotes of this man whose name is still popular on the lips of millions of Ghanaian soccer fans and yet, very little known of him”,

“Very little has been seen of him, very little to read of him. Out of the over 30 million people in Ghana today, less than a hundred of them I think, were privileged to have seen him play and most of them are in a state of health that makes it difficult for them to remember any memories of him”.

“Fortunately, the very few who had some to share, did a great service to the current and next generations”.

The documentary will reveal, perhaps the first known coloured picture of this legend.

Some of Ghana’s legendary footballers and legendary sports journalists such as Joe Lartey, who featured prominently in the documentary, claim the footballer’s tragic death, perhaps robbed Ghana a player with the potential to have won the coveted FIFA Ballon d’Or award in its early years.

It’s an intriguing story of a young footballer whose transfer instigated one of the most intense political rivalries ever witnessed in the country.

A footballer whose history has been distorted and original birthplace corrupted.

A footballer – who at age 18 – had become the most popular teenager in Ghana at some point.

“UNTOLD GOAT” is a story of striking football moments, golden memories, bitterness, flamboyance, loyalty and tragedy that will honour and mark a landmark anniversary of this legendary son of the land.

“It is very unfortunate that not much data and history has been documented of our sporting heroes and this will be the first of many films to be produced to honour these heroes and also as a reference point for the current generation”, Saddick added.

The film will show across Atinka Media Village’s platforms Atinka TV, Atinka FM and all its social media handles

Fenerbahce fans chant André Ayew’s name in Süper Lig against Trabzonspor

Despite the surrounding news of André Ayew’s future with Fenerbahce in Turkey, the fans of the Turkish side on Saturday in the Turkish Süper Lig, chanted to express their appreciation to Ayew by singing his name during their 1-1 draw.

Ayew joined the Canaries on a season-long loan from English Championship side Swansea City in the summer.Having had a swining season with the premier league side.

Ayew, 29, started the campaign superbly but faded away towards the tail end of the year following the arrival of Ersun Yanal in the dugout.

The Black Stars deputy captain, despite his appearances, the club’s officials are ready to purchase him at the end of his loan deal.

Ayew did himself a great favour over the weekend after impressing during their 1-1 stalemate with Trabzonspor – which prompted the ?ükrü Saraco?lu Stadium faithful to chant his name.

President of the club Ali Aries lavished praises on the Ghanaian in the wake of the match, and said they would be delighted to have him in the team next season.

Ayew has registered five goals in 26 league appearances for the club in the ongoing season.

I’m not depressed – Sista Afia

Francesca Duncan Williams known in showbiz circles as Sista Afia has said her inconsistency in the music industry is as a result of limited resources and not depression.

She told ZionFelix in an interview that her inability to release more songs in the shortest possible time is due to the fact that she has no financier giving her external support of any kind and not because of any medical issues.

“There is nothing wrong with me. If I had investors, you guys would have been seeing songs from me every day,” she said

Sista Afia stated that she is single-handedly sponsoring her career and thus she has to focus on what her pocket is capable of achieving a day at a time.

She added that she is forced to stay low sometimes until she has enough finance to bring out a new song.

“It’s only me. I have been doing this since 2016 till now. All the songs you see out there is my own sweat, my family’s sweat. Little by little: the few people who also help me sometimes.

“It’s not easy at all, but people see it to be very easy. When it comes to promotions and other stuff like that, I’m still the only one who does all these things because I am the one who decided to do music.” Sista Afia added

According to her, she is very positive in what the future holds but will continue to support herself for the time being.

“For now I am doing the best I can. Whatever happens, I am not God. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future. You never know, anything can happen. We live in the world without knowing when we are going to die. We just have to continue praying.” She said

A lot of fake prophets will die this year – Bishop Bernard Nyarko

Ghanaian actor and Bishop, Bernard Nyarko has revealed a lot of fake pastors in Ghana will die this year (2019).

The Bishop who registered his displeasure at the incessant abuse by prophets in a video stated most of these fake prophets do so because of their bellies and other selfish reasons.

“They tend to put fear in many individuals especially the celebrities and this is because such individuals have huge following which may eventually convert into high numbers for their churches.

Why don’t you approach individuals you see prophecies about than publicise it on social media? Just so it materializes so you claim fame in the sight of man? They are simply injecting and infusing fear into people’s lives”

Watch Bishop Nyarko speak about these fake prophets.

Talking Drum: Freeing Aisha Huang, may thunder fire Nana Addo’s government!

A day before my traveling from Sunyani, the capital of Bono Region, to Accra, I promised myself that I would have a good meal. Being the last born of ten children, I don’t struggle for food whenever I go on a visit in that region. So, I ate bits and pieces of foods that came my way.

Ironically, when I promised myself of that eating spree, I knew my stomach could not stand [hot] pepper for a second. Yet, probably out of madness, I ate pepper-induced soups. It was a Saturday in 2014. The following morning, just when the driver of our Yutong bus horned that we were good to go, my stomach started dancing. “Yehowa [God], do I get down!?” I asked my confused mind.

I decided I will soldier on as the urge to attend nature’s call abruptly subsided. Then, after we passed the Tyco City Hotel on the Sunyani-Kumasi Road, the whole uncomfortable experience revived. When we got to Bechem, now in the Ahafo Region, I got down to use the washroom at a lorry station there. However, luck eluded me. They had locked the washroom with the supervisor of the place nowhere to be found.

I got back into the bus, bought a soap named SDAfo? Samina that a man advertised in the bus when we got there [Bechem]. I had for long heard of the soap’s efficacy so I didn’t hesitate buying it. I needed to soak it and drink the solution as that would tame my stomach from further acrobatics. It was then that I got to know that when one was in serious trouble, the mind usually went on vacation.

“Why don’t you buy a sachet of water, drink a bit of it and cut it


large enough so you put the soap in it and get your solution?” a woman who sat by me and witnessed my ordeal told me. That sense was pumped into my head at Abrepo in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, about 10 minutes before the driver could park at a fuel station for me. Mind you, from Sunyani to Kumasi is about 122 km. The rest of the story is history.

Having passed through this experience of promises that one knows it is hard to keep- as I promised my stomach- and my mind basically going blank thereafter, I don’t really blame President Akufo Addo’s led NPP government.

They seem to have that ‘runny stomach’ hence running here and there and mostly sounding confused.

The New Patriotic Party made so many promises to Ghanaians before election 2016 that they are now trying very hard to keep. You remember the one village, one dam? One district, one factory? Free SHS [which is somewhat satisfactorily implemented]? One million dollars per constituency among a host of others and its quest for infrastructure. That [infrastructure], which they jabbed former President John Dramani over.

“Infrastructure development under the Mahama-led NDC government has been characterized by massive corruption through contract overpricing, opaque and shady contracting processes, and gross abuse of the sole sourcing provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663),” the NPP said in its 2016 manifesto.

Today, in 2019, did the NPP not equally sole source the freedom of actively engaging in illegal mining to the Chinese Galamsey Queen Aisha Huang? Did they not whisk her away from our law court, where she stood trial, and deported her to China because they went cup in hand to that country for some ‘peanuts’? And, can we fault those who say the Nana Addo-led government sold Ghana to China for an amount of $2 billion?

Can we ask how much the Galamsey Queen made in mining our gold? Could we have made use of that worth of gold? no matter how small or huge its value rather than letting freely her go with it and later we going back to her country for assistance? Are we really serious?

When one ponders over these questions and remembers that the government in power has been making so much noise on its ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ mantra then you realise that there is absolutely no hope for this country of ours. Our cocoa is basically not ours. Gold? Bauxite? Timber? So, we cannot sit down as a nation and own our destiny as China did and is doing?

“We have a very good relationship with China. The main company that is helping develop the infrastructure system in Ghana is Sinohydro, it is a Chinese Company. It is the one that is going to help process our bauxite and provide about $2 billion to us. So when there are these kinds of arrangements, there are other things behind the scenes. Putting [Aisha Huang] in jail in Ghana is not going to solve your money problem. It is not going to make you happy or me happy,” the Senior Minister Yaw Osafo-Maafo is reported to have said at a townhall meeting in the US.

In my estimation, the freeing of Aisha Huang is the greatest betrayal I have ever seen as a Ghanaian and an act of brazen wickedness by the Nana Addo-led government. Why do you terrorize your own people who got themselves involved in illegal mining [Galamsey] and pamper a Chinese national caught in the same act because of a deal with Sinohydro? Was it because students of international relations say such is right in their books?

Headlines in relation to the Operation Vanguard’s task had been screaming in the past years. “10 Excavators Burnt In Anti-Galamsey Operation,” Daily Guide reported on August 2, 2017 with Citinewsroom reporting on July 20, 2018 that, “41 illegal miners arrested by Operation Vanguard” among others. Clearly, government was vehemently punching the throats of the [Ghanaian] illegal miners. But, unknown to them [the miners], their tormentor was but a toothless bull dog who would kowtow to a command from China.

Mr. Osafo Marfo unashamedly added that: “The most important thing is that we established regulations and we are protecting our environment. That is far more important than one Chinese woman who has been deported back to her country.”

But, will the NPP be protecting our environment with its deal with Sinohydro? If so, why has the Non-Governmental Organization, Arocha Ghana, persistently told government and its Chinese counterparts to stay away from the Atewa Forest?

The Atewa Forest, we are told, provides water to over five million Ghanaians and it is said to be the headwater for three key rivers in Ghana being the Densu River [flowing into the Weija Dam as it supplies water to a huge number of residents in western part of Accra], the Ayensu River and the Birim River.
Surprisingly however, the NPP in its 2016 manifesto says: “We will comprehensively protect our water catchment areas, through the Clean Rivers Programme (CRP).”

If despite the cacophony of noises the NPP made on the Gitmo 2 saga while in opposition, it does not find anything wrong freeing Aisha Huang, then I pray unto God to let the cry of the Ghanaian galamseyer fall on Nana Addo’s government.

Like the woman in dire of a child who sleeps naked at night, Nana Addo’s government stands readily ‘naked’ before the world inviting them for a shameful bilateral intercourse so it gets some amount of money to finance promises made to Ghanaians.

Anyway, if I were a galamseyer, I would arm myself, go out there and mine and meet the Operation Vanguard team head-to-head. After all… ‘all die be die.’

I didn’t go to Christ the King Church to worship – Chief Imam speaks

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu has dispelled concerns by a section of the public, especially Muslims, who have spoken against his fellowship with Christians during the Easter Sunday on April 21.

In a historic move, the Chief Imam surprised many when he visited the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra, during church service and stayed throughout the service.

Many were those who lauded the gesture and applauded the Chief Imam for promoting inter-faith relations in a country seen as a beacon of peace.

However, his critics argued that as the head of a religious body with a belief which in part is averse to that of Christendom, it was a no, no for him to have made that move. And the idea that he worshipped with Christians on an occasion Islamic faith does not subscribe to, was the straw that broke the back of the camel.

But in a rare interview with TV3’s Johnnie Hughes on Thursday, April 25, in his New Fadama residence in Accra, the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu clarified his action.

“No, I didn’t go there to worship, it was a visit of friendship. Stretching a hand of friendship across the religious divide, and to show in a very radical way, that living at peace with practitioners of other faith is a possibility and this has sent a strong signal to the world,” he pointed out through an interpreter Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu.

The Chief Imam made reference to Qur’an Chapter 60 versus 8 and 9, which entreats Muslims to live justly and peacefully with persons of other faith who do not persecute them because of their Islamic belief.

He said he was also influenced by other text in the scripture that refers to all mankind as created by God through Adam and Eve into diverse cultures and tribes not to fight but to live in peace.

“This is the foundation of my relationship with practitioners of other faith. I am encouraged by this text to stretch a hand of fellowship…in the larger interest of society and humanity,” Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu emphasised.

The National Chief Imam who turned 100 on April 23 has over the years been a symbol of peace and in the words of Ghana’s former president, Jerry John Rawlings, “You hardly speak but when you speak, it evokes only wisdom“.


The deputy NPP communication director for Prestea Huni-Valley constituency, Mr Francis Cudjoe has appeals to the August House [Parliament] to intensify and empower the widowhood Rights laws to ensure proper and fair treatment of widows living in our society.

Mr Francis Cudjoe believes strongly that widowhood is not a hope for married women thus, the deceased family should not maltreatment or turn back to the bereaves, rather, console together for a healthy family.

The deputy Communicator expressed his worry over how the Ghanaian culture and norms in other ways, undermines and neglects widows in the society therefore, calling for swift amendment.

To safeguard the welfare of widows living in our various society’s, Mr Francis Cudjoe speaking to Kaakyire Kwasi Afari, a journalist, has urged our law makers to strengthen and empower the toothless widowhood laws to protect the interest of widows in the country.

Mr Francis Cudjoe made it known when the Member of parliament for Prestea Huni-Valley constituency who doubles as minister for Tourism, culture and creative Arts Hon. Lawyer Mrs. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi made some donations to Widows living in 5 electoral areas on Monday, 22 at Bogoso town hall.


Easter is a global festival but it has been recognised as the traditional festival for the people of Kwahu in the Eastern region of Ghana.

The Easter festival celebration in Kwahu attract more tourists from Ghana and other parts of the world which directly create revenue and employment for the area .

The immoral acts in Kwahu such fornication, adultery , open sex which to the extent of condom shortage during the Easter has brought curse and calamity upon the lands of Kwahu

For that reason, Prophet Paul K Essoun known as Agya 1 has disclosed that, the people and the lands of Kwahu needs spiritual purification for the rampant fornication, adultery to the extent of condoms shortage during the celebration of this year’s Easter.

According to the Founder and Leader of People’s Foundation Ministry Prophet Paul K Essoun, Easter is to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but not jubilating till condoms get short in that erea, adding that, the devil has spiritually brought strange diseases upon the lands of Kwahu and Ghana as a whole.

He has therefore called on the Nananom and stakeholders of Kwahu to immediately seek for spiritual purification in order to prevent the curse and calamity coming upon the land.


Call Prophet Paul Essoun 0243814495

John Mahama’s father should have been jailed – Chairman Wontumi

After giving the National Democratic Congress (NDC) an ultimatum to apologize to him for calling him a social misfit, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has vowed to spill the beans concerning the corrupt practices former President Mahama and his late father were involved in.

Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako alleged that the corrupt ways of John Mahama when he was president was as a result of the trait he picked up from his late father who did exactly like his son did when he was given an opportunity to serve in government as the Member of Parliament for West Gonja constituency.

“I have conducted my own research from the community and spoken to people who knew the late Emmanuel Adama Mahama very well. They all told me that he was worse and did little to help the area as MP. It is their wish that John Mahama’s father should have been jailed for taking advantage of the system during Nkrumah’s time”, Mr. Bernard Antwi-Boasiako said.

He continued that “Your late father was a Member of Parliament for West Gonja constituency but did nothing to improve their lives. History has it that John Mahama fathers’ was full of himself and diverted monies meant for development of his area into personal use. Few years down the line, his son became President of Ghana and exceeds the corrupt ways of his father by 1000%”.

The NPP Chairman popularly known as Chairman Wontumi further alleged that “with what I know about Emmanuel Adama Mahama in mind”, the corrupt ways of former President Mahama gives credence to the Akan adage that states that “the crab can never give birth to a bird”.

Sinohydro projects take off, as President cuts sod for construction of Tamale interchange

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo yesterday cut the sod for the commencement of the construction of an interchange here in Tamale in the Northern Region.

The interchange, which is a dual carriage way is the first of its kind to be constructed in the Northern part of the country.

The project which is to cost $500 million is being executed under the government’s Master Project Support Agreement (MPSA) deal with Sinohydro.

The deal which is estimated at about of $2 billion is aimed at infrastructure projects of Ghana’s choice across the country in exchange for refined bauxite (Aluminum or Alumina).

President Akufo-Addo said the construction of the interchange would help open the area for socio-economic activities.

He added that the project would create jobs for the teeming youth of the region and enhance the lives of the people.

The President warned that his government and the Chinese government would not countenance any delay and shoddy works.

He, therefore, entreated the local constructors who would be given jobs under the projects to follow strictly guidelines and specification of the project.

President Akufo-Addo admonished the constructors to institute measures to minimise the environmental pollution during the construction.

He indicated that the government was determined to transform the lives of the people of the region and urged them to help sustain the current peace in the area.

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Shi Ting Wang maintained that for years the Chinese government was devoted to the development of Ghana’s economy and well-being of Ghanaians.

He added that both countries were benefiting from friendly relationship between them and that the Chinese government would continue to offer the needed assistance to address the challenges of the country.

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako-Atta explained that Tamale being the main transit town to Ghana’s northern neighbour, Burkina Faso and other landlocked countries and also which serves an important trading route, deserved the project.

He said that the most of the traffic from the port of Tema to the landlocked countries use the city of Tamale as a thoroughfare making it very important for both local and international traffic.

Mr Amoako-Atta explained that the Tamale interchange which was about one kilometre long and links the Kumasi road through the Point 7 road, the Central Taxi Rank, Central Market intersection with the Melcom Road and Bolgatanga Road would ease congestion and save a lot of time.

The Minister called on the chiefs and people of the region, particularly the overlord of Dagbon, Yaa-Naa Mahama Abukari to support the contractors to execute the project on schedule.

Yaa-Naa Abukari on his part commended the government for the project and pledged to offer the needed assistance to contractors to ensure its completion on time.

“I wish to assure the President of my willingness to support the contractors on the project,” he said.

The Northern Regional Minister, Mr Salifu Saeed said the project would significantly enhance trade, economic growth and development of the region and called on all to prepare to support it.

“The construction of the interchange will contribute to municipal, regional and international trade and development hence improved standard of living and poverty reduction,” he stated.

The project includes the construction of 10km of ancillary roads around the interchange to improve traffic management.

The Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and other ministers of state accompanied the President to the ceremony.

Some of the officials of the Sinohydro Corporation Company of China were also present at the sod cutting ceremony.

Police arrest 50 illegal courier, postal services operators in Accra

More than 50 illegal operators in the postal and courier services industry were yesterday arrested by a joint taskforce team in an exercise to sanitise the sector.

The exercise, embarked on by officials of the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSC) and the Greater Accra Regional Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) was in line with enforcing Article 649, section 10 of the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Act 2003.

In a swoop, the team impounded motorcycles delivering such services illegally in areas including the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the Ministries area and Osu all in the Greater Accra Region.

The Ghanaian Times observed that most operators who fell foul of the law were either oblivious of their obligations under the Act or had taken the Commission for a ride in registering and securing licenses for their businesses.

The Public Relations and Consumer Affairs Manager for the PCSC, Nii Yeboah Edwin Burgesson in a media interview expressed worry over the proliferation of courier services without due licence from the Commission, a situation he said amounted to crime.

“We are seeing proliferation of one-man operators using motorcycle to transport goods which raises suspicions of tampering, fake items among other criminal acts but this is a regulated sector and all start-up businesses and entrepreneurs keen on courier service delivery must engage the Commission.”

It takes a minimum of 10 days to be issued with a licence once you have all your documents intact after which businesses are obliged to renew their subscriptions annually. Failure to do so may attract a fine of up to 250 penalty units (GH¢3,000), a prison term or both,” he cautioned.

Mr Burgesson dismissed claims by some operators that they were unaware of the law saying, “there have been lots of engagement and sensitisation on the need to register with the Commission if you operate a courier service but most businesses come to us to register and never return to complete the processes though they conduct their trade.”

He pointed out repercussions to the state and businesses in good standing with the Commission should the scourge be allowed to continue without recourse, entreating industry players to cooperate with the PCSC to build a resilient sector.

Meanwhile, some operators whose motor cycles were seized called for more engagement and sensitisation in the future by the Commission to promote best practices.

“I have been operating a year now. I have all my documents but I am not aware of the existence of the Commission so the seizure of my motorcycle is something surprising to me,” a courier rider with Speed Bok delivery services stated.

Another, Gariba Sheibu, from Kidi Trace courier delivery services, who was en route to Ashiaman to deliver cosmetics though furious over the seizure expressed willingness to cooperate with the Commission to keep his business running.

Interpol arrests NAM1 in Dubai

Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled Chief Executive Officer of the now troubled Menzgold Ghana Limited has been re-arrested in Dubai after he won a case in that country.

The Public Relations Officer of Menzgold, Nii Armah Amaterfio told Accra News on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 that the re-arrest was at the behest of the Ghanaian authorities.

“He was re-arrested in Dubai. This was after the Interpol in Ghana issued an alert that he was being investigated,” Mr Amarteifio said.

NAM 1 recently won his court case in Dubai.

The court, on Tuesday, 9 April 2019, ordered Horizon Diamonds, the said company which had issues with the embattled Menzgold CEO, to pay him all outstanding debts.

NAM1 has been in the custody of the Dubai authorities since November 2018 over a gold deal that went bad.

He was charged with fraud.

Mr Mensah went to the United Arab Emirates to receive a huge amount of money to pay clients of Menzgold who have had their investments locked up with the company only to be arrested by the Dubai authorities.

NDC MP who recorded and leaked Ofosu Ampofo’s tape named

Sources within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have corroborated earlier reports by that a female lawmaker is indeed behind the leaked tape which captured the voice that sounds like the National Chairman of the party, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.

The party’s security details at the headquarters and officials of the IT Department zeroed on her but action cannot to be taken against her on the basis that Mr. Ofosu Ampofo himself has denied contents on the tape at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to the party’s sources, the lawmaker is a former appointee of the Mills/Mahama administration and was in charge of one of the state institutions while currently serving as a member of the functional executive committee of the party.

She is reported to have commissioned one of the NDC boys to do the recording and afterwards leaked it to some high profile person within the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) after being promised they could facilitate her winning the next primaries and also retaining her seat in parliament.

Following the leakage and subsequent finger-pointing, she has ceased attending Functional Executive Committee meetings as well as being excluded from NDC caucus meetings.

It earlier emerged that she first submitted the tape to Oman FM’s Gordon Asare Bediako who in turn submitted to his boss, Kennedy Agyapong before it was aired.

Mr. Gordon Asare Bediako has refused to disclose details of the said female MP when reached by this portal except to say he is not the original source of the leaked tape but got it through a friend.

“I got the whole tape through a friend and I don’t expect you to ask who that person could be because it would amount to betrayal of trust. As to whether the person was paid or not, all that matter now is the details of the tape which as a journalist I am interested”, he disclosed.

Ghana’s Kofi Kingston becomes second African American to win WWE title

Over 11 years after making his debut in WWE, Kofi Kingston is now a world champion. In beating Daniel Bryan on Sunday night at WrestleMania 35, Kingston not only reached a career milestone but made WWE history as well.

The WWE championship, which the company debuted in 1963, had been around the waist of 50 different men in its history. Kingston on Sunday became just the second African American (following Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and first native African to hold WWE’s signature title.

As is occasionally the case in WWE, Kingston’s elevation to the WWE title match at WrestleMania was a classic case of fans forcing the company to change its plans. Kingston, a longtime fan-favorite both as a singles competitor and member of popular tag team New Day, filled in during a gauntlet match for an injured superstar (Mustafa Ali) and nearly won despite starting the bout in the ring. Kingston pinned Bryan to open that match. H then nearly won an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE title in booking that was supposed to mirror the plan for Ali.

While Ali was reportedly supposed to main event Fastlane against Bryan with a returning Kevin Owens planned to be Bryan’s ‘Mania opponent, the overwhelming fan support Kingston gained during those aforementioned matches forced the company to change its plans.

Owens and Ali (inserted as a last-minute challenger) lost to Bryan at Fastlane with Kingston eventually earning his title shot at WrestleMania.

In addition to Kingston’s victory being of historical importance, it is also socially significant for WWE fans as his ascension to the top of the company’s ranks provides much-needed representation for its viewers.


Yvonne Okoro, Lydia Forson allegedly leave movie roles because of Rosemond Brown

Two popular actresses Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson are said to have declined to feature in a movie because Rosemond Brown would be starring in the movie too.

Information reaching has it that two of Ghana’s top actresses, Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson, have rejected a new movie role because of Rosemond Brown.

The two initially had accepted the scripts to act, however, upon discovering that Brown was part of the cast, decided to opt out.

The producer of the movie titled Away Bus, Kofi Asamoah, was said to have hidden Brown’s identity, but when he later disclosed it to the team, Lydia Forson and Okoro said they were no longer interested.

In a post sighted by on a popular Instagram page, Thosecalledcelebs, Lydia said her brand was too sophisticated to act with the likes of Brown, also called Akuapem Poloo.

Okoro did not state her reason though, but she was reported to have screamed “hell no!”, and backed off.

Some social media users who commented on the issue have expressed disappointment in the two actresses.

Diana, for instance, wondered if Brown was not a human being too: diana_darko: “Omg this so bad of them if that’s the main reason ???like how on earth?? Is akuapem poloo not a human ?? Jezzz one reason y the industry will forever be the same.”

Akuapem Poloo has been in the news mostly for the wrong and controversial reasons.

She has been tagged as uncouth, desperate for fame, which makes her behave in certain ways not expected of her.

She had even gone ahead to take off her attire in public all because she wanted to trend in the news.

It could be because of this and other reasons that Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson have refused to act with her. Okoro was in the news recently for rejecting a marriage proposal from a man who proposed to her at 1 a.m.

Arla Foods launches DANO Coffee flavored milk in Ghana

Dairy company Arla Foods Limited has launched yet another exciting new milk flavour under the DANO brand, to meet the growing dairy needs of Ghanaian consumers.

The DANO Coffee flavoured milk was unveiled in an elaborate ceremony at the plush Movenpick Hotel in Accra on Friday, April 5th 2019 amidst a lot of fun and energising activities that communicate the proposition of the coffee variant.

The Ghana office of Arla Foods which was opened in September 2017 operates with two main brands – DANO and Lurpak.

In a welcome address the Country Manager – Fatoumata Doro mentioned that Arla Foods drives on 4 health pillars; Making dairy even better, Inspiring good food habits and choices, Championing dairy goodness and Making it easier for people to live healthier lives. Hence the initiative to provide additional dairy options for Ghanaians.

Unveiling the new product, the Marketing Manager of Arla Foods Ltd, Mawusi Mawuenyefia reiterated that the DANO Coffee is an addition to the existing flavoured variants (Chocolate and Strawberry flavours) to provide more nutritious and exciting options of dairy products. Being a dairy company, our flavoured products are mainly milk with an addition of natural flavours, she added.

Arla Foods Limited encourage Ghanaians to make dairy nutrition an essential part of their diet. A healthy diet is a requirement for developing healthy citizens for building a healthy nation.

Barely two years in Ghana, Arla Foods Limited has introduced a good array of dairy products on to the Ghanaian market. Under the flagship DANO brand they have milk products in powdered, UHT(liquid) and flavoured powder formats.

They also have mozzarella cheese and Lurpak Butter. Other dairy products will be introduced to the market to provide a wider choice of nutritious products to Ghanaian consumers.

The new Coffee 3-in-1 variant is a 40g sachet that is expected to be sold at same price as the other two existing flavours – chocolate and strawberry.

Black Stars players lack of experience in Africa hindering AFCON glory – David Duncan

Acting Coach David Duncan of Accra Hearts of Oak at the Glo Premier League ©Christian Thompson/BackpagePix

Ex-Hearts and Kotoko coach, David Duncan is convinced that the current crop of players in the Black Stars, lack the experience of playing on the African continent which has hindered the country from annexing the AFCON title since 1982.

According to the veteran coach the players who won the African Cup of Nations in 1963, 1965, 1978 and 1982 had the experience in playing on the continent as they were very familiar with the terrain and were also playing in their comfort zones, hence their ability to annex the trophy.

He continued that the current crop of players do not have the consistent requisite African terrain experience since most of them ply their trade abroad.

“We have problems with transitions in our national teams. Nobody is putting in place measures, policies, infrastructures and structures that would help to develop Ghana football. Look, winning AFCON in the 1970s was very easy because the players had leaders in the team,they had the experience in Africa and were playing in their comfort zones,but you can’t say that for these current players. Although these players we have now may be good, they are playing in the wrong terrain, the kind of terrain that does not make winning AFCON easy”, he told Esther Abankwa on Angel TV.

Coach David Duncan also called for the revival of the local league in order to make it more attractive.

The Black Stars will be hoping to break their AFCON title drought as the 2019 AFCON comes off in June in Egypt.

Blow by blow: How Anas boy ‘killers’ were nabbed

It’s turning out that one of the men suspected to have shot and killed Ahmed Hussein-Suale, an operative of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Tiger Eye Private Investigation Team, was indeed arrested but let off the hook by a police patrol team.

Circumstances under which the man was released by the police are a subject which has put the integrity of the patrol team and the law enforcement agency in general on the spot.

The two suspects were arrested by the team put together by the deceased’s family, the second having been released by the patrol team on the way to the police station after he was handed over to a four-man squad.

A family spokesman, Alhassan Yunus, made the startling revelation in a narration which has provoked myriads of questions – the contrast between the family’s version and that of the police raising eyebrows.

First arrest

The first arrest was made at Ritz Junction in Accra at a location on the Madina-Adenta Highway after the Madina Police had been told about the plans, Yunus told DAILY GUIDE.

Following the murder of Hussein-Suale, he said, the family put up a group to assist the police in unraveling the conundrum, adding that a tip-off revealed that the suspect had been frequenting the location.

He said the police had told them about how dangerous the place was.

“We eventually arrested the suspect based on the intelligence we received, but the Madina Police told us that the case was beyond them and so the suspect should be taken to the Police Headquarters,” he revealed.

He said both arrests were made between 15 and 17 March, 2019.

Another tip-off

“We received another tip-off about a second suspect at a place called Polo Park near Kotobabi and not the location the CID chief put out in her briefing,” he continued.

A four-man patrol team from the Kotobabi Police Station, he disclosed, was notified about the group’s intended operation to arrest the suspect at the location.

“They looked on as we undertook the operation leading to the arrest of the suspect. Some young men charged upon us but when we told them that he had murdered somebody, they allowed us to take him away,” he said.

The suspect had shaved off his hair to disguise himself, the family member told DAILY GUIDE.

Patrol team’s role

The patrol team, he said, headed towards the Kotobabi Police Station with the suspect in their vehicle.

Alhassan Yunus said that he and the others proceeded to the Kotobabi Police Station to wait for the arrival of the patrol team and the suspect.

“We waited for a long time and when the patrol team arrived, the suspect was not with them. When we demanded the whereabouts of the suspect, the policemen said the suspect made a call after which they were asked to release him which they obliged. They claimed that there was an order from above for the release,” he said.

“When I asked why a suspect in a murder case would be allowed such a courtesy of a phone call and an eventual release, they could not give a convincing response,” he said.

Abronye Vs Kotobabi Police

The First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bono Region told Oman FM that a suspect in the murder of the Ahmed Suale-Hussein was arrested but allowed to go by the Kotobabi Police after receiving money.

Abronye’s allegation was denied by the Nima Divisional Crime Officer Chief Superintendent/Mr. William Daah after the paper had made a call to the Kotobabi Police Station Crime Office to authenticate the story.

Kotobabi District Police Command falls under the Nima Divisional Command.

According to him, the Crime Officer told him that there was no entry about an arrest of that nature.

“Of course, there could have been an entry when the suspect was not even brought to the Police Station, having been left off the hook after the strange call and order from above as the patrol team alleged,” a security expert told DAILY GUIDE yesterday.

Police debriefing

The family spokesman recalled the CID debriefing which sought to debunk the fact that a suspect was arrested which he found surprising because it was a true picture of what happened.

He also found it surprising that the CID claimed there was only one policeman at the time the family demanded a team to support them to make the arrest.

“The police version is not true,” he said with a shrug.

CID Chief

“It’s amazing that after dealing with me since the murder, the Director-General would turn round and claim that I am not part of the family,” Yunus said.

“Who took her round when she came to find more about what happened?” he asked rhetorically, adding “today you are saying that I am not a family member.”

Family interest

According to him, the family wants to know the person(s) that hired the killers for the murderous mission at Madina.

Glancy Music signs Xmama

Accra based record label, Glancy Music has signed Ghana’s fastest rising sensational French/Twi rapper, Xmama born George Boakye-Fosuhene.

At a short ceremony in Accra over the weekend, the CEO of Glancy Dynamic Multimedia, Ms. Nana Araba Bedu-Addo said the multi-language nature of the rapper makes the artiste [Xmama] global music asset who will give global music lovers unique music flavours.

Ms. Bedu-Addo believes that Glancy Music is well positioned to hit the music industry making a huge difference while projecting Ghana on the global and the French music market.

Xmama expressed his gratitude to the Glancy Music and Ms. Bedu-Addo for the confidence reposed in his talent. He pledge to do all his best to give music lovers an exceptional music experience and also help the Glancy Music brand grow from where he came to meet it.

Brief About Xmama:

Xmama born George Boakye-Fosuhene is a Sunyani based artiste. He graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2017 and holds Bachelor Degree in French. He undertook his National Service at the Sunyani Technical University as a Frech Tutor.

Xmama has love for music and has lot of music tracks yet to be released until his signing onto the Glancy Music Records.

Follow Xmama:
Youtube: Xmama GH ( )

Follow Glancy Music:

Speak to the Glancy Music CEO, Nana Araba: +233 24 609 2497

King Senyo,
Artists Manager, Glancy Music

Time to prove I’m the best coach in Ghana – Samuel Boadu boasts

Following their solitary win over Asante Kotoko, head coach of Medeama SC Samuel Boadu has boasted he will use this competition to announce his presence in the country.

Emmanuel Boateng’s first-half penalty condemned the Porcupine Warriors to their first defeat in the competition.

Speaking to the media after the game, Samuel Boadu stated his tean is gearing up for the competition at the right time.

“We thank God football has come back. This is the time for me to prove that there is a coach somewhere.

“People don’t know Samuel Boadu actually. I know myself and I know what I’m capable of doing.

“Medeama is gearing on per the match we played today,” he noted.

When asked what happened to his side in the second half, he answered,”Nothing went wrong, what I can say is when a team is down, they definitely want to force themselves back.

“The Pressure they put on us was unproductive,” he added.

Ghanaian President, Chiefs and big men propose love to me – Salma Mumin

Sexy Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin claims that she has received proposals from top dignitaries including a Ghanaian President, revered chiefs, Nollywood and Ghallywood, footballers and many ‘big’ men.

Speaking in an interview with Attractive Mustapha on Attractive TV monitored by about her life and career prospects, Salma Mumin said that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the creative arts industry which makes her attract powerful men in top positions both within and outside the entertainment industry.

“I am not an ugly girl, I am a fine girl, I can never say that no man has proposed to me before even though I am very single now”.

When asked if producers attempt to take advantage of her quest to go higher as an actress and ‘sleep’ with her for movie roles, she explained that it is not only in the movie industry that ‘sex for favors’ happens as a way for people to get specific opportunities so she normally does not see such issues as anything relevant.

Talking about her experience with producers, Salma said none has come directly to tell her to engage in a sexual act for roles but she has received proposals from producers and actors in Ghana and Nigeria not necessarily for roles.

Her views about sex for roles is that , it is not a good thing but it is an individual decision for actors and actresses to make or struggle to make it to the peak of their career.

“I thank God that I never did any of those things, that is why it might have kept long for me to see stardom“.

She concluded that it is obvious she would have been more famous if she involved herself in the sex for role practice but because she has refused ‘influential’ people in the movie industry the opportunity to ‘make feast’ of her body that is why she struggled to reach where she is today.

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited paves way for better energy with its 4th solar-powered station

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited has converted its service station at Korle Bu into a solar-powered one.

The Total Group is committed to a global solar program and is aiming to equip 5,000 service stations with photovoltaic solar panels around the world. The project is fully aligned with Total’s ambition to become the responsible energy major and its commitment to developing solar power.

‘The solar-powered stations represent Total’s commitment towards energizing communities and fostering sustainable development. It also illustrates the company’s dedication towards ensuring environmental sustainability, innovation, and premium customer service’ said the Managing Director of Total Petroleum Ghana Limited, Eric Fanchini on the occasion of the project.

In addition to the solar station, the company introduced solar kiosks to selected service stations in Accra in 2018 to provide customers with easy access to phone charging and WIFI connection.

The wave of renewable energy started in 2015 with the introduction of 100% Total solar lamps which are accessible at all TOTAL service station shops nationwide.

Since Total Petroleum Ghana Limited inaugurated its three solar powered service stations, namely, TOTAL Tema Main Harbour, TOTAL Takoradi Airport Junction and TOTAL Miles 4 in Kumasi, it has been able to reduce its operation cost thus decreasing the pressure on the local grid and exploring the potential of solar energy.

The four solar-powered stations were constructed and maintained by local engineers and solar experts.

‘As a responsible industrial player, Total takes action to develop new energies that are efficient and environmentally friendly, and it is our resolve to contribute to local development and environmental sustainability. This is equally central to the modernization of our service stations to bring convenience and quality products and services to customers’ said Eric Fanchini.

Promoting a sustainable environment

The TOTAL Korle Bu solar-powered station is an integral part of efforts to reinforce Total’s network identity with a resolutely contemporary image and installations that are more energy- efficient and outlets that blend harmoniously into the environment.

The photovoltaic panels of 18.5 kWp on its forecourt roof convert the sun’s rays into electricity. This electricity is used to supply renewable energy to power the entire service station.

‘Its eco-friendly design, transparent canopy, earthy and neutral color tones, and green area creates a warm and welcoming environment for our esteemed customers. Whether customers fuel, service or wash their cars or simply get cold drinks at its Café Bonjour shop, they are partnering with us to build a more sustainable environment.

The establishment of this solar- powered service station depicts Total’s dedication to continuous improvement and the establishment of an identity related to constant innovation that sets us apart in the downstream petroleum sector. We plan to roll out other solar-powered service stations in the nearest future,’ Eric Fanchini added.

About Total Petroleum Ghana Limited

Established in 1951, Total Petroleum Ghana Limited is a locally listed oil marketing company with over 4700 Ghanaian shareholders. The company has a retail network of 251 service stations across the ten regions of the country with activities spanning the Aviation, Bitumen and Mining businesses. The company provides expertise on engine performance and reduction in fuel consumption through premium quality fuels, lubricants and car care products. Total Petroleum Ghana Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified and its respect for quality, standards, achievements and safety has propelled it to the forefront of the Ghanaian Petroleum Industry.

About the Marketing & Services division of Total

The Marketing & Services division of Total develops and markets products primarily derived from crude oil, along with all of the associated services. Its 31,000 employees are present in 109 countries and its products and services offers are sold in 150 countries. Every day, Total Marketing Services serves more than 8 million customers in its network of over 14,000 service stations in 62 countries. As the world’s fourth largest distributor of lubricants and the leading distributor of petroleum products in Africa, Total Marketing Services operates 50 production sites worldwide where it manufactures the lubricants, bitumen, additives, special fuels and fluids that sustain its growth.

About Total
Total is a major energy player, which produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, our ambition is to become the responsible energy major.

I don’t know when I’m getting married – 38-year-old Delay

At 38, TV presenter and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong-Manso popularly known as Delay, isn’t doing badly for herself at all. Her Delay Show is in its 11th year and her products Delay Mackerel, Delay Tomato Paste and Delay Sardine are doing very well on the market.

However, it seems for many people, her success will be incomplete if she does not get married and she has to constantly deal with her fans asking when she is getting married.

In person and on social media, people keep telling her to get married but when Showbiz caught up with her at the Alisa Hotel last Thursday, Delay said she did not know when she would get married.

“I’m a spontaneous, free-spirited person. I take my life as it comes, so I don’t put myself in that box saying I am getting married tomorrow,” was her answer.

The Delay Show is undoubtedly one of the most watched TV shows in the country and has stirred controversy while also giving the public more insight into their personalities’ lives. So how has she managed to sustain her show for a good 11 years?

“It’s the passion and the love I have for it. It’s not like a job for me. I just love it, that is why even when I am sick, I still have the urge to shoot. I used to have a passion for radio and I have transferred it to TV,” she said.

Over the years, Delay has interviewed everyone who matters in the entertainment industry as well as those from other sectors such as religion and sports.

She told Showbiz her most difficult interview was with footballer, John Paintsil. “He gave me yes and no answers throughout. He was so guarded it wasn’t funny. It was a very difficult one for me,” she said.

For the show to survive this long, there must be something Delay is doing right or is it her guests? “It’s a two-way street. The celebrities contribute and I contribute and that is what has kept the show going,” she stated.

Delay said although the celebrities also contributed to the success of the show, she brought an X-factor to it. “There are lots of musicians in Ghana but Daddy Lumba has stood the test of time and remained relevant all these years.”

Asked why she puts out a lot of information about her guests but everything about her is shrouded in secrecy, this is what Delay said, “I am not a guest on the show. I am just a host.”

So what next after the Delay Show? “I have shot another series, the Delay Show is the tree and the others are branches. I am watering the tree and all others come later,” she said.

Delay had some advice for young people.“Nobody gives you power, power to succeed in life or business. You have to take it yourself.

“We should not let our roots, colour, looks, background or gender restrict us. We can be anything we want to be in life and I am a living proof of that.”

Kim Grant calls for change in kickoff time

Head coach of Hearts of Oak Kim Grant has indicated that the kickoff time in the ongoing Special Competition should be reviewed.

The Phobians were pipped 1-0 by Elmina Sharks on matchday two of the competition at the Nduom Stadium.

But according to the Accra-based outfit’s trainer, the kickoff time did not help the pace of the game as both sides struggled to cope with the scorching weather.

”…the heat; it was very hot today and I think it slowed the tempo. We might have to appeal to the GFA to look at the starting (kickoff) time because the heat is a lot,” Grant told GTV.

”We have to think about the welfare of the players. There’s a lot of dehydration; everybody is losing water very fast. ”Not just us; both teams were lethargic and of course you’re playing two games in three or four days so it’s a lot.”

EC pleads for more time to implement ROPAA

The Electoral Commission (EC) on Wednesday told an Accra High Court (Human Rights Division) that the new EC boss and her deputies require more time to comply fully with the court’s orders on the implementation of the Representation of the Peoples Amendment Act (ROPAA).

Mr Justin Amenuvor, counsel for the EC, who moved a motion for an extension of time from the court for the EC to implement the law, said the removal of the former EC Chairman and the two deputies, also contributed to the Commission’s inability to comply with the court orders.

On December 17, 2017, the court ordered the EC to implement ROPAA within 12 months.

Mr Amenuvor however, prayed the court to grant the application for extension of time.

Mr Samson Lardy Anyenini, counsel for the respondents, in his opposition to the motion said, the EC ever since the orders were made in December 2017, had made no effort to implement the orders.

He said that the EC had also failed to show a draft plan to indicate that they had started the process for which reason they needed extension.

Mr Lardy said that even if the orders of the court were made in error, the EC ought to comply with it before asking for more time.

The court presided by Justice Nicholas Abodakpi adjourned the matter to April 8.

The respondents are Kofi A. Boateng, Nellie Kemevor, Obed Danquah, Christiana Sillim and Agyenim Boateng, all residing in New York State, and Kentucky, in the United States of America.

The EC by its request for extension of time was praying the court for another year to fully operationalise the 12-year old law that made it legal for Ghanaians living abroad to vote in general elections in Ghana.

The earlier plaintiffs who are all members of the Progressive Alliance Movement (PAM), a New York State incorporated non-profit organisation, were seeking from the court “a declaration that they have fundamental human rights under Articles 17(2), 42 and 33(5), of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, ROPAA Act 2006 [Act 699]”.

They were also seeking “to be registered as voter[s] while resident abroad and being outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ghana, and doing so from/at their places of residence abroad or designated centres close to their places of residence abroad or from/at the Ghana mission/embassy within their jurisdiction abroad of which the court ordered the commission to implement the Act”.

Propaganda, lies will expose NPP government – Mahama

Former president John Mahama has predicted the New Patriotic Party government will soon be exposed by reality if they keep on resorting to lies and propaganda.

“You can do all the lies and propaganda with the economy [that] you like, the reality of the people’s lives will expose you,” Mr. Mahama said at an economic forum of the opposition National Democratic Congress in Accra Thursday, April 4, 2019.

His comment comes a day after vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia had addressed a Town Hall Meeting under the aegis of the Economic Management Team and the Information Ministry.

The vice president had touted the achievements of the NPP government, adding the fundamentals of the economy are strong. He assured the strong macro and microeconomic fundamentals arising from innovative policies and programmes implemented over the last two years have placed Ghana in a strong economic position and made the future very promising.

The Nana Akufo-Addo government, according to him, has undertaken major structural reforms and implemented policies and programmes that have started to yield fruit and portend a future full of opportunities for the nation.

“Looking to the future, one can say that Ghana’s future under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is bright and the prospects of growth are promising,” the Vice President declared.

“We are implementing a plan to change the structure of the economy,” Vice President Bawumia maintained, explaining, “Two years into the Planting for Food and Jobs and now for Exports, we have learnt a lot and we are optimistic.

“Under the One District and One Factory and the stimulus package for businesses, industry growth is on the uptake. Gradual improvements in the Ease of Doing Business and the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme are stimulating business start-ups.”

Meanwhile, a former deputy Finance Minister Casiel Ato-Forson at the NDC event appealed to President Akufo-Addo to restrain Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia from commenting on the economy since his utterances are inimical to the performance of the local currency – Cedi.

“I will urge the President to restrain his Vice President because anytime he speaks the currency moves”.

He stressed Dr. Bawumia toyed with numbers and presented lies as facts during his presentation.

“You heard him talk about the likes of the judiciary and the court systems. What has that got to do with the economic management team? He had nothing to say. He was just playing with numbers. And again, you know him and his credentials of lying with numbers. You could see lies”.

Cedi once again Africa’s worst performing currency; fourth in the world – Adongo

Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central and Member of Parliament’s Finance Committee, Isaac Adongo has claimed that the Cedi has “reverted to its unenviable record of being the worst performing currency in Africa.”

According to him, the Cedi is currently the fourth worst performing currency in the whole world, sourcing Bloomberg.

Delivering a lecture in Accra on Thursday under the auspices of The Coalition For Restoration (CFR, a pressure group affiliated to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), just a day after Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Head of the Economic Management Team addressed a Townhall meeting on Ghana’s Economy, Hon. Adongo admonished Veep Bawumia to desist from causing Ghana disgrace on the international community.

“His Excellency the Vice President made a lot of profound statements yesterday not supported by facts. And so even as the people of Ghana were contemplating whether it was the economy that we knew or that we’ve suddenly been transported to Heaven, the international community began to give a verdict. I’m sad to give a report and give a word of caution to his Excellency the Vice President not to once again plunge this country into an international disgrace.

“Yesterday Bloomberg reported that hours after the Vice President made some of the claims that actually frightened them, the Cedi reverted back to its unenviable record of being the worst performing currency in Africa. Bloomberg reported that yesterday the Cedi was trading at 5.61 at a time that the Vice President was in Ghana celebrating this abysmal performance and a disgrace to us from the international community. This time it was accompanied by us now becoming the fourth-worst currency in the whole of the world.

Mr Adongo added: “This is a very disturbing spectacle for many reasons. The people of Ghana just recently went to beg the international community to lend us $3bn, we assured them that with the exit of the IMF we were going to be very disciplined and we were going to ensure that the tight rope that we have followed in order to sustain the economy and to build the buffers that they so seriously wanted us to build will be maintained. We had the Vice President telling the whole world that we didn’t mean to follow the IMF, in fact, it was because of the IMF we couldn’t waste the hard-earned currency to support the cedi.”

‘Over confidence cost us in Germany 2006’ – John Paintsil

John Paintsil, a former player of the Black Stars has said, overconfidence cost them a defeat against Brazil in the Germany 2006 World Cup.

The Black Stars of Ghana got their maiden qualification to the World in 2006, but were eliminated from the tournament by five times champions Brazil in the round 16 of the competition, after 3-0 defeated scoreline.

Speaking at the 6th Edition of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) congress in Accra, the defender said they were relaxed and confident of beating them.

“We were confident and relaxed before the game and knowing that we can beat Brazil and we didn’t have much focus”, he said.

The formal Fulham player said, the Brazilians were not more experienced than them, having played them at the youth to senior level.

The 6th AIPS Africa Congress was also used to officially launch the 2nd AIPS Sports Media Awards, which aims at rewarding hard-working sportsmen and women across Africa in the seniors and juniors categories.Related Articles:

Mahamas used and dumped me – Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

The former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has boldly disclosed that the former President John Mahama and his wife Lordina Mahama used and dumped her.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah on her facebook wrote that; “All these years that I’ve cried out to Mr Mahama and Mrs Lordina with uncountable letters and so on they pretended they never heard me. Use and dump mu champions.”

She again asserted that the former President and his family are busily enjoying the dollar HIV money and so they have refused to respond to her numerous letters written to them; however, she thanked Abronye DC for the good job done.

Read full facebook post of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah below;

All these years that I’ve cried out to Mr Mahama and mrs Lordina with uncountable letters and so on they pretended they never heard me.
Use and dump mu champions.

All because they were busily enjoying the million dollar HIV money.

Now that my boyfriend Abronye DC is calling out for the HIV money Mr Mahama suddenly appears to insult my boyfriend Abronye DC
Obiaaa wo ne master ampa.

Meanwhile, Kwame Baffoe aka as Abronye DC has alleged that former President John Mahama has rented an apartment in Germany for former HIV Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah to avoid arrest in Ghana.

It would be recalled that, Abronye DC petitioned the CID to arrest Joyce Mensah for making a false declaration when she misrepresented herself as being an HIV patient so as to fall within the ambit, scope, and retirement of the Ghana Aids Commission.

According to him, “Joyce Dzidzor Mensah subsequently succeeded in deceiving the Ghana AIDs Commission and on or about August 2011, she signed a contract with the commission as an AIDs Ambassador. However, the contract was subsequently terminated by the commission on or about November 12, 2012, on the grounds of breach of her terms of the contract”.

He said while she was the AIDs Ambassador, she benefited from a number of incentives from the commission which largely came from the State.

“One of such benefits was that the State provided her with a fully furnished apartment. It is interesting to note that, after her contract was officially terminated, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah was still in possession and occupied the apartment meant for the ‘AIDS ambassadors’ until August 2014 when the lease finally expired.”

He said Joyce Mensah continued to enjoy so many incentives as if she was still an ambassador for the commission which included travelling allowances.

Some days after the petition, Abronye DC was invited by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service for interrogations but after Abronye’s appearance, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has since not been invited by the CID for any interrogations.

Speaking on Accra-based Net 2 TV on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 the NPP’s Communicator, Abronye DC alleged that the former President John Mahama has rented an apartment for her in Germany to avoid escape arrest from the Police.

“Immediately after my petition, John Mahama rented an apartment for Joyce Dzidzor in Germany so as to avoid her arrest. John Mahama did that because, if Joyce Dzidzor is arrested, her wife Lordina Mahama would be in trouble and will be exposed for her bad deeds”, he added.

Abronye DC, therefore, hinted on the show that he was going to petition the Ghana Police Service to use Interpol to arrest the former Ghana HIV Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah for prosecution.

Meanwhile, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah last month posted on her Facebook page that nobody can touch her because she is powerful.

The Ghana Police force are continually becoming a joke and a disgrace to the nation

This publication is not about giving the dog a back name to hang it. It is not about fabricating any lies to tarnish the reputation of the Ghana police force but to state the truth and the facts as are prevalent on the ground.

I have personally on a number of occasions had run-ins with some police personnel when I proceed to Ghana on holiday. I cannot close my eyes to their irresponsible and unprofessional fondness for taking bribes and stupidly threatening drivers with all silly allegations in their quest to compel them to offer them bribes.

I quite remember engaging in a heated argument with one Police Inspector Sakyi at the Kumawu Police Station about ten years ago. It all came about as a result of someone’s farm found burning and my brother-in-law accused of setting the farm ablaze. Two persons going to their farm met this brother-in-law of mine returning home from his farm, carrying on his head some farm produce. They met him almost half-way through on the path to where the farms are. They did neither meet him in the burning farm nor see him set fire to the farm. However, they reported to the farm owner that he was the one they met on the way when they were going to their farm. Subsequently, the farm owner reported him to the police and he got arrested.

For about two months, he was reporting himself to the police on daily basis. When I went on holiday and was told what was happening, I accompanied him to the police station and enquired about what was actually going on. I requested the police to invite both the witnesses and the farm owner to the police station as I needed to meet them for more credible information to determine that actually, my brother-in-law was the culprit as alleged.

The police invited them on two occasions but neither of them turned up. The police further told me they had arranged the Fire Service personnel to the farm to establish how the fire started, who started the fire etc. but for about three weeks, they had not submitted their report on their findings to the police.

My argument then was, if the witnesses did not see or find my brother-in-law in the farm, did not see him set the farm ablaze, did not find him with anything in hand that could cause fire when they met him on his way home, how could they conclude that he set the farm on fire? Again, ever since the farm owner and the witnesses caused his arrest, why have they not been honouring the invitations to them by the police to come to the police station for further action to be taken against the suspect? Why have the police not charged the suspect to court and how long was it going to take them to indict or arraign him? Did the witnesses meeting him on their way to their farm be sufficient circumstantial evidence to indict him? Are there no other paths (routes) to and from the farm?

In a nutshell, my explosion was such that it took the District Police Commander to calm both of us down including the other police officers at the station. I could not withstand their unethical behaviour which when read deeper into, amounted to expecting my brother-in-law to offer them bribe to drop the case. However, I would not go down that extortionist path or have nothing of the sort. This is just by the way.

Going forward, the open forcible acceptance of bribe by the police on Ghana roads is not only unprofessional but criminal. How dare a law enforcement agent turn around to breach the very law he/she is to protect by openly taking bribe as though, it is their right? Are they not paid by the government for protecting life, protecting property and preventing crimes? If these are their basic duties, why should they be committing crimes themselves with impunity? Are some policemen not caught involved in armed robberies? What a shame!

Finally, I call on The Director-General of the CID, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Mrs Maame Yaa Tiwaah Addo-Danquah, to be wary of her actions. She was once accused by Kwame A-Plus of trying to persuade him to drop some corrupt allegations he was making against one or two members of the current NPP government. Again, she has made a contradictory statement about how a prime suspect in the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale of the Tiger Eye PI escaped from the grips of the police at the Kotobabi Police Station in Accra. She claims that the bystanders or members of the public in the area at the time assisted the suspect by collaboratively attacking the police to let him escape. Nevertheless, a principal witness’ account as heard on air on Oman FM yesterday evening, Tuesday, 2 April 2019, indicates that the police themselves let go the suspect.

Is Mrs Maame Yaa Tiwaah Addo-Danquah helping the police to redeem their blemished image let alone, helping His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo fight corruption in Ghana by her lies told to the public? The police are a disgrace to the nation by their despicable infatuation with taking bribes. The nation must rise up to fight that evil greedy urge within the police that compels them to accept bribe with glee.

The Inspector General of Police, Mr David Asante-Apeatu, must have the balls to sack any police officer found accepting bribes. I have lodged a complaint with him online against the MTTU Police Officers on the Ejisu-Krapa-Kwamo stretch of road on the Accra-Kumasi highway. They are there only to take bribes from the drivers but nothing else.

Until they have been removed from the area or have stopped taking bribes, I shall never rest but continue to wage a crusade for their removal from the area if not their expulsion from the police force.

Maame Tiwaah, I hope you are not condoning and conniving with the suspect of Ahmed Hussein-Suale’s murder to escape arrest, prosecution and conviction to ensure justice for Ahmed and his bereaved family.

Stay tuned for more info and shocking reports from my visit to Ghana.

Egyptian Embassy to assist Ghanaians fans ahead of 2019 AFCON

The Egyptian Embassy has announced its intention to collaborate with Egypt Air to give Ghanaian sporting public a “comprehensive package” which includes ticketing, internal flights and accommodation to enable them to travel for the TOTAL Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament scheduled in the Arab Republic of Egypt from June 21st to July 19th this year.

This was made known by the Ambassador H.E Emad Magdy Hanna when the Youth and Sports Minister, Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah (MP) paid a reciprocal visit today at his residency.

The Ambassador stated that the decision is the Embassy’s way of ensuring that Ghanaian football fans get the opportunity to travel and support the Black Stars in Egypt.

The Ambassador further assured the sector Minister of the Embassy’s readiness to support the Ministry to develop and promote sports and further enhance other socio-economic activities between the two countries.

H.E. Hanna also acknowledged and commended the Youth and Sports Minister for his diligent approach in empowering the youth through the National Youth Authority (NYA) as well as his zeal towards the development of sports infrastructure in the country.

On his part, Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador for his commitment in ensuring smooth facilitation for Ghanaians to travel and participate in the upcoming tournament.

The Minister said Government will not renege on its commitment to develop and promote youth and sports activities in the country.

CID boss must halt the jokes

The Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department CID of the Ghana Police Service, Mrs Maame Tiwa Addo Dankwa has caused a stir with her recent press conference.

At the press conference, she publicly pronounced that the CID and the BNI have finally located the where about of the three girls from Takoradi who have gone missing for more than 200 days.

The next thing many Ghanaians anxiously wanted to hear from her a definite time frame that the girls would be brought to reunite with their distraught family.

However, she surprisingly ended up by saying that she could not give further details about the situation because it could jeopardise the ongoing investigations.

This meant that she only sought to assure the highly fretful public that the girls were still alive, a normal rhetoric that has been on the lips of the police since they were kidnapped. With the greatest due of respect, does this not sound funny?

Is Maame Tiwa not aware that she had already jeopardised the investigation process by disclosing that they have discovered their location?

Do we need a rocket scientist in criminal investigations to inform the CID boss that the kidnappers would quickly change the location of these innocent girls especially if the security apparatus do not have firm control and hold of them?

Well, as the head of all criminal investigations in the country, it could be that perhaps she is holding on to something that nobody else knows regarding the kidnapped girls.

However, her assertion that the CID and BNI have finally located the location of the girls but could not give further details so as to safeguard their investigations was nothing but a big joke.

It’s been long since they have been gone and their parents and the country at large have endured a lot of pains in their hearts with the empty promises, assurances and the police rhetoric.

Therefore, her assurance at the press conference only added to the series of empty promises from the police that have characterised the disappearance of these innocent girls.

By the way, how do we trust that this time, Maame Tiwa is right and that the girls have been found or located when similar promises in the past yielded no results?

For nothing at all, we should take cognisance of the fact that we are not dealing with mere stolen items or good here but precious lives of human beings. “I can’t think madness” but if the press conference was meant to build confidence in Ghanaians that the CID under Maame Tiwa is on top of issues, then I am afraid to say it backfired. Few months ago, operatives of national security worn masks to build the confidence of electorate at Ayawaso but ended up causing mayhem. The CID has caused mental agony, emotional torture and psychological trauma to the hearts of the parents of the kidnapped girls and their families with their version of the confidence building initiative. Seriously, the jokes in this country are becoming one too many in recent times.

The CID’s public announcement would continue to become a hoax or a mere joke if they are not able to produce the girls in the next couple of days. After all, their location is now known so the CID and the BNI should be able to link up with Interpol or the relevant agencies to facility the immediate release of the girls.

The families now need no other assurance than to have their precious girls reunited with them.

I simply cannot wait to be the first person to praise and congratulate Maame Tiwa Addo Dankwa should the girls be brought tomorrow. For they are citizens and I am a CITIZEN too.

UEW Brouhaha: Pressure mounts on UEW VC to resign

The Ashanti Region Chapter of the Concerned Students and Alumni of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) will hit the streets of Kumasi April 5, 2019, to protest against events happening in the institution.

Announcing their decision in a press release, the group indicated that tomorrow’s demonstration is the continuation of the series of peaceful protests across the country to register their displeasure over the unlawful dismissal of some lecturers of the University and the aftermath incidents.

They are seeking the immediate reinstatement of all wrongly sacked lecturers and staffs of the University and the sacking of the Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni.

The Concerned Students and Alumni are also demanding the urgent resignation or sacking of the Council Chairman, Prof. Nicholas Abakah.

They vowed to keep on protesting until their “rightful demands are fully met”.

Read the full statement below



The Concerned Students and Alumni (Kumasi Chapter) of the University of Education, Winneba wishes to inform all stakeholders about the continuation of our peaceful protests at Kumasi on Friday, 5th April, 2019 at exactly 8:00am.

This protest on Friday is a continuation of our series of peaceful protests across the country to demand and press for;
1. The immediate reinstatement of all wrongly sacked lecturers/staffs of the University.

2. The immediate resignation or sacking of the Vice Chancellor (VC), Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni.

3. The immediate resignation or sacking of the Council Chairman, Prof. Nicholas Abakah.

Until our rightful demands are fully met, these series of protests will unabatedly continue.

On Friday 5th April, 2019 we shall converge at Abrepo Junction(starting point) and move to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) to Pampaso through to the Prisons Roundabout to Adum Post Office, then to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to the Asafo Roundabout and finally to the Jubilee Park.

All UEW students, Alumni, workers and the general public who have the University at heart are entreated to join this freedom fight.

The Concerned Students and Alumni shall fight on and succeed.

The long and deep story of how Kweku Dua became Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and as such, the story of how he became the ruler of the most self-sustaining chieftaincy in Ghana is now being retold, thanks to Isaac Kyei Andoh.

When Otumfuo Opoku Ware II died in 1999, Nana Barima Kweku Dua, now Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, was not the legitimate person in line as successor to the deceased ruler but somehow, things fell in his favour.

In the tradition of the Asante, until the line of elderly males to the deceased ruler has been exhausted, responsibility does not transcend to nephews.

Akwasi Agyemang was a cousin to Otumfuo Opoku Ware II and the only male in line to succeed.

Indeed, Akwesi Agyemang lived the most part of his life in the knowledge that he was well placed to lead the Asante after the demise of his brother (really, his cousin, since Opoku Ware II was the son of Agyemang’s aunt).

Agyemang was reportedly excited at the mention of the name Daakyehene (future ruler) because by birth, it was his rightful position.

However, Akwasi Agyemang’s personal life and record made it impossible for him to be deemed fit for that position.

Hence, Nana Barima Kweku Dua, who had the extra advantage of being one of the five children of Nana Afia Kobi, the Queenmother of Asante, became the ruler of Asante.

The Queenmother by tradition elects rulers for the Asante.

Akwasi Agyemang’s fall from grace had been epic. Before the 1979 coup d’etat, he was the chairman of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).

And as part of the activities that characterised the coup, key people were arrested and given all sorts treatment as punishment.

Akwasi Agyemang was arrested as part of the revolution cleansing. But being overtly political was very much frowned upon for members close to the stool in the Asante royal family.

In view of this, it dented his reputation to some good extent. As part of his punishment, the revolutionary soldiers forced Agyemang to carry human waste in a bucket in public.

It was as much a taboo for an heir apparent to carry anything at all, much more human waste. As fate would have it, Akwasi Agyemang would later become a close friend of Jerry John Rawlings, the leader of the 1979 coup.

Agyemang also became an influential leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and when Ghana became a democracy again in 1992, Rawlings made him the boss of KMA.

The NDC was already an unpopular party in the Ashanti region but Agyemang’s era as KMA boss was also marked by violence and intimidation against political detractors.

He was for instance, accused of leading a demolition exercise that vandalised properties of squatters while some of them were still indoors reportedly killing scores of people in the process.

Indeed, no KMA boss before or after Akwasi Agyemang has been accused of anything close to his level of violence and intimidation.

It is known that at a point, all 46 assemblymen within the jurisdiction of the KMA, signed a resolution not to work with him again due to how he administered his office.

Interestingly, Agyemang was affectionately called Okumkom, meaning “the killer of hunger”.

This showed that the people had a rather love-hate relationship with him.

But Agyemang’s conduct made things quite easy for the Queenmother Afia Kobi Ampem.

As the final arbiter in who becomes chief, the Queenmother thought his son, Kweku Dua, was a better fit. Dua had after all, spent most part of his life preparing for such a moment and never faulted, at least to the knowledge of the public.

As part of preparing Kweku Dua for such a moment, he was taken to Sefwi Wiaso instead of the prestigious Prempeh College or Opoku Ware Secondary School, purposely to undergo training under the tutelage of Sefwi Wiaso.

When it became apparent that Kweku Dua was going to be the next ruler of the Asante, Akwasi Agyemang reportedly tried to overturn the coming events.

With suspected threat on the life of Kweku Dua, the then regional minister in Ashanti, Kojo Yankah, acted swiftly and deployed military men for Dua’s protection until his coronation.

Without the backing of the regional minister, the suspected last ditch effort from Agyemang proved futile.

Defeat to the NDC in the 2000 elections effectively ended Agyemang’s influence and for 20 years, Kweku Dua has ruled effectively and successfully as Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Why people die on the Kintampo-Tamale road

Why people die on the Kintampo-Tamale road is not an act of God but an act of man. Last Friday’s fatal accident at Amoma Nkwanta in the Kintampo South District of the Bono East Region where about 60 plus people died with some burnt beyond recognition is not the first time such a gory accident has occurred on that stretch of the road.

Many deadly accidents have occurred on the Kintampo-Tamale road. Thousands of lives have been lost on that road alone.

On February 17, 2016, 53 people died when a Metro Mass bus and a truck rammed into each other around the Waterfalls in the Kintampo area. More than 30 people also sustained varying degrees of injury.

Anytime there is an accident on the highway in the Kintampo area, at least dozens die.

Whilst working as a reporter for the Daily Graphic newspaper in the Brong Ahafo Region in 2014 and 2015, I reported on several accidents on the Kintampo-Tamale road and became worried about the trend.

My initial thinking was that maybe the road was not good, but I was wrong. Having used the road on many occasions, I realised that the road was in good shape especially after I was transferred to the Tamale office of Graphic in 2015 and had to travel regularly on that stretch.

Whilst in Tamale, anytime I travelled on that road, I committed myself in the hands of God to keep me safe and in the event of any unfortunate incident, give me a perfect rest in Abraham’s bosom.

The Kintampo-Tamale road looked like a death trap to me anytime I travelled on it, especially as I saw many mangled vehicles abandoned on the roadside after accidents.

The Kintampo-Tamale stretch compared to many other highways in the country, is one of the best but why is it that terrible accidents happen on that stretch of the road?

My experience

As the Bible admonishes Christians in John 4:1, to test every spirit to see whether they come from God, as a precautionary measure, I decided to test all the transport services on that road whilst working in Tamale. My plan was to settle on the one that provided good services and safety.

My first experience was an eyesore. The speed with which the bus moved from Tamale to Accra, made me conclude we were going to a different continent. My heart was in my mouth. When we eventually arrived in Accra from Tamale, I decided not to use their service again.

The second experience was also not anything to write home about. We used less than 10 hours to get to Tamale from Accra, a journey that should have taken at least 12 hours. I blacklisted them too.

I moved from one transport station to the other, and at a point, even critically examined the faces of the drivers to see whether they were the same ones I had used in the past and was not so much amused by their service.


When the State Transport Corporation (STC) acquired some new buses to replace their old and rickety ones, I started patronising their services and their drivers impressed me. They used about 15 hours for the Tamale-Accra journey. Each of their buses had two drivers onboard and changed over anytime one was tired. But for the private transport operators, I saw they always had one driver on board.

At one time, one of the private buses I was travelling with nearly had an accident as a result of careless driving around 1 am. We had stopped at a police checkpoint together with about 15 other buses so the police could escort all the buses at a go as a measure to curb armed robbery which had become rampant on that particular stretch.

After waiting for about 15minutes and setting off, we realised that two passengers who had gotten down to stretch were not onboard and so we had to turn and go back for them. Our driver unfortunately ignored caution to turn in a curve.

In what may be termed as divine intervention, a trailer travelling on “top” speed narrowly missed crashing our bus moments after the turn. The incident infuriated almost everybody on board who unleashed insults on the driver.

Why Kintampo-Techiman stretch

I will say that most of the accidents on that stretch of the highway are caused by the drivers themselves. Excessive speeding is one common feature of buses that ply that stretch because the road is straight and “go slow” traffic free.

Kintampo is in the centre of Ghana and by the time buses get there from either the South or North, the drivers presumably are tired. Some go to the extreme of sleeping intermittently whilst driving. I encountered about four different drivers from different transport operators sleeping whilst driving on the stretch. One nearly went into a ditch around Dawadawa, a community on the road.

Many of the buses move in the evening and so the greater part of the journey is done in the night. As a friend will say, you can’t cheat nature. If you drive whilst you are tired, obviously, you will sleep. And because most of the buses speed, when something happens, the drivers are unable to do anything about them, hence resulting in fatal accidents that kill dozens of people.

One way by which we can stop accidents on the Tamale-Kintampo stretch is to either stop the buses from moving in the night or insist that all long distance journey buses should compulsorily have two drivers. The probability of drivers preventing avoidable accidents in the day time is far higher than in the night. I rest my case.